The Great Thief Chapter 1884

1882 Romeo And Julie

There were many stories regarding the origins of the Maiden of Virtue, but the official website never confirmed any of it.

Some people thought that she came here by herself for the sake of protecting this world alongside the guardians. Then, she discovered that there was something wrong with Medivh, so she stayed and tried to use the power of love to change him.

Some people also thought that the Maiden of Virtue was created by Sargeras. She definitely wasn't to Medivh's liking.

Karazhan was an odd place. There was corruption, but there was also innocence. There was immorality and there was holiness. There was also loyalty and yet also betrayal. No matter what, Maiden of the Virtue was a Boss. Furthermore, she was also more powerful than Moroes.

The first few times of battling her were bound to be difficult. This was because her skills were either Holy-type damage and Nature-type damage.

The MT was in charge of taking all of the Nature damage. Furthermore, the MT also needed to drag the Boss to the middle of the room, which was where her original spot was.

She had more skills that dealt holy damage. She had many AoE damaging skills, such as Divine Endowment. This skill, when activated, dealt constant damage to enemies within 12 metres of the Boss. Players were dealt 500 Holy damage every three seconds. There was also a short Silence effect.

The 12 metre range pretty much covered most of the small room.

There was also Repentance, which dealt Holy damage and stunned all players for ten seconds. In these ten seconds, any player who received damage would be woken up. Similarly, Warriors who used Berserker Rage or Death Wish would also be able to wake up. There was too much that could happen within these ten seconds.

The Maiden of Virtue had a skill that was similar to the Zug snake Boss. This skill was called Holy Wrath. The skill dealt 2000 Holy damage to its first target. If there were other targets within ten metres of the first target, it would bounce to a second target, dealing 2900 damage, then the third bounce would deal 3800 damage and the fourth bounce would deal 5400 damage.

The first team wipe was here.

It was his first death in the Karazhan instance dungeon. Fortunately, Water Fairy was able to escape and pick up his items for him.

Besides these skills, there was also Holy Fire which was used quite frequently. This was used randomly on a single target and dealt 3000-3500 Fire damage alongside a side effect which dealt 1750 Fire damage every two seconds for 12 seconds.

The side effect needed to be dispelled, otherwise no one would be able to tank it.

After being wiped twice, Lu Li called Darkness, who was Sorrowless's ex-girlfriend and a healing Paladin, for some additional healing.

Three healers gave a much better chance at fighting against this Boss. Lu Li decided to swap out Wandering, since they didn't need so many Tanks for this Boss and instead substituted in a Mage. A ranged DPS would be better than a melee DPS.

Sakura Memories was actually not needed. However, she was able to use the Mana Tide Totem to help her and her teammates recover mana. This was because this battle needed a lot of healing, which meant that healers would run out of mana.

Naturally, since everyone needed to be spread out in the room, not everyone was able to enjoy the mana recovery buff from the Mana Tide Totem.

When the Mana Tide Totem was on cooldown, Sakura Memories was assigned to the DPS teams so that she could buff them with other Totems. Her buffs were able to increase the DPS' damage.

Before the battle began, everyone immediately glued themselves to the wall and began moving towards their positions to avoid startling the Boss.

When the battle began, the Tank immediately rushed forwards to take the Boss's aggro, while the healers spread themselves out all over the room to cover the maximum range of healing. The Priest would immediately cast a shield and a Prayer of Healing on the Main Tank. This would help the healers buy time to get to their spots.

Ranged DPS players needed to stay away from the Healers to avoid the devastating Holy Wrath.

All the ranged DPS players and healers all positioned themselves between all the pillars. This way, the pillars would not block their vision.

For the sake of avoiding Holy Wrath being bounced from the Main Tank to the Melee DPS classes and dealing huge damage, they needed to have a rotation to manage a constant flow of melee attackers. When the attacking melee player had less than 50% HP, then the player would retreat and heal up using bandages or potions.

At the same time, another melee attacker would use Brave Elixir or the Speed Elixir. This was because the window of opportunity to deal damage was quite small, so they needed to maximise each rotation of damage.

Melee attackers needed to retreat quickly, otherwise it was likely for them to be one-shotted by Holy Wrath. At the same time, they also needed to be careful of Holy Wrath's side effect and dispel it immediately.

Hunters and Warlocks were not able to use their pets because of Holy Wrath. The Warlock could just be assigned to the Tank squad and make sure that the tank was in the pet's buffing range.

To avoid all the healers and the Main Tank being killed by Repentance, they needed a Paladin to use Blessing of Sacrifice on the Main Tank. When the Boss casted Repentance on the Main Tank, the Paladin would then be able to escape being stunned and heal the Main Tank or dispel the status ailments from others.

This battle ended quickly. It was much quicker than Moroes.

After its conclusion, someone received a skill point. Of course, it wasn't Lu Li. He could only hold in his disappointment and signalled Remnant Dream to loot the corpse.

Remnant Dream's luck finally soothed his soul. An extremely precious enhancing stone that added both Damage and Attack Speed dropped, which only motivated Lu Li to immediately take it for himself.

Mantle of Nefarius. Dark Gold item for Magic-based classes.

Mitts of the Tremender. Dark Gold and Leather armour for Healers. It was given to Hachi Chan with no second thought.

Shard of the Virtuous!

The one-handed healing mace finally dropped. It did its status of an Epic item justice. This item was given to Darkness. This was because March Rain liked to use Staffs, so she needed to wait until she received a powerful sub-weapon before she could use one-handed weapons.

Darkness had been patiently waiting outside. If Sorrowless knew that Lu Li was just using his girlfriend as a reserve, Sorrowless would not be pleased and be extremely bitter towards Lu Li. However, she received an exquisite item after entering the dungeon.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to today's show. Tonight, we will witness an extremely tragic story of love. However, everyone knows that not all love stories end nicely. Sometimes, love is like a thorn that is extremely dangerous. When these two lovers see each other under the moonlight, what tragedy will unfold? Sit tightly and watch. Now, the show begins!"

After talking to the host, the theatre curtains began to part.

There were three shows: Little Red Riding Hood, Romeo and Juliet and the Wizard of Oz. These were all classics in theatre, but they didn't expect to see Romeo and Juliet. This might have been because it was nearly Valentine's day.

The first Boss was Juliet.

When she appeared, her lines were extremely theatre-like, "Where is my master? Where is Romeo? Oh? A knife? It's your sheath! Let me die!"

The MT immediately rushed forward to take her aggro and allowed everyone else to DPS.

This wasn't a difficult stage. They just needed to interrupt her healing animation. Furthermore, when the Passionate Love buff appeared on her body, they needed to immediately dispel it. Otherwise, her damage would increase by 50% and her casting speed would also increase 50%. She would go from being harmless to being extremely dangerous. Team wiping would be inevitable.

Lu Li's team worked extremely well together. As soon as this buff appeared, someone immediately tried to dispel it. Lu Li didn't even need to say anything.

When Juliet was at the end of her HP, Romeo appeared and said, "Today is a dark day. It has begun with a tragedy and must end with one!"

Without a second word, the team engaged in battle. Azure Sea Breeze pushed Romeo to the walls of the stage and pinned him there. This way, the melee classes would be able to continue fighting and minimised losses to their effectiveness. Healers needed to remain cautious at all times. By doing these things, they were able to successfully proceed into the third stage.

In the third stage, they still needed to be cautious about dispelling Juliet's heal.

Another difficult part about this stage was to simultaneously lower both Bosses' HP and kill them at the same time. Otherwise, the remaining Boss would revive the other.

When the team encountered this ability, so Lu Li instructed everyone to give up and start again. After all, they were unable to sustain the fight with their mana and skills any longer.

The theatre wasn't too difficult to clear. Generally speaking, it was one of the stages that were more enjoyable to clear.

Both Bosses dropped items, so in terms of the loot, it was welcomed. Unfortunately, there were no skill points.

Masquerade Gown. This was a Dark Gold cloth armour for Healers. This was given to March Rain.

Romeo's Poison Vial was a Melee Dark Gold accessory. It was best suited for Thieves. It was not bad for other classes either. Lu Li gave it to Water Fairy. His own poison was a little more special and its effects conflicted with Romeo's Poison Vial.

Eternium Greathelm was a Dark Gold Helmet. It was given to Moonlight.

Beastmaw Pauldrons was a chainmail Epic item. Remnant Dream immediately took the item for herself. There was no one more suited to the item than her.

The last item was a two-handed sword called Despair. It was an Epic item and its properties were extremely good. This was given to Mu Qiu.

Although Mu Qiu had the Greatsword of the Brotherhood, it was unfortunately a level 60 item. Since there were heavy equipment penalties in Dawn, level 70 players could not wear level 60 items. Even the best level 60 items were rendered nearly useless in the hands of a level 70 player.

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