The Great Thief Chapter 1877

1877 Attumen The Huntsman

My name is Attumen the Huntsman, and I am but one of Medivh's servants who keeps horses.

Medivh rarely left his home and would often just teleport if he needed to go somewhere, so there was no real need for horses. These horses were instead kept for the needs of Moroes.

Master Medivh had never really paid close attention to me, and I just wanted to live a peaceful life with my Midnight.

In the early days, I would go out each day to get the freshest forage to feed Midnight and comb Midnight's hair until it shined. But one day, Master Medivh decided on a whim that he wanted to go horse riding.

He was quite a big person, and I didn't get to see him very often.

One day, there was a man and one woman in the castle. One of them was called Kagdgar or Khadgar, the name doesn't matter. There was another one called Garona, and I almost laughed when he saw her because she was so ugly.

The two people lived and studied in the castle and brought a lot of stories with them.

Unfortunately, no one paid attention to me.

I lived in the castle and gradually heard stories about the outside world. I heard about what had happened to the Orcs, but I thought that he was safe. I was Master Medivh's horse breeder after all.

I will never understand why Lothar, the person who had occasionally visited me and my horses, was leading an attack on my master. But I was just a horse breeder, so I trembled as I hid in the stables. I was unsure of what would happen next.

Master Medivh was eventually defeated, but I was sure that it was partially because he was unwilling to kill his friends.

I thought that my master was the most powerful guardian in the world. How could a Paladin without a horse, a tactless Mage and an ugly woman beat him?

They killed Master Medivh, and still didn't pay any attention to me.

At this time, I was thinking of what I should do next, now that Master Medivh was dead. I thought that I should find a new job, but fortunately, Butler Moroes told me that I could stay here and continue raising horses I could keep raising Midnight.

I don't know why, but Butler Moroes suddenly became a lot scarier and my Midnight had also changed.

But none of that mattered. As long as I wasn't being driven away, and I could be with Midnight, that was enough.

Today, there are some new guests in the castle. I can hear their voices and they are coming closer towards me. Should I just keep hiding in the stable?

No, I will fight them. I am Master Medivh's horse breeder, Attumen.

And I am not just an ordinary horse breeder either!

If they want to take away Midnight from me, they can do it over my dead body.

"These are just horses. How do we fight them?" Azure Sea Breeze asked as he looked around the stable for the Boss.

"Let's clear out the monsters nearby first. Dreamy, pull some of the monsters here slowly," Lu Li took a more cautious attitude. When he came here in his previous life, everyone was already at level 70 and some people even had equipment from this Instance Dungeon. It was hard to say how strong they were, but they were at least as strong as they are now.

In addition, when acquiring the First Clear, the monsters were usually relatively stronger. So, they couldn't just pull all the monsters at once with an area of effect skill.

If they just pulled the monsters, then it wouldn't make much of a difference. But if they accidentally pulled the Boss as well, then it would all be over.

Lu Li now had equipment that dropped upon death, so he didn't want the team to get wiped if he could avoid it.

After all the monsters in the area around the Boss had been dealt with, Azure Sea Breeze rushed in to start the fight. Some players even got their mounts out to further taunt the Boss.

"Come on Midnight, let us destroy these meddlers together," Attumen shouted as he climbed onto his mount and launched an attack onto Azure Sea Breeze.

"Dammit, his damage is pretty high," Azure Sea Breeze grunted. This was the first time he fought a level 70 Boss. Compared to the level 60+ Bosses, the difference was quite noticeable. The normal attacks were dealing 2500+ damage, and if someone with Cloth armour was taking the hits, it would be more than 5000 damage.

If a critical hit landed on someone with Cloth armour, they would get one shot.

"Pay attention to your position," Lu Li deliberately stood beside Azure Sea Breeze to experience the Cleave skill that the Boss would often use and immediately lost 80% of his HP.

The equipment they had seemed pretty bad now. No wonder they couldn't defeat Elevenless.

After a few attacks, the Boss suddenly rushed to Carnivorous Cat and dealt 5000 damage with a single stab. She was left with a smidge of HP which scared her so much that she immediately transformed into a Demon.

The response of a professional player was very quick, but it was heightened by the fact that she had been frightened.

This overwhelmingly quick reaction saved her life as the second attack landed when she was in Demon form. It gave March Rain enough time to heal her as Azure Sea Breeze re-taunted the Boss.

When Lu Li came to this Instance Dungeon his previous life, the random charge skill existed but there was only one attack instead of two.

The Boss would charge at a random player and attack once before returning to the Main Tank. It didn't make much sense, but this change was probably made so that ordinary players could defeat this Boss.

"Keep your HP full and be ready to apply damage reduction at any time. Cat is a good example. If she didn't die, then neither should you. I will deduct points if you do," Lu Li took the opportunity to put a bit of pressure on everybody.

If they lost players in the first stage, it would be because the Main Tank wasn't doing their job properly. But Azure Sea Breeze was such a veteran that it wasn't something they had to worry about. The main problem was the random charges the Boss did since the cloth armoured professions could easily get one shot by it. But once you accounted for these two things, they easily entered the second stage.

The second stage began when the Boss reached 50% HP.

At this point, Attumen the Huntsman would jump off the horse and fight separately from Midnight, becoming two separate Bosses.

Wandering immediately started pulling Midnight without Lu Li's orders. If there were two Bosses, it was better for each Boss to be pulled separately. Otherwise, the risk of the main tank getting one shot by an unexpected skill was too high.

Attumen now also had a Cyclone skill, so Lu Li and his team had to quickly adjust and attack Attumen from a long range. The melee players were now congregated around Midnight and attacking it. They kept the two Bosses slightly apart.

The random charge from the first stage still existed, and both Bosses could do it which made it even more difficult.

Fortunately, they had two healers March Rain and Hachi Chan. With so many ways to survive, they managed to enter the third stage which triggered when the Boss was below 25% HP. Attumen would feel at this point that the current strategy wasn't working, so he would get back onto his horse.

At this stage, there was another area of effect curse skill.

Lu Li activated the trump card that Garona had given him. In addition to the March Rain's readiness with Mass Dispel, they managed to get through the stage.

In fact, this Boss actually required three Healers. But Lu Li's team's two healers and two Main Tanks were so strong that the lack of a third healer didn't feel like much of a weakness.

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