The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 1363

Chapter 1363 Having Such A Young Uncle Is Quite A Disadvantage

Chapter 1363: Having Such a Young Uncle Is Quite a Disadvantage

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"No, we must treat it with utmost seriousness," Wang Juhuai said. "I will accompany you when you go to teach and stay by your side."

Anyway, Wang Juhuai had decided that for the days that come after this, he would definitely not leave Xia Qingweis side.

"Yeah, Mom, dont reject him. This can make us feel at ease as well," Lu Man said. "I will come right over after class next time before going back home with Zhuoli at night."

After she said that, she did not forget to ask Han Zhuoli, "May I?"

"Yes." Han Zhuoli nodded.

Wang Juhuai seemed to have thought of something and started laughing.

Xia Qingwei poked him and said, "What are you laughing at on your own?"

"Im thinking, its lucky that we had a child first. No matter how young our child is, it will still be older than Zhuoli and Man Mans child. Or else, if Man Man had had a child first, having to call someone younger Uncle or Auntie will seem like a disadvantage somehow."

Xia Qingwei thought about it and agreed. "Then its quite a disadvantage for Zhuoli to have such a young uncle too."

Han Zhuoli: ""

On that side, the cook was done preparing lunch and asked everyone to come and eat.

Wang Juhuai passed to the cook the information that Doctor Li had given him on what to eat.

He let her take note of what Xia Qingwei can eat and what she can eat more, as well as what foods she should avoid preparing for Xia Qingwei.

At around two oclock in the afternoon, the people from the Han Family all came.

Even Han Dongping came, which made Lu Man quite surprised, but she could understand why.

It was because, with Wang Juhuai around, in Han Dongpings eyes, this in-law was not worth nothing anymore.

Old Mrs. Han had sharp eyes. She was the first to notice something different about Xia Qingwei. "Why do I feel like you became a little different from when I met you previously? Did something good happen?"

She had a radiant glow and was exceptionally joyous.

When it came to pregnancy, Xia Qingwei was more traditional. According to the rules, it was not good to reveal ones pregnancy during the first three months.

However, she did not hesitate that much when it came to the people she was close with.

The Han Family were her in-laws. It would not be very good if she hid it from them.


So Xia Qingwei smiled and said, "I went to have a checkup at the hospital this morning. I am pregnant, and its only the 40th day of my pregnancy."

"My goodness! This is great!" Old Mrs. Han laughed. "I am really happy for both of you. Ive always felt that Xiao Wang had been lonely without a wife and child by his side and thought it was such a pity until he got together with you and had you as well as Man Man. And now, you are expecting a child. This is really complete now."

"Its just that hes really worried because I am of advanced maternal age and there will be risks involved," Xia Qingwei said.

"Thats true, you should take careful note of that." Old Mrs. Han remembered and said, "We have some hundred-year-old ginseng that we got from someone as a gift at home. It is something that is truly rare. Ill ask someone to send it over when we go back."

"This Its not to that extent, no. I wouldnt need to use that in my circumstance," Xia Qingwei said. "That thing is really expensive. Even if it can be found in the markets, which it cant, if someone really sells it, it might not be real. This is a thing thats always been priceless and hard to buy. Its such a rare thing, so all the more you have to keep it. This is something that can save a life in critical moments."

The two elderly were old and surely needed it more than she did.

"Its nothing. It will put my heart at ease if its with you. This ginseng was found by Zhaoyang back then and he sent it to us. There are more chances for us to get it in the future. Anyway, Ill leave it with you just in case. After you give birth and theres really nothing wrong, you can just return it to us. This is nothing." Old Mrs. Han was afraid that Xia Qingwei would refuse, so she especially said that to relieve a bit of the pressure she felt.

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