The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 1354

Chapter 1354 No Little Vixen Can Seduce Him No Matter How Many There Are

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"Yeah. You know that I am married and am a newlywed. I dont want to be away from Zhuoli," Lu Man told him honestly.

Principal Liu was distressed and said, "I can understand that you want to watch your husband lest some little vixen seduces him, but being an exchange student is such a good opportunity! The school has only so few spots every year, and so many people are dying to go. You actually want to give up on it when you already have a spot."

Lu Man: ""

"Its not that I am worried about my husband. No little vixen can seduce my husband, no matter how many there are," Lu Man said in bemusement.

"Its really just that, to me, an opportunity to learn is not as important as my family. I am more willing to stay and be with them." In case th principal got the wrong idea, Lu Man continued to explain right after, "They did not stop me from leaving. Zhuoli is very supportive of me. Its just that I cant bear to leave.

"And to tell you the truth, actually, with Zhuoli around, do you think I will lack opportunities like these?" Lu Man said in an embarrassed tone.

If not for the sake of convincing Principal Liu, Lu Man really did not want to say such things. It sounded really obnoxious.

Indeed, Principal Liu almost choked.

With an awesome husband, this was how arrogant she could be!

However, Lu Man was right.

As long as she was willing, she could really go and learn anytime.

She did not even need to rely on being an exchange student. Even if she wanted to go to graduate school, or even to learn at Broadway, it would be possible.

And if she did not want to learn in this way, the Han Corporation had already expanded their business territory to Hollywood.

They had just acquired a big, established production company in Hollywood. In the future, many of Hollywoods big productions would all be produced by the Han Corporation.

As long as Lu Man was willing, Han Zhuoli could let her be the female lead of any Hollywood film.

Lu Mans development was not restricted to within the country.

That was why she really did not care about being an exchange student.

Principal Liu was despondent!

"But I wanted to make you the ace!" Principal Liu said.

"What ace?" Lu Man was puzzled. Was there something she did not know in this matter?

"Dont our school and the National Drama Academy open spots for exchange students to go to New York University every year?" Principal Liu explained. "Each school has three spots. Donghua Academy of Drama and Donghua Film Academy have two spots each. A total of 10 people will go to New York University as exchange students."

Lu Man nodded. She knew this.

"There is an established rule here. Every time, at the end of the exchange, these 10 exchange students will be involved in a competition with students in the performing arts major from New York University. This is also considered a test of what the exchange students have learned over the past year."

Principal Liu sighed deeply. "There are too many things to compete for in this. Lets not talk about the details of the competition. Lets just talk about it from the perspective of our school. The 10 exchange students from our side are the representatives of the future of our domestic acting industry. They are the new generation of actors who will be competing with the other side. This means that our countrys new generation of actors will be competing with the new generation of actors in America."

Principal Liu said despondently, "We know too that the gap between both sides is huge in this aspect and the gap cannot be closed within a short span of time, or else you students wouldnt slog your guts out just to go over there for exchange every year. One is to build your reputation, that you come out much better and more superior than others with this experience. Another reason is also that those people are really great. It has been so many years, but our domestic film and television dramas really cannot compare to theirs."

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