The Great Thief Chapter 1887

1885 Shade Of Aran

"I have it in the storehouse," Lonesome Flower said.

That was a piece of level 60 equipment. Although it was Exquisite, there weren't any areas in which it was especially remarkable. With the level penalty getting bigger and bigger, maybe changing to a level 68 Dark Gold staff would be more powerful that this Legendary weapon.

Because of this, a Legendary weapon had degenerated into something kept in storage.

"Go get it, we'll be waiting here for you," Lu Li decided to follow this vague guide. After all, they had died a few times, so there was no harm in trying it.

Lonesome Flower read his mind and went to retrieve it. After he had received it, he was pulled into the Instance Dungeon by a warlock's summoning.

"That's right, my son's extremely powerful! But I have my own strength too! I am Aran! I want you to know, this old dog still has some teeth!"

"I'm not some laughable clown, I'm Nielas Aran!"

These were the original lines of Shade of Aran.

However, since Lonesome Flower brought back this 'Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian' weapon, this Shade of Aran expressed his own feelings with uncertainty.

"How do you have this weapon? Did he call you here?"

This was his new line, and his mind even began to 'wander' during the battle through stories, he told of how he met Aegwynn and their bitterness and joy, but he had no regrets.

When he was talking about when Medivh was young, he talked about how back then, Medivh was still just a smart and cute little boy.

When he made these statements from his memories, the battle finally came to an unexpected end. According to Lu Li's calculations, after Shade of Aran saw this staff, the speed at which his magic was released dropped by at least 20%, and the magic's power and range also had decreased.

The most important thing was that not once did Flaming Hoop and Blizzard come out at the same time.

Simply put, it was like a Boss on Nightmare difficulty pulled back down to Hero difficulty. Even when Shade of Aran fell, everyone was speechless.

Lu Li was the first one to have any reaction, because he got a Skill Point.

This was simply a miracle, even harder to believe that they had defeated Shade of Aran.

"Ahem, don't look at me like that. As an outstanding Instance Dungeon commander, when the time comes for the officials to evaluate everyone's contributions, they will give me more points. So, me getting Skill Points is a very reasonable, understandable and logical. It's hard for you guys to understand."

"Report it. System's got a bug," that's how everyone complained.

Remnant went up to loot equipment. After the stones, she actually looted a Strengthening Skills Book.

'Strengthened Fireball'!

"Hahaha, I've said it. If even such a dodgy guy like our boss can get Skills Points, my luck can't be that bad," Fat Monkey was so happy he could almost die.

He already had two Strengthening Skills Books, but he had never strengthened the signature fire skill, Fireball. This was a type of explosive attack that he loved. He finally found his redemption from this Archmage Boss.

Next it was Pauldrons of the Justice-Seeker, equipment for a Tanky Healer. Naturally, it was given to Darkness.

Even though Darkness wasn't in the Instance Dungeon, it was still given to her all the same. This was pretty much the good thing about not having any competition. Darkness's equipment was always up with the times, and this was the reason.

Sabreclaw Talisman!

Although it was Dark Gold, it was a Thief's equipment. Lu Li immediately took it for himself.

Sabreclaw Talisman (Dark Gold): All Attributes +80, HP +500, Slot +2, Special Effect 1: Critical Hit rate +6%, Critical Hit damage increased by 28%, Special Effect 2: Escape, teleport to a viewable position within 15 feet. Cooldown time of 2 minutes, cooldown time cannot be shared with other similar skills. Equipment requires level 70, Endurance 245/245.

This was Lu Li's first true level 70 Exquisite equipment, produced from a large group Instance Dungeon.

Although it didn't add much in attributes, it had a relatively even distribution. HP was super important in the level 70s. When you couldn't add points to Constitution, this sort of all-attribute-increasing equipment was very welcomed.

Critical hits had been officially adjusted and redefined once again. Having the rate increased by 6% was still ok but having the Critical damage increased by almost 30% was extremely solid.

Escape-type skills were rarely seen in equipment above level 60. It could be seen as a blank space. It was only level 60/70 large group Instance Dungeons or Wild Bosses that produced them. In order to get this sort of escape equipment, players had no choice but to keep using level 60 equipment. Because of this, they helplessly had to bear the reductions of the equipment level penalties.

Pendant of the Violet Eye!

An Epic decorative item. As soon as Lu Li compared his Sabreclaw Talisman to it, he could chuck it away.

Pendant of the Violet Eye could be said to be the best item that the Director dropped. Because of this, the Magic roles began to compete for it. In the end it was Lu Li, being the Boss, who gave it to March Rain, deducting from her a heap of DKP.

Moreover, when it was needed, this piece of equipment could be loaned to other competitors for use. After all, no one would say no to getting their mana back faster.

The Boss also dropped a Sunfire blueprint, 'Formula: Enchant Weapon Sunfire.' It enchanted a weapon, increasing its strength of being able to get Fire and arcane magic by 50 points. The weapon level couldn't be lower than 35.

Fire and Arcane Mages liked this sort of enchanting relatively more.

Karazhan would drop heaps of all sorts of blueprints. Even the little monsters weren't exceptions. When they were cleaning up the little monsters before, there were two enchanting blueprints and one jewelry crafting blueprint that was dropped.

Since they found an easy way to get around Shade of Aran, Lu Li felt that they were already ahead of most clubs, so they should have time to fight the hidden Boss.

This was because when he was scanning the library bookcases, he happened to push open the bookcase, and it turned out there was a secret room.

There was a hidden Boss inside Terestian Illhoof.

Back then, Medivh had hidden in his spirit a mystical and powerful existence Sargeras. It was already concealed ages ago in the battle with Aegwynn, and when Medivh was born, it moved onto him.

For a very long time, Medivh didn't even know about Sargeras's existence.

Sargeras was like Medivh's other personality. Sargeras did many things without Medivh knowing. Terestian Illhoof was the demon that Sargeras summoned.

Terestian Illhoof brought along his little monsters and waited here quietly, waiting for his master's command.

Compared to Shade of Aran, this Boss was a lot easier. Even though the team died, it was because they were exploring the Boss's mechanics and skills. There was never a First Clear where no one died.

Terestian Illhoof's little monster was called Kil'rek. Having about 60 000 HP, it did very little damage to Main Tanks. Physical attacks dealt about 2000 damage. When it had been killed, Illhoof would cast a debuff. Which made the damage received by the team to increase by 25%. After the 30 seconds of Debuff were over, Kil'rek would be summoned again.

Warlocks were responsible for tanking the little monsters. Carnivorous Cat incurred very little damage, pretty much because of her role.

At certain times, Illhoof would randomly teleport players into the green circle in the middle of the room. These players were bound by a layer of demon chains, and in this state, they would also incur about 1500 Shadow damage every second. At the same time, the Boss would be healed. There was no way to resist this damage. Invulnerability and a Mage's Ice Block could get rid of it though. The demon chains had 12 000 HP, and they needed to be destroyed quickly.

Lu Li specially sent people to destroy the demon chains after they came out.

About ten seconds after the battle started, Illhoof would create two portals on the two sides of the wall in the inner room area. The weakened little monsters would just keep getting farmed. Each one had 3000 HP. They attacked very quickly with Firebolts, and each one did 250-350 damage.

These little monsters were really easy to kill. The main thing was to rely on AoE skills to finish them off.

This Boss also had a time limit before he one shot everyone, so they needed to finish the battle by a set time about ten minutes.

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