The Great Thief Chapter 1882

1880 Moroes The Tower Steward

Were there any more items?


"What is this? It's a Badge of Justice, but it doesn't seem like an equippable item. I got three of them," Remnant Dream took out two items that looked like coins.

"Oh, I think this is the exchangeable currency that the official site mention that could be exchanged for equipment at Shattrath City. Because it's Nightmare difficulty, everyone will get three, so let's go up and get it," Lu Li also went and looted. Fortunately, he got three as well, instead of two or one. Otherwise, it would've only further validated his misfortune.

Thank the heavens!

Badge of Justice could not be traded. The equipment you exchanged the Badge of Justice for also couldn't be traded.

In Nightmare difficulty, everyone received three Badges of Justice. Hero Difficulty gave two each, and Elite difficulty gave one each. Normal difficulty didn't drop any. Therefore, each run of the instance dungeon yielded around 33 to 42 badges. The equipment that could be exchanged needed 16 to 128 badges. The better the equipment, the more badges it needed.

16 badges could be exchanged for a level 70 Gold item. The properties were actually not too bad. Individual players tended to exchange the badges for these. As for the Dark Gold items, 64 badges was the bare minimum. Two-handed items costed even more badges the price was 128 badges.

This forced individual players to team up with small clubs to pass Karazhan and take on either the same levelled instance dungeons or higher levelled instance dungeons to grind for these badges to exchange for items.

After killing Attumen, they were able to leave this place. Firstly, they needed to return back to the path where they came from, then they needed to ascend an extremely long staircase. There were many monsters there. In Lu Li's previous life, he just pulled it and cleared it in one wave. However now, he could only clear it slowly.

After the wave of monsters were about to be cleared, the last two monsters that were alive decided to make a run for it.

Lu Li immediately blinked to the monster and used Cheap Shot from behind and immediately stunned it. Looking at what Lu Li did, Water Fairy proceeded to do the same to the other monster. They didn't realise that what they did would have eventually saved them from a squad wipe.

If the monsters had successfully run away, then all the monsters that were near them would gain aggro. If this had happened, then there would be waves and waves and waves of monsters, which would yield an unimaginably horrifying result.

However, killing these two monsters avoided that.

They proceeded to clear the whole stairwell and arrived at a large and spacious room. There were many noble spirits having a party.

After clearing them, there was a small dining hall on the left side. The nobles seemed to party all day and every day. Furthermore, the host was Moroes the Tower Steward.

No one knew whether Moroes became Medivh's steward when he was living or when he was dead. However, his job continued. All the events were hosted by him and everyone who came to the dining hall was his precious guest. However, he would get rid of the uninvited guests.

Moroes wasn't hard to fight, but he had four followers.

Or, it would be more accurate to say that he had six followers. However, for the sake of fairness, he would choose four out of these six followers and take them into battle.

Lady Kaitlin. Class: Holy Priest. She had the lowest HP and defence. If she was included in the four that were chosen to battle, she should be prioritised to be the first kill. Otherwise, she would heal the other four including Moroes.

Lady Kirla. Class: Paladin. Kirla didn't deal a lot of damage, but she could heal herself and other monsters. In most of the combinations, she needed to be high on the priority list. The healing aside, they also needed to dispel her buff, Blessing. Otherwise, the damage from the monsters would be extremely high.

Baroness Dorothy. Class: Dark Priest. She was proficient at Mana Burn and Mind Flay. Similar to Kaitlin, Dorothy also didn't have much HP or armour, but she was able to deal a large amount of damage in a short time. Her Mana Burn was able to erase 6000 mana. As a result of this, she needed to be killed extremely quickly as well. She would be placed under the healers in terms of priority.

Baron Loft was a Retribution Paladin. He was extremely dangerous. It was in their interest to maintain control on him the whole time. They also needed to be extremely cautious when doing so. This was because if the control was broken, then it was very likely that he would use Hammer of Justice on the target in front of him, which would stun the person controlling him, which would lead to the players losing control of the situation. Naturally, this would then lead to team wipes.

Baron Robin was a Warrior specialised in weapons. He used Mortal Strike and Whirlwind. Out of the six of them, Robin was the most dangerous. He should be controlled the whole time until after the Boss himself was killed, then dealt with afterwards. Mortal Strike was able to deal huge amounts of damage, which was enough to instantly kill any non-defensive players. Furthermore, everyone also needed to be away from his melee attacking range to avoid being struck by Whirlwind.

Baron Crispin was a defensive Warrior. He wasn't as dangerous as the other followers. Crispin had high HP and armour, but he wasn't very strong offensively. He also had an ultimate skill which was Shield Wall. The team would either hold aggro on him or used Hunters to kite him for the whole battle. Because he didn't pose much of a threat, they only used spare crowd control skills on him. If he was prioritised to be killed early in the battle, then it would only waste a lot of time. Furthermore, it would lead to a worse situation for the team as the other three followers would become more and more of a threat. Therefore, it was best for them to control him until after the Boss was killed.

The priority list of the six followers was basically ordered from healers to DPS. The first three needed to be killed first, while the other three could be controlled and held back in the meantime.

The team's luck was not bad. It was Lady Kaitlin, Baron Loft, Baron Robin and Baron Crispin who ended up coming out. Fortunately, they didn't need to deal with another healer and a powerful DPS. That would've been extremely difficult to deal with.

Actually, if the combination of the four was something akin to unbeatable, they could exit the dungeon and wait for thirty minutes before re-entering. If they did that, then the combination would be changed. Now, they didn't need to do that. This way, they could save at least thirty minutes.

"Ah! We have unexpected guests tonight! Let me prepare myself."

"There are some new guests with us tonight."

Prompted by the players' entries, Moroes responded to the new guests. He was extremely passionate and excited to welcome the adventurers into their midst, as if the adventurers were already destined to become lunch.

Well, it was the truth. If the players could not be revived, then it would be impossible for them to defeat so many monsters in this instance dungeon.

Lu Li's team finally began to falter. This was a level 70 team instance dungeon, so it was absurd to even think about clearing it in one try. However, each time the team lost, they gained valuable. This was because they understood the Boss' mechanics more each time.

Because of their items that dropped upon death, both Lu Li and Water Fairy would retreat the moment the battle was out of their control.

They needed two people to run at the same time because if Lu Li couldn't retreat in time, then they would've needed another person to hurry back into the fray to loot the dropped item. Although, the chances of Lu Li not being able to escape was quite small.

If a Thief wanted to escape, it wouldn't be too difficult.

Everyone quickly figured out their own positions. Wherever the Boss was pulled to, the MT was there. The other Tanks would be responsible to pull the followers. The Thieves that were responsible for crowd controlling the followers knew where to position the followers. There were also the DPS positions and Healer positionings.

As someone who had been reborn, Lu Li had an advantage here. He quickly adjusted everyone's positions to suit the positions shown in the strategy.

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