The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage Chapter 264

Chapter 264 The Strange Waiter

Hearing Sheng Annings prodding words, Gu Zihangs eyes sparkled and he smiled coldly.

His voice was faint but it has a trace of unconcealed sarcasm.

"Youre a woman and youre willing to bet on this. I naturally wont fail to live up to your good intention."

The moment Sheng Anning returned from abroad, she had become a contract artist of Phoenix Entertainment and Media Company of Di Chen Group. As the star whom Di Chen focused on training, lots of press releases were issued to create an elegant and refined image for Sheng Anning.

Recently, Gu Zihang noticed that all media, be it large or small, had been reporting about this woman, giving her the title Fairy An.

If Sheng Annings fans were to know that their idol, Fairy An, was vicious within, how would they feel?

When Gu Zihangs deep voice entered the meticulous Sheng Annings ears, she did not miss his sarcasm.

That was right. She had thought about everything for Gu Zihang. He had all the conditions right!

"Its difficult to win a fair ladys heart. Mr. Gu, youve got to do your best. Brother Xuecheng has gone to A City today to attend a meeting and he wont be back so soon. This may be the chance of a lifetime."

When Gu Zihang heard what she said, his dark eyes deepened. He knew Jiang Xuecheng represented Di Chen Group to attend an event in A City. As far as he knew, Jiang Xuecheng had arrived at A City by now.

Jiang Xuecheng would not be able to come back in a short while.

What Sheng Anning said was right. This was such a rare opportunity. Once missed, he didnt know when the next one would be!

Gu Zihang took a deep breath. His hands were seized tightly, "Thank you for your reminder. Ill be there on time."

Before Gu Zihangs voice died down, a smile had appeared in Sheng Annings eyes.

Huh, she knew this man had no right to mock her. It was merely the pot calling the kettle black!

What was the use if she was the only one having that urge? If Gu Zihang did not have sinister motives, how would he have promised to come?

Sheng Annings faint smile remained. She stood up elegantly and her eyes swept across the magnificent building opposite Blue Mountain Caf.

There was a sign on the top of the building that read Anzhi Tinglan Hotel.

It was a five-star hotel and one of the properties Gu Zihang owned.

Sheng Anning took a light breath and a snake-like sharpness flashed through her eyes. She believed Gu Zihang and Su Wan would have a happy memory in Anzhi Tinglan Hotel.

"Alright then, Mr. Gu, I wish you all the best. May your dreams come true and may you win your fair ladys heart."

After throwing this sentence, Sheng Anning ended the call.

A pleased smile appeared on her pretty face. The smile was as beautiful as a blooming rose but with piercing thorns.

Huh, she wanted to see how Su Wan would find her position in front of Jiang Xuecheng in the future!


Su Wan, who was still sitting in her office in Di Chens headquarters, did not know she had become someones prey.

She paid attention on the computer screen and her fingers kept tapping on the keyboard.

It was almost eleven in the morning but Su Wan felt more and more uneasy. Funny, why was her eyelid twitching non-stop today?

Be done with it. Even if Sheng Anning was a scourge, she must go and meet her today.

Su Wan pulled her hair in frustration and then sighed. She then tidied up her things.

Di Chen Groups headquarters was not too far away from Blue Mountain Caf. If she hailed a taxi, it would only take her about ten minutes.

Hearing the bell indicating lunch break, Su Wan tidied her looks and was about to go out to meet Sheng Anning when she met Ah Si.

When Ah Si saw Su Wan carrying her handbag and looked hasty, he couldnt help asking, "Young Madam, are you going out? Wont you join us for lunch?"

A faint smile appeared on Su Wans face, "No, thank you. Ms. Sheng has just asked me to meet her during lunch break. Ill come back before the lunch break ends."

Ah Si frowned. "You mean Ms. Anning? Young Master has chased her away, why is she bothering you again?"

Su Wan shook her head and replied calmly, "Im also trying to keep her from disturbing me non-stop. Thats why I thought I should meet her this time. Dont worry, Ah Si, I know what Im doing."

At the thought of Ms. Sheng who admired and loved his young master, Ah Si sympathized with Su Wan but he was a subordinate and could not say anything more.

"Young Madam, please be careful. Please call me if you need anything."

Su Wan nodded smilingly and walked out of Di Chens main entrance. She then hailed a taxi.

"Blue Mountain Caf downtown please."

After a while, Su Wan appeared at Blue Mountain Caf. However, when she looked around, she couldnt see Sheng Anning anywhere.

Su Wan walked to the bar counter of Blue Mountain Caf and asked the waiter, "Excuse me, may I know if Ms. Sheng Anning who made a reservation for Room A07 is here?"

"Are you Ms. Su? Ms. Sheng is not here yet. You may wait for her in the room."

Su Wan didnt like people who were not punctual. Sheng Anning didnt look like a person who would be late.

Nodding to the waiter, Su Wan was about to go up when she felt hungry.

Su Wan went back to the bar counter. She took the menu and wanted to order something. It wouldnt be nice to order the main dish before her company arrived, so she ordered a cup of cappuccino to tide her over.

Room A07 was a luxurious little room. Feeling bored, Su Wan sat on the chair, looking at the crystal chandeliers hanging on top.

Three slow knocks sounded at the door and Su Wan knew the waitress had brewed her coffee. She answered slightly, "Come in."

Just as Su Wans voice died down, a young lady wearing a Blue Mountain Caf uniform pushed the door and entered. She smiled politely at Su Wan, "Ms. Su, your cappuccino."

"Thank you."

Su Wan nodded. She took the coffee from the waitress and took a sip.

What surprised Su Wan was that the waitress did not leave but instead, she was staring at her drinking coffee.

Being stared at felt terrifying. Su Wan raised her brows uncomfortably, "Is there something on my face?"

The young waitress blushed and smiled, "No, youre very pretty and I cant help taking a few more glances."

As the waitress spoke, she walked toward the door and closed the door thoughtfully for Su Wan.

This was not the first time Su Wan was praised by someone that she looked pretty but that waitress look was weird.

If the waitress was a man, Su Wan could probably understand but both of them were women and it was strange

Su Wan was not bothered to guess what the waitress was thinking. She took up her cup of coffee and continued drinking.

Oh, she felt that the recipe of this cafs cappuccino seemed to have changed. Although the taste did not change much, it was thicker.

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