The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage Chapter 263

Chapter 263 If Youre Filthy

If someone asked who were the hottest topics on Weibo, two names had to be mentioned.

One was Sheng Yuans director, Su Jiankai, who had aroused widespread concern over the murder of his own brother. The first trial of the crime he committed had just ended yesterday but the evidence was clear and a verdict would be handed down soon.

Sheng Yuan Group had been on the cusp of a storm. First, it was Su Jiankais daughter, Su Yurou, betraying her husband, the CEO of Gu Group, and getting a divorce. It had caused a great sensation at that time.

This time around, no one expected that Su Jiankai, the director who was once very wealthy and envied by many, would do such a crazy thing as murdering his own brother!

A business tycoon would soon become a prisoner. How could such a strong contrast not make people sigh?

Another person worth mentioning was Sheng Anning, who astonished the world with her ethereal voice on the Born Singer program.

Not only her voice was beautiful but she also had a refined and elegant appearance. She had a celestial temperament and was nicknamed Fairy An by her fans.

Sheng Anning appeared for less than twenty minutes on the program but her popularity soared and she gained many fans.

Some even investigated Fairy Ans family background and unexpectedly discovered that Sheng Anning was the Jiang familys fostered daughter and a talented idol.

Not only was she fluent in many languages but she was also good at playing the guqin and cello, at classical dance, and had many other talents.

Hence, as soon as Sheng Anning made her first public appearance, she was called a high-quality idol by many seniors in the media industry. She had both good looks and talent as well as a strong family background. At least her fans did not have to worry about their idol getting into trouble.

That moment, Sheng Anning, the most promising star in the entertainment industry, was sitting in a luxurious private room in Blue Mountain Caf.

Today, Sheng Anning was dressed slightly differently, probably because she became famous after being on the Born Singer program and wanted to avoid being noticed by people.

On her palm-sized face hung a pair of huge sunglasses and on top of the sunglasses, a cap laid on her head. Besides her lips, all her other facial features had been covered.

Sheng Anning was holding the latest mobile phone. She pressed a few numbers and managed to get through to Su Wan.

"Sis-in-Law, its me, Anning."

Su Wan was currently in her office in Di Chens headquarters. When she heard that beautiful voice, the smile on her face vanished.

Su Wan pushed her work files to one side as she asked, "Ms. Sheng, is there anything I can do for you?"

Su Wans tone of voice was courteous but it was not difficult to hear the sense of alienation.

Sheng Anning heard Su Wans cold words and a faint surge appeared in her eyes. However, her beautiful and apologetic voice remained unchanged.

"Sis-in-Law, Im very sorry. Could you please give me an opportunity to apologize to you? Ive wanted to see you since the incident but Brother Xuecheng doesnt allow me."

Su Wan touched her right twitching eyelid and there was a cold smile on her lips.

"Ms. Sheng, thanks but no thanks. I feel theres no need for us to see one another. Youre now a famous celebrity. Shouldnt you be busy with the announcement?"

Sheng Annings hands seized tightly. She knew using an apology as an excuse might not convince Su Wan to come out. She might have to find another way.

What does Su Wan care about?

It should be nothing more than family. One could guess how much she cared about family by looking at how much she cared about her late parents murder case.

Now that Su Wan was married to Jiang Xuecheng, then he should be the one she cared most about?

"Sis-in-Law, you flatter me. Im not so busy right now. At least, I still have time to treat you to a cup of coffee."

Sheng Anning laughed. Her voice was suddenly tinged with venomous resentment.

"Sis-in-Law, you and I look alike and I grew up with Brother Xuecheng. Havent you thought about why Brother Xuecheng likes you?"

Su Wan frowned. How could she not catch Sheng Annings hidden meaning?

It was nothing more than hinting to her that it was because she was merely Sheng Annings shadow that Jiang Xuecheng liked her.

As a woman, Su Wan had once been concerned about these coincidences but the facts showed that coincidences were only coincidences.

She was never and would never be anyones replacement.

"Ms. Sheng, I think youre overthinking. I know you grew up with my husband but both of you have never started an intimate relationship."

Su Wans voice was faint but it brought along unquestionable power.

"Even if you were both once lovers, its already the past. I own my husbands present and future."

When Sheng Anning heard what Su Wan said on the other end of the phone, she couldnt help laughing. She did not expect Su Wan to counterattack her like this.

Was she showing off that she owned Jiang Xuechengs everything?

Sheng Annings eyes were cold and her voice softened.

"Sis-in-Law, Im wrong. I shouldnt have said such words. Could you please meet me during your lunch break? I just want to talk to you about something. After this, I will no longer disturb you and Brother Xuecheng."

Su Wan gently pressed her temples. At the thought of the poisoned perfume incident, Sheng Anning had indeed wanted to see her several times but was blocked by Jiang Xuecheng each time.

She didnt want Sheng Anning to use this as an excuse to keep pestering Jiang Xuecheng.

Su Wan pursed her lips and finally agreed. "Alright. Where do we meet?"


After Sheng Anning ended the call, her nails dug deeply into her palm.

Su Wan had not gone through the wedding ceremony yet, what right did she have to challenge her?

Su Wan, if youre filthy, do you think you can still be the young madam of Di Chen?

Do you know that Brother Xuecheng is a clean freak? He would never use things that another has used before, including a life partner.

Sheng Anning smiled coldly and then called another number.

"Mr. Gu, I hope to see you at twelve noon today at Blue Mountain Caf."

The name Sheng Anning mentioned was no other than the CEO of Gu Group, Gu Zihang.

On the other end of the phone, Gu Zihang was silent for a moment. Then, he asked softly, "Ms. Sheng, youre now a celebrity. Arent you afraid youd ruin your future by doing so?"

A cold light flashed through Sheng Annings eyes and her lips curved into a sarcastic smile.

Ruin her future?

It would be Su Wans future who would be ruined first!

Sheng Anning removed the cold smile on her face. She looked down and covered the sense of disdain in her eyes.

"What do you mean, Mr. Gu? Im only helping to ask Su Wan out for your sake. As for what would happen next, I know nothing."

Sheng Anning paused and a cold and strange smile appeared on her face.

"Of course, Mr. Gu, whether or not you bring home a beautiful woman today all depends on you. As for reputation and future, they arent what you worry most about, are they?"

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