The Great Thief Chapter 1657

1657 Hero

However, Jarod Shadowsong was just like his sister and had a pair of beautiful green eyes. Except. his eyes were filled with serenity and not aggression like Maiev Shadowsong.

"My dear commander, I have arrived," Lu Li said as he took a few steps forward and saluted his Elven brethren.

"Welcome, brave adventurer. I want to apologize for coming so late."

Jarod Shadowsong's presence was very calming, and those around him couldn't help but feel relaxed.

Many years ago, he had used his calm voice to command thousands of Elven soldiers in the war against the Burning Legion. They had succeeded in the assault because of him, which gave Malfurion and the others a valuable opportunity.

"These bugs are an enemy of the entire continent, so my work is worth it. I am happy that we have managed to block their advance," Lu Li said humbly.

"Brave adventurer, you have led the other adventurers to tenaciously resist the insects' attack. Your achievements will forever be recorded in history."

Jarod Shadowsong didn't hide his appreciation for Lu Li. He seemed to see his young self in Lu Li.

"Oh" Lu Li wasn't so touched.

Getting a record in history books didn't mean much to him. What he wanted was a real reward. He couldn't sell the historical record for gold coins or attributes.

"Do you know that in the land of Azeroth, there are some remembered as heroes?"

Jarod Shadowsong seemed to be able to detect Lu Li's disdain for that reward. With a smile, he continued to explain, "Heroes are not known by how powerful they are, or how much they have contributed to defending the continent. People are remembered as heroes because they have left their mark on history."

"So, what do I need to do to become a hero?" Lu Li asked curiously.

"That is a good question. Who do you think is worth of being a hero?" Jarod Shadowsong asked in return.

"Well, you must be a hero," Lu Li said, trying a bit of flattery.

"Haha, one might say that. What about my sister? Do you think she could be called a hero?" Jarod Shadowsong questioned, giving an example.

Lu Li was a bit annoyed. He didn't know what the relationship between these two siblings was like, and was forced to take a cautious approach.

"Maiev is powerful and used to be a member of the Elune Sisters. I think she is a hero."

"Well, I did say before that being recognised as a hero is not because of power and contribution," Jarod Shadowsong responded as he shook his head. "Maiev can indeed be called a hero, but not because of her strength or identity. It is because of her battle with Illidan, and her establishment of the watchmen."

"It is because those things left a mark in the history of Azeroth," Lu Li said, indicating that he now understood.

"What about Illidan no wait, what about Arthas?" Jarod Shadowsong posed with another example. He chose Illidan at first, but changed his mind. It seemed that Illidan probably wouldn't have made the cut.

"Arthas would probably have been known as a hero when he pulled out Frostmourne. But now that he has killed so many people, how can he be known as a hero?" Lu Li said without hesitation.

He had a clear attitude towards both Arthas and Illidan.

Illidan may have done a lot of questionable things, but he had clear principles and a straightforward personality. He was obsessed with magic, he hated the Burning Legion, and used demonic skills against them. Lu Li felt that he was perfectly fine.

As for Arthas, there were actually many other people who liked this prince.

However, whenever Lu Li thought about Pamela, he would feel that the prince was evil. There were thousands of people just like Pamela and just as many broken families, all because of the Scourge.

"Well, it is not because of strength or contribution, regardless of whether it is good or evil. Will the Chronicles of Azeroth wipe Arthes out of existence?" Jarod Shadowsong asked.

"Doesn't that mean that even a wicked person can be called a hero?" Lu Li wanted to vomit.

"That is how it is," Jarod Shadowsong responded. "So, do you now understand how important it is to go down in history?"

"I just want to know what benefits there are for being a hero."

Lu Li now understood that being a hero in Dawn was not what was commonly understood as being a hero. It was more like hitting a certain level. Once that person had a certain amount of influence, they would be considered a hero.

The relevant attribute for being a hero was probably Reputation.

No matter if it was a good or bad person, as long as their Reputation hit a certain amount, then this person would be considered a hero.

"There are some things or quests that only heroes are allowed to claim or participate in," Jarod Shadowsong replied straightforwardly. In other words, there were some major events that only a hero could participate in.

If you were not reputable enough, then you wouldn't be able to join at all.

"Thank you for explaining all this to me. With my current reputation, how much longer will it take for me to be a hero?" Lu Li asked.

"You are still very far away. When you really become a hero, everyone will recognise you," Jarod Shadowsong said with a smile. "Do you want your other rewards now?"

"Of course," Lu Li answered bluntly. "Whether I can become a hero is not something I can decide, but a commander should always reward their comrades after a successful battle."

"Well I suppose you are right," Jarod Shadowsong admitted.

After winning the battle, it seemed completely reasonable for Lu Li's commander to reward him with something.

"My brethren's strength is really low, but they have been fighting for over ten hours for Azeroth. They haven't contributed any less than anyone else," Lu Li bargained like a businessman.

There was no real way for Lu Li to force an NPC like Jarod Shadowsong to give him a reward.

However, his name was Shameless Lu, and he had some tricks up his sleeve to guilt the NPC into giving something. As a commander, it was absolutely impossible to be indifferent to those tricks.

A general would obviously like soldiers that fought the most bravely!

Lu Li wasn't even fighting for his own interests. He was fighting for the welfare of the hard-working soldiers. Jarod Shadowsong didn't feel like Lu Li was being greedy. In fact, he was being quite selfless.

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