The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 1364

Chapter 1364 You Are Our Eldest Daughter After All


Xia Qingwei saw that Old Mrs. Han had already decided to send it over. She could only nod and agree to it for now.

However, this hundred-year-old ginseng was really too precious to her, so she had already decided to return it if she did not use it.

When Old Mrs. Han was done talking to Xia Qingwei, she suddenly hardened her face and called Wang Juhuai, "Xiao Wang!"

"Old Madam, please speak." Wang Juhuai was especially respectful towards Old Mrs. Han.

He was a close childhood friend of Han Xijin when they were young, so he often went to play at the family home.

Hed known Old Mrs. Han since he was young. Of course, he also knew how strong and fearless Old Mrs. Han was back then.

"Although Qingwei is pregnant now and youll have your own child, let me tell you this. You cannot neglect Man Man because of this and treat her less well than before," Old Mrs. Han said fiercely.

Lu Man smiled and said, "Grandma, I am already a grownup. How can I let Dad pamper me like a small child?"

Lu Man did not think so much. She just felt that even if Wang Juhuai really pampers his child more, it did not really matter.

After all, the child was so young, it was right for the child to be pampered more.

Even if she was the biological sibling, it was very normal to be more indulgent towards the younger sibling in the family.

She really would not feel uncomfortable just because the young child was more pampered and more cared for.

However, just when everyone was congratulating Xia Qingwei and Wang Juhuai and being happy for them, Old Mrs. Han was the only one who thought of her and worried that she would suffer. Lu Man was really touched by this.

She did not expect Old Mrs. Han to say, "That wont do. You cant think you dont need to be cared for just because youre all grown up. No matter how old the child is, in their parents eyes, they will always be a child. Although we can love you just as much, this is still different from the love of your parents. You need to have love from both sides."

"Grandma" Lu Man called her as she felt really touched. She could not help but stand up and walk over to hug Old Mrs. Han as she said, "Youre really nice."

Actually, with Old Mrs. Han around, how would she suffer?

Old Mrs. Han would be the first to disagree.

Lu Man truly felt this because of what Old Mrs. Han had said.

Wang Juhuai said sternly, "Old Madam, you are insulting me now when you say this. Be it the child that Qingwei bears now or Man Man, they are both my children. They are both equal in my eyes. I am also not the kind who will pamper the younger one more or who thinks that the older child must give in to the younger child.

"From the day Man Man called me Dad, Ive already told myself that I will never disappoint her and will definitely be a good father." Wang Juhuai pursed his lips before he said, "As for Man Man, my love for her wont change with the coming of this child. The only thing that will have changed is that Man Man will have one more family member."

"Dad." Lu Man hugged Old Mrs. Han by the neck as she turned and called Wang Juhuai.

She did not need to say anything. Wang Juhuai could understand Lu Mans intentions just from her reaction now.

He smiled gently at Lu Man and said, "Silly child, you are the eldest daughter in our family, after all."

Lu Man could not help but look at this huge family of hers and feel exceptionally grateful.

This was really nice. Even if she had a younger brother or sister, she would also not be ostracized because of that.


On Lu Mans end, the whole family was warm and harmonious.

Xia Qingwei was pregnant, making Wang Juhuais life more and more complete.

However, for Lin Jinshu, life was dark and gloomy.

After being splashed with red paint, Lin Jinshu just stayed at home all day and did not dare to go out.

For any matters concerning work, she would let people come to her house for a meeting to discuss and make decisions.

She did not dare go out herself. If she went out, she would be hounded and pounded by people everywhere.

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