The Legend Of Futian Book 9 Chapter 2209

Vol 9 Chapter 2209: Reach 1

In the autumn of 9999 in Shenzhou calendar, Donghai, Qingzhou city.

Qingzhou Academy, the sacred land of Qingzhou City, the wealthy and nobles of Qingzhou City, and more than half of the powerful people in the clan family all walked out of Qingzhou Academy.

Therefore, the people of Qingzhou City are proud to be able to enter the palace to study. Once they have the opportunity to enter the palace, they must study hard.

However, it seems that not everyone has this awareness.

At this time, in a schoolhouse in Qingzhou Academy, a young man was lying on the table sleeping soundly.

Above the lecture hall, a young girl in a long skirt in Tsing Yi also noticed this scene, and a touch of anger appeared on Qiao's face, and she walked towards the sleeping teenager.

Qin Yi, 17 years old, is an official disciple of Qingzhou College and a lecturer of outer disciples. He has a beautiful appearance and a hot body.

In the school, a pair of eyes moved along with Qin Yi's moving posture. Even if he was angry, Qin Yi's steps were still elegant.

"This guy actually slept in Senior Sister Qin's lecture hall again." It seemed that only then did he notice the sleeping figure, and many teenagers around were speechless. Obviously, this is not the first time.

"With Senior Sister Qin's appearance and figure, even looking at her is pleasing to the eye, what is that guy's mind?"

Among the many lecturers, Qin Yi is definitely the most popular lecturer. There is no one. As for the reason, as long as you see her, you can understand. I dont know how many people regard her as a goddess. Her lecture hall is always full of schools. until.

Sleeping in Qin Yi's lecture hall? This is simply a blasphemy against the goddess.

Qin Yi's steps were very light, and when she walked to the boy's side, there was no sound. She stood at the table, looking at the sleeping face in front of her, her beautiful face was covered with frost.

"Ye Futian." A soft voice came out, but it was not from Qin Yi's mouth, but from behind Ye Futian.

It seems that he heard someone calling him in his sleep, Ye Futian moved his body, holding his head with his hands, and opened his eyes leisurely. Under the dim gaze, a beautiful figure came into view!

"Daughter-in-law." Ye Futian couldn't help but whispered. His voice was very soft, as if he was talking to himself. However, in the quiet environment at this moment, the voice still seemed extraordinarily abrupt. In an instant, many eyes were frozen. In the air, it turned into anger again.

"How dare he... openly belittle Senior Sister Qin?"

"This brazen fellow, bastard." The angry gazes turned into sharp swords, causing Ye Futian to shudder, as if feeling something was wrong, his gaze lifted, and then he saw a delicate jade But his face was full of anger.

"Eh..." Ye Futian had a black line on his face, why is Qin Yi? Isn't Qingxue who called him?

Looking back, she saw a fifteen-year-old innocent girl glaring at him.

Ye Futian glanced at the girl, then cursed inwardly, killing her.

"Sister Qin, I..." Ye Futian just wanted to explain.

"Ye Futian." Qin Yi interrupted him indifferently, and said, "In what background was Qingzhou Academy founded?"

Obviously, Qin Yi wanted to avoid the embarrassment and change the subject, but Ye Futian could clearly feel her anger at the moment. He even faintly felt the wisps of sword intent flowing from Qin Yi, sharp and thorny. Pained every inch of his skin.

"Three hundred years ago, Emperor Donghuang unified the Eastern China and ordered the princes of the world to create the Wufu Academy and prosper the martial arts. Qingzhou Academy was founded in this context." Ye Futian responded, of course what he was talking about was a historical record. There is another name in the wild history he saw in the family, however, that taboo name is never allowed to be mentioned.

"What occupations are there in practice?" Qin Yi asked again.

"Cultivation can be divided into martial arts and martial arts. There are many professions such as warriors, knights, swordsmen and so on. There are many professions such as wizards, alchemists, and refiners, and there are many types of masters, and of course they also have different talents. He also practices martial arts." Ye Futian responded.

"You seem to have missed a profession." Qin Yi asked with a solemn expression.

"Of course you won't miss it?" There was a sacred light on the boy's face: "The strongest profession recognized by China, the one who has the favor of heaven, the mage of heaven, has the talents bestowed by the heavens, and those with rare talents, such as summoners and masters. Beast masters, astrology masters, most of them come from the destiny mage, no matter how they practice martial arts, destiny mage can have a stronger talent than others."

All the people around are fascinated, the destiny mage, the legendary profession, accepts the destiny, and has the favor of God.

"Not only that, even the most common destiny mage is naturally suitable for martial arts concurrently." Qin Yimulu looked forward to it, and then looked at the boy in front of him, and said angrily: "I didn't expect you to know a lot about this."

"Of course." Ye Futian looked at Qin Yi and said seriously: "I am a Mage of Destiny."

"Puff..." Not far away, a teenager who was drinking water suddenly choked, coughing violently, and the surrounding eyes looked at Ye Futian like an idiot.

There is such a shameless person in the world, who is worthy of being a legend in Qingzhou Academy. He not only openly molested Sister Qin, but now also lied that he was a Master of Heaven, in order to attract Sister Qin's attention?

However, what kind of person he is, he has been practicing in the entrance palace for three years, and has been awake in the first state of Qi Gathering. His body is weak, and obviously he has not finished refining his body. He is so mediocre that he is a man who can even call himself a fate. Master?

Is this shameless?

Qin Yi's breath fluctuated again, and she looked at Ye Futian angrily: "Since you are a Mage, the Palace of Nature has a soul, release the soul of your Palace for me to see."

"My fate soul is still asleep and cannot be summoned out. I fell asleep in the lecture hall because of fate soul." Ye Futian responded calmly.

"Ye Futian..." Qin Yi suddenly shouted, beautiful eyes staring at the boy in front of him, and said: "Three years ago, when you entered the palace at the age of twelve, I was still an outer disciple at the time. Visit your talent test , Your perception of Reiki as a heavenly product, shocked the academy, and many teachers concerned. However, in the following three years, you have not made any progress. You have always stayed in the first reunion state of awakening. Have you practiced? Now, you lied about yourself as the Master of Heaven, using this as an excuse to fall asleep in the lecture hall."

"In the past three years, whether it was the Chunwei or Qiuwei exam, you have all abstained, and you are directly ranked first from the bottom of the school. Ye Futian, do you have any sense of shame?"

Along with Qin Yi's angry roar, the whole school became silent, and the needle drop was audible. Everyone stared at Qin Yi's excited face. It seemed that this was the first time they saw Senior Sister Qin look like this.

Ye Futian seemed to be stunned as well, and those dark eyes stared at the exquisite face that was flushed with anger in front of him.

"It's been three years." Ye Futian whispered in his heart. Unexpectedly, three years have passed, and the guy in the palace has not changed at all, and he was a little surprised. The indifferent iceberg **** goddess Qin Sister, turned out to be I have been paying attention to him, and it has been since he stepped into the Entrance Palace to detect the talent of celestial perception.

The space was silent, Qin Yi stared at the young boy in front of him, his handsome face with clear lines, and his clean and deep eyes shining like stars. At the age of fifteen, apart from his thin body, he couldn't fault it. In another three or two years , Must be a beautiful man.

"Is my tone too heavy?" Qin Yi saw that the corner of Ye Futian's eyes seemed to be a little lonely, and could not help but secretly said in his heart, and his anger disappeared a little.

"There is still a month to go to the Qiuwei exam again. If you still abstain or fail this time, it will be useless to intercede for you for the rest of your life. The Academy will not allow you to stay. Do you understand? "Qin Yi continued, the people in the academy's eyes narrowed, it seems that the academy can't bear it anymore.

Finally, are you going to be expelled from Qingzhou Academy? If so, I am afraid it will be included in the history of Qingzhou Academy, after all, it is extremely rare to be expelled from Qingzhou Academy.

"He's going, I'm going." At the end, an indifferent voice came. Many people looked at the young man sitting in the corner with complex eyes, envy, jealousy, worship, and fear.

"It has been decided in the Academy that the rest of your life does not need to participate in next year's Spring Festival. You can choose any of the Academy's battle towers, knights, and magic palaces to practice. His future will not be affected by you anymore." Qin Yi sees Ye Futian sighed, the fate of him and Yu Sheng will eventually go in completely different directions.

"Involved?" Ye Futian had a faint smile at the corner of his mouth, somewhat cynical.

"Shut up..." Sitting behind Yu Sheng stood up, his eyes pierced Qin Yi with a bright and sharp light.

"Sit down." Ye Futian didn't turn his head back, and said faintly, Yu Sheng's gaze was stagnant, looking at the back in front of him, and then sat down quietly, as if Ye Futian's words were iron orders to him.

"I decided..." A slightly frivolous smile appeared on Ye Futian's face~wuxiaworld.online~ and looked at Qin Yidao: "I have officially participated in this year's Qiuwei exam."

Behind, a bright light flashed in Yu Sheng's eyes.

After three years, is he finally serious?

Qingzhou Academy has been practicing for three years. Everyone in the Academy only knows that he has an extraordinary talent for the rest of his life. He has a high level of gold attribute perception and martial arts talent. He can practice both martial arts and martial arts. Although he is an outer disciple, his realm is much better. The lecturer is even taller.

However, who really understands the sleeping boy?

"Your body is weak, and you are still in the realm of the first reunion of Qi of Awakening. Even if you participate in the Qiuwei exam, how can you pass?" Qin Yi looked at Ye Futian and sighed inwardly. Even if he rises now, it is still too late.

"What if it's over?" Ye Futian seemed to have no self-awareness, with strong confidence in his tone.

"If you can live it, you can do whatever you want in the lecture hall in the future." Qin Yi said.

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