The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 1360

Chapter 1360 Congratulations You Both

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"Were you both using protection?" Doctor Li asked.

In one of the rare few times in his life, Wang Juhuai blushed. "We were ready for a child."

Doctor Li nodded, smiled, and said, "No matter what, lets do a blood test."

Hence, Wang Juhuai brought Xia Qingwei to do a blood test.

Because Chu Zhaoyang was there, even the report of the blood test went out as fast as possible.

Receiving the report, Doctor Li took a look at the results and smiled. "Congratulations, you two. Mrs. Wang is indeed pregnant. Shes been in gestation for 40 days."


"Thats not possible" Xia Qingwei found it strange. "If that was the case, how come my period came last month?"

"There are many cases like this. Usually, its because the pregnancy is in its early stages, so the fertilized egg had yet to embed firmly and the placenta had yet to form. Coupled with it being near or on the menstruation day, there will still be a release of a mature egg, followed by a shedding of the uterus lining. This will give women the illusion of having a period, when in fact thats not the case."

Xia Qingwei nodded in understanding.

Wang Juhuai was worried the moment he heard Xia Qingwei was pregnant.

He hadnt felt the joy and he was already worried about Xia Qingweis health.

He quickly asked the doctor, "Doctor Li, is my wife suited to carrying with her current constitution? Will there be any side effects? Can her body take it? She was terribly ill before and her bodys weak. What do we have to pay attention to?"

"Ask slower!" Xia Qingwei held Wang Juhuais hand and smiled helplessly.

This man was way too worried!

Wang Juhuai forced himself to calm down and took a deep breath, waiting for Doctor Lis answers.

Luckily, Doctor Lis memory was good and he remembered all of Wang Juhuais questions.

He answered them one by one. "Ive seen Mrs. Wangs file. Based on the previous health checkups, Mrs. Wang has recovered really well; shes the same as a normal, healthy person. And because she has enough nutrients and nourishments in every aspect, I can say that at her age, her body constitution is far better than 70% of her same-aged peers."

This was since there were not many people who could afford to take every type of health supplements to nourish their body nutrients.


"The older one gets, the worse the body constitution becomes and the more nutrients theyre required to take in. But many people dont understand this concept nowadays, or that they couldnt afford it. But Mrs. Wang has always been recuperating and has achieved a health level like that of a normal person. Gradually, she even surpassed most of them. This is a case of one side of improvement and another side of deterioration.


"Hence, now, Mrs. Wang is in good health and is suited for pregnancy. But its a dangerous process for women from conceiving to birthing, and there are certain dangers at any age. Both of you had come for checkups and consultations at this hospital before, and our team of doctors had also proposed a plan. Mrs. Wang can follow our directions during your pregnancy. If youre feeling unwell, you can come to the hospital at any time."

"Of course, Mr. Wang, you cant be overly anxious. The most important thing is how Mrs. Wang feels. As long as she feels fine, you have to trust her. If Mrs. Wang feels unwell anywhere, she is to say it."

"Alright," Wang Juhuai promised, turning to Xia Qingwei. "If youre feeling ill anywhere, dont suffer in silence. Doesnt matter when it is, you have to inform me right away."

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