The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 1366

Chapter 1366 Go Back

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Lu Man felt that Lin Jinshu had been roasted enough with criticisms. Since there was time, she decided to pull Wang Qianyun along.

In the future, she wanted to put in more energy on Xia Qingweis pregnancy, so she would not have so much time to waste on Wang Qianyun.

Hence, now, not only did Lin Jinshu not dare to go out, Wang Qianyun did not dare to either.

She could not even go out to attend an interview. She was totally living off of Lin Jinshu now.

Lin Jinshu was also not someone who would feed a person for nothing if there were no advantages to be gained from it.

Seeing that up until now, Wang Qianyun had not brought her any advantages, Lin Jinshu naturally would not offer to bear Wang Qianyuns living expenses.

Wang Qianyun felt embarrassed to ask for it as well.


Furthermore, Lin Jinshus situation was not any better.

Her business kept failing to start. Looking at it now, it seemed like all the money she had invested in it had all gone to waste.

If she wanted to start all over again, she would have to invest a huge sum of money all over again.

Lin Jinshu could not manage it either.

Seeing the criticisms of her on the Internet, Lin Jinshu suddenly put down her phone and went back to her room.

Not long after, Wang Qianyun heard the sounds of packing coming from Lin Jinshus room.

Wang Qianyun immediately rushed over and saw Lin Jinshu packing her luggage.

"Auntie? What are you doing right now?" Wang Qianyun asked in confusion as she stood by the door.

"What am I doing? Going back to America, of course." Lin Jinshu stuffed her things into her luggage in anger. "If I continue staying here, I will have to suffer huge losses, aside from being criticized and attacked by people."

Wang Qianyun immediately took brisk steps towards her and asked, "Dont tell me youre going to give up just like that? Youre just going to let Uncle and Xia Qingwei be together?"

"Who said so?" Lin Jinshu seemed to have calmed down a little and slowed down in her packing, becoming more meticulous.

Lin Jinshu stood up, panting a little.

When she evened out her breathing, the corners of her lips suddenly curved up into a smirk. "I am only going back temporarily to hone and strengthen myself for the big push. If I continue persevering in the face of such a strong force, that will just be stupid. I will go back first. But do they think I will admit defeat just like that? Thats impossible! I persevered for ten years after my divorce, I wont admit defeat so easily. I will go back to America and make them think that Ive admitted defeat so they will let their guard down, and thats when I will make my comeback."


Wang Qianyun rolled her eyes as if she was struggling with something.

Lin Jinshu laughed sarcastically. "I advise you to leave with me. Theres no use even if you stay here now. You will just be like me, not daring to step out of the house and not being able to find a job. At least in the short term, no company in the country will hire you, be it because of your recent dark history of being the subject of public fury or because of Han Zhuoli. As long as you want to work in the domestic entertainment industry, you will never escape Han Zhuolis rule. In the country, and in the entertainment industry, Han Zhuolis word is the law. If he wants you out of the industry, you wont be able to survive in it. Its like your situation now. Whats the point of your insisting to stay in the country?

"Why dont you go back first just like me and prepare well before coming back again?" Lin Jinshu said, "We did not prepare well enough this time around and underestimated Xia Qingwei and Lu Man. This time, when we go back, we should devise our plan properly."

Wang Qianyun was very reluctant to leave just like that. She did not achieve any of the goals she set out to achieve when she came back this time around.

However, it was just like what Lin Jinshu said. If she did not leave now, there was no point in her staying at all.

Wang Qianyun still decided to leave with Lin Jinshu in the end.

Both of them left very quietly and in a low-profile manner. Afraid that they would be blocked off by some extreme citizens, they specifically bought the flights in the wee hours of the morning.

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