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  • The Emperors System

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The Emperors System summary:

Nicks first life as a country renowned lawyer is ended by a group of thugs.Waking up, he finds out that he was given a second chance in life.With an overbearing system that exists to make him The Emperor.7 chapters a week. May not be daily but you will get seven chapters a weekWill start including bonuses i...

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The Emperors System Chapters

Time uploaded
67 Be Bold6 days ago
66 Loyalty6 days ago
62 Shit6 days ago
57 Who Is It?2 weeks ago
54 First Passed3 weeks ago
54 Adkmkl3 weeks ago
51 Another One3 weeks ago
49 Gloves3 weeks ago
48 Civil War.3 weeks ago
47 Poofa month ago
46 Vengeancea month ago
45 Rain?a month ago
43 Shopa month ago
37 Back Home2 months ago
36 Prank?2 months ago
34 New Technique2 months ago
33 Naughty Dragon2 months ago
32 Success2 months ago
31 Friends2 months ago
29 A Ride2 months ago
28 Pet Soup?2 months ago
27 Cooking Skill2 months ago
27 Oh Poor Author2 months ago
26 Buying A House2 months ago
25 Wink2 months ago
24 First Mission2 months ago
23 Blobfish2 months ago
22 In Hea2 months ago
19 Success2 months ago
18 Dragon Eyes2 months ago
16 Then I Quit2 months ago
15 Planet Zora2 months ago
12 Lilys Pas2 months ago
3 The Golden Orb2 months ago
1 My Death2 months ago
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