The Great Thief Chapter 1881

1879 Fiery Warhorses Reins

In the Instance Dungeons since Hellfire Ramparts, Lu Li didn't have any expectations for Boss drops because all this equipment were merely transitional and would be replaced when they got to a higher level.

The equipment they acquired here was also going to be replaced, but they would form the foundation of the level 70 equipment.

"Dreamy. It's time," Lu Li said expectantly.

Remnant Dream was now no longer short of money she had won a large sum of money from the lottery and could now spend money without worry. But as the little lucky girl, getting praised for all the good equipment that she managed to loot was enough to keep her going.

"A gem! Wow! It sparkles. It looks really pretty, it must be a Mage's gem," Remnant Dream's eyes sparkled as she spoke.

"Are you a dragon or something? Who cares if the gem is pretty? Take a look at its properties," Lu Li hurried Dream.

He checked the attributes of the gem himself with his authority as the leader and was surprised to find that it was actually pretty good. This was a gem with two attributes, reduced skill cooldown and increased movement speed.

All Mages faced the problem of being interrupted while channelling their skills, and this sometimes led to their deaths.

All professions would benefit from increased movement speed. The faster the player was, the more likely they were to catch up to their target and the more likely they were to escape their pursuers.

"Give it to March Rain for 60 points," Lu Li directly assigned the item. Since the professional league was on-going, any loot had to be assigned with that in mind. The others had no say in the matter as the item was clearly good for PVP.

There were also 12 Strengthening Stones. Lu Li put these away for distribution after the Instance Dungeon was completed. He intended to save some to power the Fel Reaver as well.

There was a Skill Book for Berserkers which was given to Moonlight. There were several new skills to be learnt at level 70, but the drop rate of these items wasn't low, so it wasn't that precious of an item. No DKP was deducted for this item.

There was a Hunter's Battle Bracer, a Dark Gold equipment. There was also a Chain Mail Armour that could be used by both Hunters and Shamans. Lu Li gave the item to Sakura Memories for 30 points.

A level 70 Dark Gold equipment was better than a level 60+ Epic, but they had to find one first. Remnant Dream was fine with all of this, she knew why certain players were taking priority and had already accepted it.

Vambraces of Courage, this was a Dark Gold Plate Amour. It was a defensive equipment that Lu Li assigned to Azure Sea Breeze. After all, he needed all the defence he could get to tank future monsters.

A Worgen Tooth Pendant!

An Epic equipment had finally been produced. This was a physical damage output item that had a Critical Hit bonus, so priority was given to Thieves.

"Surely he isn't thinking about keeping it for himself. He wouldn't dare," Wandering joked.

"What is there to be afraid of? A man can't accommodate for a woman all the time. Surely, he isn't that scared of his wife," Azure Sea Breeze smiled and answered. The teamwork between these two was seamless.

"According to the principles of fairness and justice, this equipment should be assigned to himself," Wandering continued.

They just wanted to see Lu Li struggle. If Lu Li gave it to himself, he would seem selfish but there was a social cost to giving it to Water Fairy. Both Lu Li and Water Fairy also represented wider interest groups. Although, it was likely that they would become one group in the future.

"Tch, idiots," Lu Li grumbled scornfully.

Then he assigned the equipment to himself, "This equipment belongs to the number one player in Dawn, Lu Li, for 30 points!"

Before anyone could say anything, he took the equipment and handed it to Water Fairy, "Snowy, do you like the look of this? Happy Valentines."

"Dammit!" Azure Sea Breeze dropped the shield he was holding and squatted with his head in his hands, "Why do you have to do this? Do you feel uncomfortable if you don't engage in public acts of affection? Damned Valentines, I wish all the lovers in the world became brother and sister"

"Number one?" Water Fairy happily accepted the equipment but added a final question.

"No, number two. You are number one," Lu Li instantly realized his mistake and his survival instinct forced him to quickly rectify what he said.

The others lamented as well at these displays of affection, complaining that it was getting harder and harder to stay on the team.

"Wow! A war horse, I want to summon it here to see what it looks like," Remnant Dream though there was going to be another Epic equipment, but it turned out to be a mount. Remnant Dream, who was a lover of pets, immediately decided to summon it to have a look. The mount could still be traded within five minutes, but it would be bonded to her after then.

It's ugly!

In the eyes of the little girl, this was just a horse skeleton. The horrible green flames that engulfed it were also really ugly and it looked like it was going to attack her.

Most of the girls gave up on this mount. However, the boys didn't seem to mind. These were the kinds of things that they liked. In the Alliance, there were very few things that had this kind of design. They couldn't just go to the Undead city capital to buy their mounts after all.

So, the boys actually went crazy for this mount.

Lu Li didn't want it that badly, but he wouldn't mind buying it too if the price wasn't too high. According to official information, if you could collect 10, 30, 50 different types of mounts, you would get surprises from the NPCs at each stage.

The others didn't know, but Lu Li knew what these rewards were.

Whether it was the reward for the 10 mounts or the 50 or even the 100, these were rewards available in the future that the players would definitely not be disappointed in.

The 10 mount reward was a Dark Gold equipment that Lu Li had acquired in his past life. It had pretty good attributes and was Lu Li's best level 70 equipment at the time. He kept using it until he came to this life. More importantly, there was also Skill Points awarded in addition to the equipment.

The 50 mount reward was an Epic equipment and two Skill Points.

The 100 Mount reward hadn't appeared before Lu Li came to this life, but he concluded that it had to be better than the 50 mount reward otherwise there would be no one collecting the mounts.

Although these were just horse skeletons, the Warlock mount, the Undead Warhorse, the Fiery Warhorse Reins from Karazhan, or the Headless Paladin's Steed were all officially recognised as different types of mounts.

As for the ordinary mounts such as the standard human horse mounts, regardless of whether they were black or brown or maroon, these were all the same mount.

Unfortunately, Lu Li underestimated the madness of the two boys who really wanted this horse. In the end, the mount was taken by Azure Sea Breeze for 220 points. Even after spending so many points, he didn't feel any regret at all.

"Why would I regret it? I am the Main Tank. You will have to give me equipment regardless of whether I have the points for it."

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