The Monstrosity Turned Queen Chapter 1

1 An Odd Welcome To A New World

A girl lay motionless in a dark forest, her dark hair dancing in the gentle breeze. She was surrounded by a sea of green. These green trees towered over her, sheltering her from wind, rain and sun. A small stream gurgled nearby, it was crystal clear, making one want to drink out of it. Days and nights passed like this, but the girl remained there, motionless.

After five nights had passed, the girl started to twitch as she furrowed her brow and gave a weak moan. However, after this she did not move until eight hours had passed. This repeated until the tenth day. On the tenth day, her eyes fluttered open, revealing two icy cold irises. She slowly sat up as she stretched her arms.

"Where am I?" she wondered aloud, a confused expression on her face. She looked around the forest, "I thought I died." She felt a sharp pain in her head as she remembered the events that had transpired. She had leaped out in front of her friend and pushed her away from a speeding car. As she remembered how she had been thrown into the air and then run over by that car, she felt sick. There wasn't anything she could do about it now though. The feeling of regret would simply have to accompany her through this life.

As she thought of that, she realized, "what about now? What's happening to me now?" she rushed over towards the stream. When she reached it, she bent over to check her reflection. In the stream, a pale girl with dark black hair and icy blue eyes stared back at her. Seeing her reflection, she slowly lifted her hand and pinched her cheek. "Ouch, so this isn't a dream?" she looked at her reflection once more, "This is me?"

She was surprised by this fact, as this reflection looked nothing like her original self. Her original self had auburn hair and while she still had the same blue eyes, her skin was now paler and her features could get her mistaken as a girly looking guy. She only thought about this for a second before pushing it to the back of her head. It didn't really matter much how she looked after all.

After sorting these problems out in her head, she turned back to her current circumstances. Where exactly was she? After all, if this was still earth, she would probably be in a hospital right? While thinking about this, the image of her brother who was a hardcore game, manga and anime addict appeared in her mind. He was talking about transmigration, reincarnation and other genres of light novels he was reading. She gave a dejected sigh as she thought about this brother of hers. He acted cool in front of others, but he was pretty useless in many things. He only knew how to study and play games. She wasn't sure whether he would survive without her.

But she now had a lead on to what had happened to her. She must have been brought to this world by some accident. As for where she was, she only knew that it was a different world from the earth she was from. As soon as she thought that, a searing pain shot through her head. A video played in her head, looking rather old and grainy. Some deranged music played in the background as it showed the video.

The video showed a crowd of monsters attacking a group of people, but some of these people had strange characteristics, such as long pointed ears, tails and ears or even wings. As the monsters attacked the people, words appeared above the fight.

[Altera, a world where monsters strike fear into the hearts of ever being. The races, who were divided, came together to defeat the threat of these monsters.]

The video then showed four different people. One was slender, carrying a bow and had long pointed ears. The next was short and stocky, carrying a great axe. Another had animal ears and tail, with claws instead of nails. The last looked...normal, perhaps they might have had a slightly better physique than normal though. The words started to appear above the four people again.

[The elves, masters of archery and magic with their long lives and superior knowledge researched the monsters. The dwarves, masters of blacksmithing, created weapons for the others to fight with. The beastkin, who were superior fighters with high strength fought against the monsters, holding them off. Lastly the humans, not being superior in any sort of ability grew jealous of the other races and secretly schemed against them. When they had all defeated the monsters, the humans took the other races by surprise and betrayed them, enslaving them and their future generations.]

The video showed the races fight against the monsters and win. But after they all went to sleep, the humans attacked them and collared them making them slaves. The video then showed a completely black image. This black seemed to suck up all light, making it seem like a void. As this void slowly grew smaller it could be seen that this void was actually a moon.

[However, did those races think that they could have gotten away with this? Killing the kin of the One True God of Altera? Skylar, you are our One True God's vessel, his apostle. What will you decide to have happen to this world?]

With those last words, the video stopped but those images still lingered in Skylar's mind. That moon had been the exact same colour as her hair and the monsters where also that same black. That black had sent shivers down her spine, giving her an ominous feeling. A feeling that meant that, that black was dangerous. And with this black hair, she would never truely have a place in this world.
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