The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 1368

Chapter 1368 Coming On Exchange To The Country

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When Lu Man had been attacked online, Zheng Yuan and the girls had also been stopped by Lu Man when they wanted to speak up for her.

Hence, up until now, netizens were not familiar with Zheng Yuan and the girls.

As for Zhuang Tingting and her friends, they naturally did not have a good impression of them.

They just treated them as people who wanted to ride on Lu Mans fame.

Zhuang Tingting was tagged again, so she said in a rude manner, "How would I know how Lu Man did? You guys can just go and ask her, right? I may be Lu Mans classmate, but stop asking me about Lu Mans stuff all the time! I am me, Lu Man is Lu Man. Its your own issue if you like Lu Man, dont come and harass me."

Netizens were dumbstruck by Zhuang Tingtings words.

"Whats wrong with this person?"

"Does she think we never tagged Lu Man before? Its because Lu Man never responded to the tags. Aside from big matters, she basically does not come out to speak. What choice do we have?"

"Some people think so highly of themselves! Its just asking about exams, right?! This is also considered harassment. I wont dare, I wont dare."

"Haha, now shes saying she has nothing to do with Lu Man. She had such a good time throwing hate on Lu Man back then. She even rode on Lu Mans popularity just to be known. If not for Lu Man, who would know about you?"

Zhuang Tingting was furious and just got into a quarrel with netizens.

Since when did she ride on Lu Mans popularity?!

She did not give a damn about Lu Man!

In the end, those netizens said, "But its precisely because of Lu Man that we know you."

Zhuang Tingting was only one person and there were so many netizens. How could she win against so many of them?

She quickly lost and even got herself into quite a fit of rage.

Pan Xue talked about this matter gloatingly in the chat and even tagged Lu Man, Zheng Yuan, and Han Leilei.

The four of them had created a small group chat and would talk to each other when they were bored, so they would not mix with the people in the class chat.

Lu Man and the girls quickly went online to take a look. They were having a good time watching the ruckus when Lu Man received a call from Principal Liu.

"Principal Liu?" Lu Man was shocked. It was rare that he would look for her even during the school break.

"Lu Man, do you have time now? Are you free to come to the school and to my office to talk about the exchange issue? I have a suggestion on my end. You wont need to go to New York," Principal Liu said.

Hearing that, Lu Man definitely would not disagree. "Okay, Ill come over right now."

It just so happened that Wang Juhuai was at home, so Lu Man let Xiao Guo drive and fetch her to school.

Summer in B City was exceptionally hot.

The aircon was on in the car so it was quite comfortable. However, the moment they got off the car, the heat waves immediately assaulted them. She felt as if her whole body was being baked in an oven.

Lu Man quickly took big steps to walk into the classroom block. The moment she was greeted by the cooling breeze from the aircon in the classroom block, she immediately relaxed.

When she reached the principals office, Principal Liu was making tea. When he saw Lu Man, he immediately greeted her and asked her to come in.

"I asked you to come because I have a piece of good news for you. My apologies for calling you over on such a hot day. I thought it would be better if we talked about it in person," Principal Liu said, smiling.

"Youre too polite." Lu Man smiled and sat opposite Principal Liu.

Principal Liu poured tea for Lu Man and said, "Although its a hot day, drinking some hot tea would actually make you feel less hot."

Lu Man thought that since there was aircon in the office, she would not feel hot anyway.

After sipping on her tea, she heard Principal Liu say, "I wanted to try and convince you at first to participate in the exchange program with New York University, but I just received a notice today. Its from New York University. This time, they also want to send 10 students over to our country for the exchange.

"We are sending a total of 10 students from a few schools over to go to New York University only to learn. However, they are sending 10 people from the same school to come to our side to visit and learn from the various reputable performing arts school here."

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