The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 1361

Chapter 1361 For The Next Few Decades You Have To Stay By My Side

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He was afraid that Xia Qingwei would not say that she felt even a little bit uncomfortable because she did not want to trouble other people.

Xia Qingwei smiled and agreed. "I know. I promise you. This is a big thing. If I feel even a little bit uncomfortable, I will say it. Dont worry. I wont take myself and the baby lightly."

She held Wang Juhuais hand, and since they were in front of Doctor Li, she lowered her voice and said, "I still want to be with you for the next few decades."

Wang Juhuai started laughing giddily when he heard that.

He looked even happier than he was when he learned that Xia Qingwei was pregnant.

"You said it!" Wang Juhuai held Xia Qingweis hand especially tightly. "Then you must promise me, you must always stay by my side."

"Of course."

After they went out of the hospital, Wang Juhuai held Xia Qingweis hand, refusing to let go.

Up until they were about to go into the car and the two of them had to go in from opposite sides of the door, when he had no choice but to let go of Xia Qingweis hand temporarily.

When they got into the car, he held her hand again.

The driver was sitting in front while Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingwei were sitting at the back.

For some reason, Xia Qingwei felt that Wang Juhuai had been very anxious and was constantly uptight.

"Juhuai?" Xia Qingwei called, lightly squeezing his hand.

Even after a moment of waiting, Wang Juhuai still did not look at her.

Xia Qingwei called worriedly again, "Juhuai?"

After a moment, Wang Juhuai turned to look at her.

Xia Qingwei realized Wang Juhuais eyes were a little red and his face was hardened with a serious look on his face.

Xia Qingwei got a shock and said, "Dont scare me, whats wrong?"

"Nothing." Wang Juhuai remembered that she was a pregnant lady now and did not want to scare her.

"Im just nervous." Wang Juhuai gulped and tightened his hold on Xia Qingweis hand. "You promised me, you will definitely be fine and give birth to the child safely. You have to stay by my side for the rest of my life. You must stay by my side!"

He had already missed being with her for more than twenty years. Wang Juhuai did not dare to think about a time when he once again did not have her by his side, which would be different from the first twenty years.

Back then, although he lost her, he knew she was still around.

However, if something happened to her next time, he would have lost her forever.

Thinking of this was enough to make Wang Juhuai shudder and to send chills down his body.

If that was really the case, he probably would not continue living on his own.

"I promise you." Xia Qingwei could tell that Wang Juhuai was really nervous.

She turned and faced Wang Juhuai, holding his shoulders with both hands as she said, "Juhuai, look at me."

Wang Juhuai was like a child right now, especially obedient.

He would do whatever Xia Qingwei said.

"I promised you, I will always stay by your side. You can count on my word. I assure you right now!" Xia Qingwei said seriously. "You have to believe me, believe my determination and perseverance. Because I have you, have Man Man, and our child. I have so many people I care about. I wont allow myself to leave you all. I am only just starting to have such a blissful life. I want to hold on tight to it."

She took Wang Juhuais hand and put it over her chest as she said, "You can try and feel now, I am really very healthy. And we can come for a checkup every month, every fortnight, even, if you want. You will definitely find out that I am always very healthy."

Xia Qingwei could not help but think whether it was the right choice for her to insist on giving Wang Juhuai a child.

This time around, Wang Juhuai did not look happy at all. On the contrary, he was just very worried and had completely lost his relaxed demeanor from before.

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