The Great Thief Chapter 1883

1881 Moroes Lucky Pocket Watch

"Kill the Priest first, then focus on the Retribution Knight and Arms Warrior. Snowy, we'll take care of controlling the Retribution Knight and Arms Warrior. Dreamy, I have a mission for you. You have to kite this defensive Paladin. Can you do it?" Lu Li arranged his team for the battle. If there weren't any problems, then they just needed to deal with the Boss.

Everyone was given a mission. Now they just needed to follow Lu Li's instructions.

Moroes had a lot of skills. The one that posed the biggest threat was Throat Rip.

When Moroes used a disappearing skill, he would reappear and used Throat Rip on a player. After this, Moroes would return back to the MT. Throat Rip dealt 1600 Nature damage every three seconds. This lasted for five minutes.

This was the skill that needed to be kept in check. Divine Shield, Wind Walk, Stoneform and Blessing of Protection could all dispel the DoT.

The longer the battle was, the more dangerous Throat Rip was. The more DoT there was to deal with, the heavier the pressure was on healers. After a certain time elapsed in the battle, even the strongest of teams would be wiped here.

The Boss's Healer usually didn't use Nature attacks. Even if the Healer did use it, the damage was extremely low, so there was no need for anyone to go and Tank the damage. The Arms Warrior was given to Wandering to deal with. This way, they would be able to save time and kill them quicker. However, the Arms Warrior dealt exceptionally high damage, so there was a chance that Wandering could be killed. The one responsible for healing him was Hachi Chan. Fortunately, she had plenty of mana, so Lu Li didn't care about how she was healing and what skills she used at what times.

The Retribution Knight was handled with the same method as the Arms Warrior.

Remnant Dream wasn't great at PVP. In the beginning when she just joined Lu Li's team, she couldn't even defeat a small monster.

After two years with countless battles' worth of experience under her belt, and coaching from so many top-tier players, she was no longer the little girl from before. Looking at her current skill level, she was absolutely able to destroy the players known as the Elites. Adding her equipment into the equation, and she would be a killing machine in the Arathi Arenas.

Kiting a follower was extremely easy for her. She wasn't any worse at it than an average Hunter.

"If you can't hold it, then come to me. I'll use mitigation when the CD resets. Lure the monsters that we need to kill within eight metres of me as well," Lu Li's position was unusual. It was different to what the strategies said in his previous life. His position was eight metres from anything that needed to be killed.

"Hi. This is the benefit of cheating huh," Azure Sea Breeze was also within eight metres of Lu Li. They were able to share the Blessing of Protection whenever they wanted to.

"What are you talking about?" Lu Li continued to speak, "For those of you guys who have mentors, you guys should do the best so that you can to suck up to them."

"My mentor? He already went ahead and sold the shield for drinks. What good is that?" Azure Sea Breeze whined.

His mentor was an extremely powerful defensive Warrior. He had joined a lot of different types of military squads. After retiring, he became a mercenary. It could be said that the mentor was one of the founders of the largest mercenary group in Stormwind City. Unfortunately, he was betrayed and now was at rock bottom.

Lu Li reckoned that there was a hidden large-scale team quest here. Unfortunately, the players' strengths were not enough yet, so they couldn't trigger the questline.

"My mentor just likes to give me things to eat," Remnant Dream sighed. "I already told her that I'm not a child. I only look like a child because I'm short, but she just doesn't believe me. How did the game designers even design this game? I suspect that my mentor uncle is a big lolicon."

"Sigh. I haven't even seen my mentor yet." Hachi Chan was even more worried.

"If your mentor's not around, then look for someone else." Lu Li said bitterly. He was extremely envious of Hachi Chan's relationships with the NPCs.

Hachi Chan's mentor was Malfurion Stormrage. The King of the Dark Elves was still dwelling in the Emerald Dream while he took in Hachi Chan as his student. Since he was still in the Emerald Dream, Tyrande was responsible for her husband's student.

Tyrande was now the one in charge of the Dark Elves. Even the semi-corrupted Fandral Staghelm admired her.

After being wiped seven or eight times, everyone began to figure out the patterns. They finally started seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Lu Li's Death Memory was integral to their success.


Everyone collectively breathed a sigh of relief. The constant battling was tiring them out. After all, it had been a while since they've been wiped multiple times like this.

Lu Li pushed off one of the nobles from his seat and sat down.

Remnant Dream put quite a lot of effort during this battle. She was like a never-ending ball of energy. She was constantly kiting the shield Warrior, but she didn't grow tired at all. Instead, she immediately went to loot the corpse.

Stones and skill books. Then, it was the all-important equipment drop.

Royal Cloak of Arathi Kings. Dark Gold. Strength classes only. It was taken away by Moonlight.

Belt of Gale Force. Looking at the name, it seemed likely that it would add Strength. However, it didn't at all. It was an Intelligence-based item. Its properties were best for Nature Shamans. However, there were no Nature Shamans in the team, so this item was given to Lu Li to hold first.

Moroes's Lucky Pocket Watch!

An Epic item finally dropped, and it was something that was more precious than the average Epic item.

"It's for Bear Druids. Snowy, you take it. Give it to Deep Watersong when you get back." Deep Watersong was the second team's vice-tank. The items that drop from the first team's runs could be given to him. After all, there were no competition for his items.

Moroes's Lucky Pocket Watch was the best item that could drop from this Boss.

The effects of the First Clear was clearly quite impactful.

Formula: Enchant Weapon Mongoose!

Moroes's Lucky Pocket Watch wasn't the last item that dropped. Remnant Dream took out another item. This time it was a recipe. It was actually able to use a level 70 enchantment, Mongoose.

Mongoose was an enchantment for weapons. The effects of this enchantment added 120 Agility and 10% increase in attack speed.

Of course, it wasn't a permanent increase in properties, but the attribute increase was triggered with a certain percentage.

Even though this was the case, it was still an extremely powerful enchantment. Classes that needed Agility would usually use this enchantment. Lu Li wasn't an exception. Unfortunately, it was only possible to enchant one of the weapons with this enchantment, not both. Otherwise, even if it was more expensive to do so, it would also be worth it.

After level 70, there were a few enchantments that average players could not afford. Mongoose was one of them.

After distributing the items, they continued to battle. The hoard of benefits from having the First Clear relieved everyone of their tiredness. They were not about to let other clubs steal the Bosses that they were about to kill.

The third Boss was called the Maiden of Virtue. Seeing her reminded people of the gigantic Titan in Uldaman. However, the difference between her and the Titan was that her room was filled with holy light. Furthermore, she was a holy light user through and through.

She was an optional Boss to fight. However, no one would skip on their chance to fight her. After all, in her hand was a powerful one-handed healing mace.

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