The Indomitable Master Of Elixirs Webnovel Chapter 975

Chapter 975 A Malicious Curse 4

Ji Fengyan gave a shudder. Vaguely, she could feel that this supposed Divine Temple was connected to the demon god. The attack against Chi Tong and his men was too much of a coincidence!

It was most likely related to the demon bone they had discovered earlier.

It wasnt convenient for Ji Fengyan to question the demon god at this point. She could only continue to listen to Duanmu Hongrus narration.

After that, Duanmu Hongru and the gang carried the heavily injured Chi Tong away. Not daring to return to the Kingdom of Sa Er, they had no choice but to flee to the Free Valley. It was here that Chi Tong and company eventually settled down. This part of the story corroborated with what Ji Fengyan already knew.

But there was one part

And it was that one night after Chi Tong had been at the Free Valley for a month, the curse buried deep within his body was suddenly triggered, turning him into a weak child.

At the beginning, the curse would only activate at the end of every month, with the effects lasting only for a day. But as time went by, the attacks became increasingly frequent and the effects lasted longer. Everyone could feel that this curse was rampantly taking over Chi Tongs life. At present, Chi Tong was in his normal adult form for only three days a month. The rest of the time, the curse was constantly being activated, which was also why he was unable to leave Yan Luo Dian.

"City Lord Ji, I beg of you. You must save our Lord." Duanmu Hongru immediately knelt before Ji Fengyan. They had no other options, and could only plead for the powerful Ji Fengyan to save him.

"We cannot bear to see our Lord suffering so for us. Please, you must save him."

Ji Fengyan frowned as questions swirled around her head. If Chi Tongs curse was related to the Divine Temple, she was afraid that things might not be that simple.

To be able to forge the World-Termination-Armour and teach the Emperors of the various nations how to cultivate Terminatorsthey were not your common folk. Their ruthlessness alone was spine-chilling.

"City Lord Ji, there is no need to force things. I am well aware of my situation." Little Chi Tong had already accepted his fate. After escaping into the Free Valley, he had sent men to seek news of the situation inside the Kingdom of Sa Er. The Emperor had held a grand funeral for him and praised his many achievements. However, Chi Tongs kin had all died within a year of his "death", supposedly all via accidents.

As smart as Chi Tong was, how could he not see that this was all part of the Emperors plan to eradicate all traces of him?

The praises he had lavished on Chi Tong was just a cover.

Looking at Chi Tongs resigned face, Ji Fengyans mind whirled. She could not determine what kind of curse Chi Tong was under. As such, there was only one way to find out.

"Chi Tong, you will accompany me to the Forest of Freedom tomorrow," Ji Fengyan suddenly said.

Chi Tong gave a slight start.

Hadnt Ji Fengyan come to Yan Luo Dian to have them give up the Forest of Freedom?"

Why had she suddenly changed her mind? And was volunteering to lead him there?

"I cannot be certain of the source of your curse. There is something inside the Forest of Freedom which can help me do so. Do you dare to go with me?" Ji Fengyan looked steadily at Chi Tong.

Chi Tong stared at Ji Fengyan in wonder, before giving a light laugh. "I am a man already at the brink of death. What else do I have to be afraid of?"





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