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The Great Thief summary:

Description He had never invested in shares or bought a lottery ticket, and neither did he have any experience in the general business industry. Lu Li found that the only thing he could do was play games. Luckily he had experienced rebirth, and was one step ahead of everyone else. Luckily, games had been developing extremely quickly, and there were many people who had become rich through playing games. In his ‘past life’, he had spent countless nights awake, in grief and anguish. However, although all of this had been washed away, so what…? This life, he was determined to make a fierce counterattack against fate and stand at the very top! 大盗贼

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The Great Thief Chapters

Time uploaded
1673 Stupid4 days ago
1661 Cloninga week ago
1660 Shameless2 weeks ago
1657 Hero2 weeks ago
1655 10 Hours2 weeks ago
1653 Bribed2 weeks ago
1640 Shredded3 weeks ago
1621 Big Dog Li4 weeks ago
1619 Hire4 weeks ago
1618 White Mouna month ago
1617 Ram Kodoa month ago
1614 Playmatesa month ago
1612 Innocena month ago
1611 Hit Hera month ago
1609 Cant Losea month ago
1606 Brewfesa month ago
1604 Corea month ago
1594 Sullena month ago
1590 Traitor2 months ago
1589 Upse2 months ago
1590 Traitor2 months ago
1589 Upse2 months ago
1590 Traitor2 months ago
1589 Upse2 months ago
1588 Fist Weapons2 months ago
1581 Tiger2 months ago
1577 Stuff You2 months ago
1568 Deception2 months ago
1567 Suspicion2 months ago
1565 Ancient Egg2 months ago
1564 Greed2 months ago
1563 Yehkinya2 months ago
1558 Mu Qiu2 months ago
1550 Luck2 months ago
1548 Committed2 months ago
1544 Big Harves2 months ago
1539 The Be2 months ago
1538 Tyrs Hand2 months ago
1531 Apology2 months ago
1525 Roll Call3 months ago
1524 Hes Furious3 months ago
1522 Quest Item3 months ago
1520 Lich3 months ago
1516 Waitress3 months ago
1515 Felstone3 months ago
1514 Bourne3 months ago
1510 Any Healers?3 months ago
1504 Chromaggus3 months ago
1502 Fool3 months ago
1497 The Inciden3 months ago
1495 Humiliation3 months ago
1493 How Poor3 months ago
1491 Contes3 months ago
1490 God Of War3 months ago
1489 Double Sho3 months ago
1487 Despicable3 months ago
1483 Karaoke3 months ago
1482 Shes Busy3 months ago
1481 Targeting3 months ago
1479 No Match3 months ago
1471 A Way Ou4 months ago
1470 The Feas4 months ago
1466 Big Hear4 months ago
1465 Betrayal4 months ago
1464 Clue4 months ago
1460 Lack Of Hp4 months ago
1459 Venting4 months ago
1442 Stealth4 months ago
1439 Bonfire Nigh4 months ago
1435 Luxury4 months ago
1430 Onyxias Lair5 months ago
1420 Indifferen5 months ago
1416 First Clear5 months ago
1414 Seeing Hope5 months ago
1412 Sky Moon5 months ago
1410 Big Boss6 months ago
1406 A Store6 months ago
1405 A Gold Coin6 months ago
1404 Auction6 months ago
1403 Mercenaries6 months ago
1397 Bidding6 months ago
1396 Borrowing6 months ago
1392 Level 606 months ago
1391 Stuck6 months ago
1389 Unique6 months ago
1377 Trouble6 months ago
1376 Mining6 months ago
1374 Weakling6 months ago
1372 Outpos6 months ago
1369 Human Bomb6 months ago
1366 Garr7 months ago
1363 Gehennas7 months ago
1358 Five Dogs7 months ago
1357 Divided7 months ago
1355 A Key Battle7 months ago
1354 Doomsday7 months ago
1353 Lucifron7 months ago
1352 Coal Block7 months ago
1351 Lucifron7 months ago
1350 Endless Spli7 months ago
1347 Door Gods7 months ago
1336 Trial7 months ago
1333 Mr. Patien7 months ago
1332 Short Road7 months ago
1327 Pampered7 months ago
1325 Gouge7 months ago
1320 Safety7 months ago
1315 Shahram8 months ago
1314 Inner Demon8 months ago
1313 Helpers8 months ago
1310 Blackblade8 months ago
1306 Calling8 months ago
1300 Fire And Ice8 months ago
1297 Trap8 months ago
1296 Train King8 months ago
1294 Wedding Ring8 months ago
1290 The Same Map8 months ago
1288 An Upse8 months ago
1286 Snowfield8 months ago
1277 Holiness9 months ago
1276 Sneakily9 months ago
1274 Screwed9 months ago
1270 A Bad Trap9 months ago
1267 Scavengers9 months ago
1264 Revenger9 months ago
1262 A Trap9 months ago
1261 Escaped Boss9 months ago
1259 Battle9 months ago
1257 Shandris9 months ago
1248 Rainfores9 months ago
1247 Shudu9 months ago
1243 Power Move9 months ago
1242 Supermarkets9 months ago
1241 No Pressure9 months ago
1237 Gobi Deser10 months ago
1236 Practice Map10 months ago
1233 Insane Woman10 months ago
1226 Endless10 months ago
1224 Spectating10 months ago
1223 Grol10 months ago
1219 Casualties10 months ago
1218 Lady Sevine10 months ago
1215 Huge Gain10 months ago
1210 Galvan10 months ago
1209 Polar Bear10 months ago
1207 Sea Gian10 months ago
1206 Demon Hunter10 months ago
1204 Brotherhood10 months ago
1203 Lost Justice10 months ago
1201 The Top Four10 months ago
1200 Stream10 months ago
1198 Quail Bro10 months ago
1197 Reward10 months ago
1196 Steamrolled10 months ago
1193 Mass Dispel11 months ago
1189 Overlord11 months ago
1187 Worg Pup11 months ago
1185 Director Urok11 months ago
1184 Spider Juice?11 months ago
1180 War Master11 months ago
1178 Shadow Hunter11 months ago
1177 Little Frog11 months ago
1176 Levitation11 months ago
1175 Skipping11 months ago
1173 Hacking Again11 months ago
1172 Intelligence11 months ago
1167 Killing11 months ago
1165 Levelling11 months ago
1163 Persuaded11 months ago
1160 Trap11 months ago
1159 Wrecked11 months ago
1153 Consumption11 months ago
1152 No Luck11 months ago
1146 Snowy12 months ago
1145 Intentions12 months ago
1141 Team Uniform12 months ago
1139 Interview12 months ago
1138 Trump Card12 months ago
1133 Away Game12 months ago
1132 Airpor12 months ago
1129 Wood Fearing12 months ago
1127 A Newbie12 months ago
1123 System Rese12 months ago
1122 Oceans Breeze12 months ago
1121 Harves12 months ago
1120 Exposed12 months ago
1119 Sympathy12 months ago
1116 Teamwork12 months ago
1110 Second Wind12 months ago
1109 Golem Lord12 months ago
1108 Flame Wrath12 months ago
1105 Heheone year ago
1098 Being Pettyone year ago
1095 Mansionone year ago
1091 A Return Gifone year ago
1090 By Forceone year ago
1086 Flarethornone year ago
1084 Star Playerone year ago
1082 Prisonone year ago
1077 Dark Rangerone year ago
1076 Dark Rangerone year ago
1072 Void Gazeone year ago
1071 Double Killone year ago
1069 Tyrannicalone year ago
1068 Best Wishesone year ago
1064 Epoch Hunterone year ago
1063 Tarethaone year ago
1061 Thrallone year ago
1059 Disguiseone year ago
1055 Illusionone year ago
1053 Void Monsterone year ago
1049 Squadone year ago
1044 Level Upone year ago
1041 Agreemenone year ago
1039 Felstrikerone year ago
1033 Sunken Shipone year ago
1032 Opponenone year ago
1023 Difficultiesone year ago
1016 Hidden Bossone year ago
1014 Rattlegoreone year ago
1013 Comparisonone year ago
1012 Illusionisone year ago
1010 Livestreamone year ago
1009 Scholomanceone year ago
1007 A Tough Spoone year ago
1006 Giving Inone year ago
1004 Siegeone year ago
1003 Jet Gliderone year ago
1002 Dumplingsone year ago
998 Brokenone year ago
996 New Yearsone year ago
993 Evilone year ago
982 War Zoneone year ago
980 Dragon Tamingone year ago
978 Gossipone year ago
973 Nightslayerone year ago
970 A Crazy Gnomeone year ago
966 Three Bossesone year ago
964 Rockjaw Hiveone year ago
957 Obsessionone year ago
953 Massive Scamone year ago
952 Mystery Ringone year ago
951 Generosityone year ago
949 Baitedone year ago
947 Hameyas Pleaone year ago
944 Frustrationone year ago
943 Shamelessone year ago
941 Good And Evilone year ago
937 Unfortunateone year ago
933 Teamworkone year ago
932 Money Machineone year ago
927 Faceless Oneone year ago
914 Dreadlordone year ago
912 Soul Stoneone year ago
911 Blockedone year ago
904 Dkone year ago
899 Disease Cloudone year ago
897 Exp Exchangeone year ago
895 Professionalone year ago
894 Hunone year ago
893 Killer Gameone year ago
890 A Cloakone year ago
887 Heart To Hearone year ago
874 Priest T0one year ago
872 Nerubenkanone year ago
871 Shieldsone year ago
870 Possessone year ago
859 Slaughter2 years ago
856 Level 472 years ago
854 Backstab2 years ago
848 Daddy2 years ago
841 Bad Cop2 years ago
839 Big Brother2 years ago
838 Caugh2 years ago
837 Thorn2 years ago
832 Dathrohan2 years ago
Chapter 133 Bug2 years ago
Chapter 92 Kick2 years ago
Chapter 19 Sap2 years ago
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