The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 1365

Chapter 1365 Badly Criticized

It was as if everyone recognized her. It was too much.

Even Wang Qianyun was dragged into this.

Previously, when she did not expect things to become so serious, Wang Qianyun had even accompanied her on the streets.

In the end, even Wang Qianyun was pointed at and chided by other people.

She even had rotten vegetables thrown all over her body.

She also did not know who had been so evil as to buy a bottle of WANGZHIHE[1] of stinky tofu paste and dump all its contents, including the sauce inside, onto their bodies.

The person said that they were both stinkier than this stinky tofu paste.

After all, everyone knew of Wang Qianyun as well.

Previously, Wang Qianyun had looked down on films produced in the country so much and spoke notoriously of them quite a few times, which people still remembered.

There were some netizens who found out somehow that Wang Qianyun came back to find a job in the country and directly exposed this on the Internet.

"Wang Qianyun looked down on domestic films and still wants to come back and find a job. Since you look down on the film industry here so much, dont come and join in, lest it taints your prestigious and elegant reputation of being a Hollywood producer."

"I also know one thing. Wang Qianyun seemed to have returned with Lin Jinshu. They seem to be very close."

"Lin Jinshu is Wang Juhuais ex-wife. She surely knows Wang Juhuai, since she is her previous Aunt. I just didnt expect them to be on good terms still."

"Could they be on bad terms? They are both women who desperately want to be third parties. Theyre so disgusting, thats why the two are together."

"Why do you say so?"

"You guys already know about Lin Jinshu, so I wont say much on that. As for Wang Qianyun, you guys probably dont know, right? Shes always liked Han Zhuoli. When Han Zhuoli was single back then, he already didnt like her. Afterward, when he got to know Lu Man, all the more she would not catch his eye. However, she could not take it lying down and kept wanting to separate Han Zhuoli and Lu Man so that she can replace her. However, Han Zhuoli and Lu Man have a really good relationship, so neither of them bothered with her. After that, Han Zhuoli and Lu Man got married, yet she still would not give up, so she dragged Lin Jinshu along with her and came back."

"Lin Jinshu successfully separated Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingwei back then, so she has her ways. Wang Qianyun probably wants Lin Jinshu to help her. Thats really shameless, dont you all think?"

"What the? That is too shameless! When he was not married, you already wanted to be the third party. Although she was not a nice person, at least she was not devoid of morals. Now that they are married, you still want to go and break them up. This is what you call a slut!"

"Wang Qianyun is really interesting. She still mixes around with her uncles ex-wife and even intends to support Lin Jinshu to continue setting up Wang Juhuai? Or else, under normal circumstances, Wang Juhuai would not get back together with Lin Jinshu at all. Wang Qianyun even wants to get involved in her uncles private life. She is really something."

"Speaking of it, Wang Juhuai treated her quite well. Look at when Wang Qianyun came back to the country and said all those obnoxious things. It shows that this persons EQ and capabilities are limited. However, she could still work as a producer at Maxus Company. It was obvious that she relied on Wang Juhuais fame. Now that Wang Juhuai had decided not to bother with her, she is nothing. Haha, she clearly relies on Wang Juhuai for everything, yet she still wants to have a hand in meddling with other peoples private affairs. It is obvious that her IQ is lacking as well."

Previously, when Wang Qianyun accompanied the production crew ofAttack Forceto promote in the country, she had already been badly criticized once by netizens when she made those retarded statements that garnered public furor.

This time, she was criticized even more.

All these, of course, was not lacking in control on Lu Mans end.

Or else, the criticisms would only be targeted at Lin Jinshu, as it was at first. Why would it suddenly be blasted towards Wang Qianyun?

[1] Brand name

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