The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 1367

Chapter 1367 Results Will Be Terrible

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There were very few people during that time, so it was alright for the two of them.

When Han Zhuoli told Lu Man and Wang Juhuai that Lin Jinshu and Wang Qianyun had already left, both women were already on the plane.

Lu Man heaved a sigh of relief. She finally did not need to worry about Lin Jinshu doing anything during Xia Qingweis pregnancy.

In the blink of an eye, Xia Qingwei was already into her third month of pregnancy, so there was no need to hide it from outsiders.

However, Wang Juhuai did not deliberately talk about it either. It would not be too late to announce it when the child was born and Xia Qingwei was safe and sound as well.

He knew very well that all kinds of people exist on the Internet. There were people who were just evil-hearted and had a dirty mouth, and who just could not stand others doing well.

Anyway, as long as they did not have to be responsible for things, they could just tap on their keyboards whenever their lips twitched and they could easily mock someone else.

There would definitely be a fair share of jealous and nasty comments, even evil comments.

Xia Qingwei was pregnant; it was a very important time. Wang Juhuai would definitely not allow such things to happen and let Xia Qingwei be affected by those peoples comments.

At this moment, Lu Man was already having her summer break.

She would come and accompany Xia Qingwei in the morning and go back home with Han Zhuoli at night.

The materials to prepare for going to New York University as an exchange student had been with her all along, yet she did not fill it in.

After the finals period, the results would be released only when the school reopens.

This time, many people put in a lot of effort to prepare, unlike before when they just idled and got by.

Those who were interested in being selected to go to New York were all very hardworking.

There were even some who were working so hard with the intention of surpassing Lu Mans results.

After all, Lu Man had too many things going on for her this year. She attended shows, got into a conflict with Dong Hua Station, and even got married.

She had been so busy and surely did not have much time to prepare for the exams.

Furthermore, Lu Man already had a direct spot for going to New York, so she would not take the exam results and rankings so seriously.

They were banking on this to surpass Lu Man.

Lu Mans classmates still did not know that Lu Man was not intending to go to New York.

Lu Man had told only Zheng Yuan and the girls.

As she was not intending to go, there would surely be one more spot available, so she wanted the three of them to give it a try and fight for it.

Pan Xue had already given up first. She felt that her results would probably not be able to make it.

Since it was impossible no matter how hard she worked, she would not go and fight for it. She would just live through her university days in a carefree manner.

Zheng Yuan and Han Leilei both wanted to give it a shot.

There were some netizens online who actually had not forgotten about Lu Mans final exams.

"Aiya, why is no one focusing on Lu Mans final exam results this year? Did Lu Man not make a bet with her classmates?"

"Look at what youre saying, as if Lu Man is addicted to betting and would go around betting with people for fun."

"Lu Man probably doesnt have time to focus on her exam results this year. Shes had quite a few issues this year, and even got married. She also has a spot as an exchange student to New Year already, so she wont need to fight for this bit of results. I think Lu Mans results this year will be terrible."

"Are Lu Mans classmates around? How did she do for her exams this time around?"

Some netizens tagged a few people, including Zhang Xiaoying and Zhuang Tingting.

It was because these people were more active online usually and were already known to be classmates with Lu Man.

Netizens would know that it was because Zhuang Tingting and those people mocked Lu Man during the final exams previously that made netizens remember their names.

In contrast, Zheng Yuan and the girls who were really on good terms with Lu Man had been very low profile.

It was because Lu Man rarely posted things on Weibo, so they never interacted with each other on Weibo before.

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