The Great Thief Chapter 1885

1883 T4

After clearing out the opera house, everyone got a short rest before snaking around to where the Director was. He was the next Boss they had to kill.

Before they faced him, the needed to deal with the two mechanical guards in front of the door.

It was super easy with the tanks pulling one each.

The problem was that they would target a teammate at random which would lead to an arcane explosion. The damage began at 200 points, and it would double each time. A few repeats was enough to One Shot someone. The worst thing was that the teammate who was targeted would just freeze there like an idiot.

Lu Li couldn't let something like this happen. After he saw that Fat Monkey had been targeted by this skill, he immediately called him to scramble over to one side.

Fat Monkey obediently went over to the side to die. After the two mechanical guards were finished off, him and another one who had died in the battle were brought back to life.

There were a lot of groups of monsters that were made up of arcane elements and siphoning fish in the gallery. The Boss was patrolling in the gallery and needed to be pulled out to attack it. The siphoning fish would suck up mana, while the arcane elements would blink and reset their aggro. With a mana shield, mana would be released after their death, allowing for people all around to recover over 100 mana every second, continuing for 20 seconds.

Here, they only needed to pull the Boss when they didn't have to keep killing the little monsters, and it'd be fine.

The Director had high HP, high defence armour and relatively strong physical attack, in addition to being immune from arcane magic.

Aside from physical damage, the Director would also release arcane bombs which did 6000 arcane damage to the players. When this skill first started to come out, everyone thought it would target the person with the highest HP besides the Main Tank. But later, it was confirmed that this was not exactly the case. The one with the second most aggro could also be a target.

That was why Lu Li had Wandering, who had just been swapped in, to keep taking the brunt of this skill.

He was a Defence Raider, so his HP was very high anyway. And to guarantee that he was definitely going to be the sacrificial lamb, Lu Li even required that he must maintain an even higher aggro than usual. As long as it was lower than Azure Sea Breeze's, it was fine.

If arcane bombs were still not hard enough to deal with, then Lightning Balls would definitely be the Director's signature weapon.

Every eight to ten seconds, the Director would use up all his mana to summon a Lightning Ball. Its HP was at about 12 000. They would release Chain Lightning, doing 800 arcane damage to their target. If the target had a friendly unit within ten yards of them, it would refract and do them the same amount of damage. Ten yards was already a really big range. No matter how everyone stood, they couldn't be completely clear of this range.

A single Lightning Ball was still ok, and 800 damage was a small matter. As soon as the number of Lightning Balls increased though, everyone would have to face a continual baptism of fire from all of them.

This was a battle that tested everyone's DPS, though more importantly, it tested their speed in attacking Lightning Balls.

The only way they could kill the Boss was to be able to quickly attack the Lightning Balls that the Director summoned. Anyone who stayed long enough would've figured this out. Either the Director died, or everyone else did.

They couldn't be stingy with the potions as well. This was the perfect time to use those precious potions from the Great Cold.

But in the previously battle, the main thing was mostly being able to work together. Output wasn't really being tested. So it was only now, with the Director, that this Instance Dungeon had begun to really enter nightmare mode.

If the Director was able to constantly keep summoning Lightning Balls, then they would abandon the fight.

Good thing the Director had a limit to their mana. After summoning about ten of them, he needed to use the Evocation skill which Mages often used, replenishing his own mana. Then, he continued to summon Lightning Balls. The time it took for Evocation was 20 seconds.

Players could use this 20 seconds to quickly kill off all the remaining Lightning Balls which hadn't been dealt with yet.

If the Lightning Balls had been cleaned up, they could continue to attack the Director. During Evocation, the Director couldn't fight back, and the damage he could incur was 200% of what he would normally receive.

After the team died a few times, Lu Li slightly adjusted the team, putting in as many damage roles as he could. After all, all they needed was output.

When the Director had about 15% HP left, he'd enter into a state of Fury. At this point, he stopped summoning Lightning Balls. However, his attack speed and his frequency of releasing arcane bombs would increase massively, but the damage he received was still the same as before.

This pressured everyone to increase their damage output, since after 12 minutes of battle, everyone would be wiped out. Because at the 12 minute mark, the Director would instantly expand, and would then One Shot everything.

The arcane resistance potions should come into effect at this time. Regardless of how valuable the ingredients were, they had to be put into use without holding back.

When Lu Li and his team were fighting to death against the Director, the second team had also been fighting very quickly to get to this place.

Although the second team didn't have equipment like 'Death's Memory', they still had a complete guide. After Lu Li and his team finished fighting the Boss on their side, they immediately sent the guide over. Moreover, the second team's arrangement wasn't any worse than Lu Li's one.

This also meant that when Lu Li and team were figuring out the way to fight, the second team could just follow their lead exactly.

There weren't the only two teams fighting Karazhan. Actually, every one of the three clubs had sent a few teams to join in, with the level 70 equipment they received to be given to competitors.

At least during league match periods, equipment was prioritized for competitors.

The Director dropped Skill Points before they looted equipment.

There was a very high chance of Skill Points being dropped in level 70 group Instance Dungeons. They would get at least three Skill Points for an Instance Dungeon and even more for a First Clear. In his last life, Lu Li's meagre two Skill Points were pretty much just from fighting in a level 70 group Instance Dungeon, and they were on Hero difficulty too.

Shame the chance of getting a Strengthening Skills Book was really low. This Instance Dungeon hadn't come out with a Strengthening Skills Book yet.

Pauldrons of the Solace-Giver, Dark Gold equipment, was given to Fat Monkey.

Staff of Infinite Mysteries, Dark Gold equipment, was given to Carnivorous Cat.

Then it was Gloves of the Fallen Defender, set equipment for Warriors, Priests and Druids. This was the first high quality set equipment of the level 70s the legendary T4 equipment.

Since it was for Warriors, Priests and Druids, naturally, those roles would be prioritized. Lu Li, as the leader, gave it to March Rain.

Gloves of the Fallen Hero, another one.

Shame it was a Hunter's magic equipment, otherwise Lu Li would've shamelessly taken it away for himself.

Thieves, Paladins and Shamans all shared T4 set equipment parts, so even if he did take the equipment for himself, good ol' Mu Qiu with his personality wouldn't say anything.

Since it was a Hunter's magic equipment, both Fat Monkey and Carnivorous Cat could take it. Moreover, both of these people had just taken equipment. So Lu Li had them roll a dice for it. Fat Monkey wasn't that lucky and only rolled a two. Carnivorous Cat won the equipment with a roll of over 20.

That's why they say, you might not roll a high number, but all that mattered was that it was higher than your opponent's.

When it came to blueprints, an Engineering Magic Potion Injector blueprint was dropped. From this, it was evident that engineering bore similarities to alchemy blueprints.

After they finished fighting, time was pretty much almost up. Lu Li was already really satisfied with having defeated five Bosses on the first day. On the second day, they would clean up some of the new monsters that had come out, then they could head straight over to fight Shade of Aran.

Shade of Aran referred to Nielas Aran.

Nielas Aran was a highly respected Archmage of the royal court of Stormwind City. The guardian Aegwynn chose him to be the father of his own children. He was probably really handsome, or at least had the potential to be so.

After Medivh was born, Aegwynn left Azeroth, leaving the child with the father.

The little boy soon had quite a reputation in the Royal Court of Stormwind City.

On the night that Medivh came of age, he was woken up by a nightmare. The massive power inside his body began to erupt, cutting through the Astral Plain, startling the priests of Northshire Abbey. Within an hour, they had rushed over to Stormwind Stronghold. It took Aran and over a 100 priests to suppress this explosion of power.

After several days, this power disappeared as suddenly as it came. Medivh entered into a deep sleep. His father Nielas Aran was exhausted, and as a result, he fell down and died.

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