The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 1369

Chapter 1369 Something Wrong With Their Brain

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Principal Liu shook his head and laughed. "On the surface, they call it an exchange and a tour to make it sound nicer. In reality, they are here to challenge us. If they come here on exchange, dont they still have to compete with our students? After they win, they will move on to the next school.

"Haha." Principal Liu scoffed. "The higher-ups have already given orders for every school to have a friendly match with them. Their original words were that the schools would send a total of 10 students over to New York University, but many more students will lose the chance to improve themselves.

"Since the performing arts students from New York University are coming over here on exchange, we can let every school send out 10 students as well to interact and have a friendly match with them and have a sense of the gap between them. Every school will send out 10 students, so the number of places available will be way more than the initial method of choosing a total of 10 students from the various schools.

"Perhaps the higher-ups had good intentions at first. The students chosen from each school would already be students from top schools that were not chosen previously, so there would only be a slight difference in their capabilities. It will be good for these students to use this chance during their exchange to learn well from them and improve themselves. Usually, students would compete with other students within the country, so their world view will inevitably be a little more limited.

"Let them use this chance to broaden their world view," Principal Liu said. "Its supposed to be a very good thing, but who knew someone would suggest that the loser of the friendly match would have to display the school flag of the winning school in the display corridor?

"Schools like ours all have a history. We specifically set aside a corridor to hang the pictures of the various principals that have been in the school. Graduates with outstanding contributions to the school will also have their pictures put up there. How can we put up another schools flag on display so casually?" Principal Liu said angrily. "The person who suggested this must have something wrong with his brain!"

Principal Liu could only say such words without holding back because he was talking to Lu Man.

Although she understood what Principal Liu meant, it was still a bit too blunt of Principal Liu to have such disdain for the students on their side.

Principal Liu smiled awkwardly. "Im not trying to boost other peoples morale while undermining our own. Its really because of the reality of our past results. We gathered the best students from four universities, yet we couldnt win even once. Even Gao Zishan and Dong Qinrong, who both went to New York University as exchange students, had never won before.

"Hence, I feel that this time, it would be enough if we can gain some experience and broaden our insights. I really am not pinning my hopes on winning. Thats why I was so angry. They clearly knew that we would lose. I wonder who actually suggested this. This is clearly to let those people from New York University hang their schools flags on our wall of honor. If this person is not stu" Principal Liu did not finish saying the word and immediately stopped himself. "Its not nice to scold people, its not nice to scold people.

"Anyway, this time, its great that you are not going to New York. When the other team comes, you have to be the team leader on our side, and you will be our ace," Principal Liu said. "Lu Man, you cant reject it again this time."

"Dont worry. I will definitely try my best," Lu Man said with a smile.

Since she was staying here, there was no reason for her to reject it.

"Apart from that, I also had a meeting to discuss with the principals of the other three schools. We will reserve your spot as an exchange student for now. Firstly, this spot belongs to you anyway, we cannot take it. Secondly, we also want to see the results of the competition this time. When the team from New York University comes over, you should also compete with them and see how the end result will be like."

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