The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 1362

Chapter 1362 Treat It Seriously

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"I want to give you a child so that youll have a complete family. Its not to make you feel so terrible. If you really" Xia Qingwei touched her abdomen. "If this gives you so much pressure and makes you so worried, then then we can go and abort it."

Wang Juhuai did not even think about it and said, "No! Dont worry. I am very happy that you can give me a child. I really do like children. Its just that compared to having a child, I care about you more." Wang Juhuai hugged Xia Qingwei and said, "Im sorry, I made you worry."

He knew how much Xia Qingwei wanted a child with him.

However, she said such things because she was worried about him.

Who could know how terrible Xia Qingwei had felt in her heart when she said those words?

How could Wang Juhuai possibly let her feel so terrible because of him?

"Im thinking too much because I care, thats why I worry so much about gains and losses." Wang Juhuai took a deep breath and said, "I am still happy. I am very happy that we can have a child of our own. Im not conflicted anymore. From now on, what I must do is to take care of you and let you feel at ease and happy without any stress. I thought about things too pessimistically previously, which made you nervous as well."

Wang Juhuai held Xia Qingweis hand and said, "Anyway, you promised me that you will stay by my side. I believe you. I will also stay by your side."

Xia Qingwei smiled and nodded. "Good."

When both of them came home, the moment they stepped in, Lu Man rushed out immediately when she heard the sound of them coming in.

She was still wearing an apron and was in the midst of helping the cook to prepare lunch.

"Dad, Mom. How is it? Whats the result?" Lu Man asked at the door.

Han Zhuoli followed behind Lu Man, and his hand naturally rested on her shoulder.

"Wait for me to go in and tell you. Dont worry, its good news," Xia Qingwei said as she smiled.

Good news.

Lu Man turned and glanced at Han Zhuoli. She already had a guess in her mind.

Han Zhuolis lips curved into a smile and he winked at her. It was obvious he was thinking of the same thing as her.

Xia Qingwei came in first and was about to take off her shoes when Wang Juhuai, who came in after, stopped her.

Wang Juhuai bent down and personally helped Xia Qingwei to take off her shoes. He did not even let her bend her back.

Xia Qingwei could not help but laugh. Wang Juhuai was being too exaggerated.

Seeing how careful Wang Juhuai was behaving, Lu Man was even more certain of her own guess.

Indeed, when Xia Qingwei changed into her slippers and came into the living room with Wang Juhuai, Wang Juhuai smiled and said, "Dont worry, its because your mom is pregnant. From now on, we just have to take care of her and her baby."

Lu Man was surprised and elated. "Then I will have to take good care of Mom from now on."

"The doctor said he prepared a proposal, we just have to follow it. It describes all the things that she should eat, get nourishment in, how to rest and how to move about. After a month, when we go back for the prenatal checkup, we can adjust it again based on the latest situation," Wang Juhuai said.

"Then what about your job, Mom? Will you be too tired if you continue to go and teach the violin?" Lu Man asked.

"They have already signed up and paid their school fees. I cant possibly not teach," Xia Qingwei said. "Its a good thing that I teach only one class a day. It will not be too much of a problem. Later into my pregnancy, when it is really not convenient, I can only put my lessons on hold for a while."

Wang Juhuai said, "I wont go to the studio anymore. I will work from home. If anything happens to your mom, she can just shout and be able to reach me on the first instance. This makes it convenient for me to take care of her at any time as well."

"Im just pregnant, you dont need to treat it so seriously, okay?" Xia Qingwei could only say that in resignation.

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