The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife Chapter 962

Chapter 962 Mu Ling Is Timid Viii

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"It seems that my word carries no weight. After all, Chen Qingyan is the lady of the Mu family. Xiao Qingyin, I will leave it to you." Suyis lips curved into a bland smile.

In other words, Suyi was saying that she was no longer part of the Mu family. Hence, she was not capable of summoning the servants of the Mu family.

Hearing this, the old butler glared at Chen Qingyan. He had finally calmed down and regained his composure.

"The lady of the Mu family? The old master has never acknowledged such a vicious and notorious lady as the lady of the Mu family. Lady Suyi, you are the only lady of the Mu family. There is no need to get the second manor master involved. Let me handle this."

The old butler had always been representing the old master of the Mu family. Although the old master was mentally unsound, he was still the head of the Mu family.

"See this lady out. Otherwise, I am going to show you to the door. The Mu family does not need servants who pay no heed to the masters order.

"In the Mu family, concubines are just of slightly higher status than the servants. Somehow, some people have actually regarded themselves as the master of the Mu family and have made the servants ignorant to the masters order." The old butler smirked.

Apparently, some people felt that it was wrong for those, who had gained power, to oppress the people beneath them. However, these servants were working in the Mu family. Not only did they get paid, but the board and lodging were also provided by the Mu family. Naturally, they must obey the master of the Mu family.

It was the same when someone hired a maid in Hua Xia. If the maid refused to do the cleaning and cooking even if the employer asked her to do so, the employer might as well sack her.

Since these servants have decided to take up the job, they must obey the masters order. Naturally, the Mu family did not want to keep servants who refused to take orders.

Hearing this, the servants faces turned stiff, and they walked toward Chen Qingyan.

Chen Qingyan hid the viciousness in her eyes. She took a glimpse at Feng Ruqing and walked out together with the servants.

Not long after, the sound of the stick hitting the flesh and heart-wrenching cries could be heard outside the courtyard.

Hearing this, Mu Lings heart was torn apart, dripping with blood.

He clenched his fists tightly, his nails dug into his palms. He did not even notice that blood had oozed out between his fingers.

Quivering in the wind, the only feeling he felt was the pain emanated from his heart, searing through every pore in his body.

The time taken for two hundred strokes of beating was neither too long nor too short.

Back then, even Tan Shuangshuang could get over it, since Chen Qingyans strength was stronger than Tan Shuangshuangs, it was nothing for her.

However, the pain of each stick falling on her body had made her voice crack. The crying sound could be heard through the Mu family.

"Feng Ruqing! You are so evil and ruthless! You will pay for everything you have done one day!" Mu Huans eyes reddened as she stared at Feng Ruqing. Her eyes were full of resentment. A trace of blood could be seen hanging at the corner of her lips.

As soon as Mu Huan finished her words, a gust of ferocious wind blew. Her body was sent shooting out of the courtyard like an arrow. Lying on the ground, she could not even utter a word.

"Second Uncle, bring her out to collect the night soil. I will only let her off when I feel better." Feng Ruqing grinned as she turned to look at Mu Qingyin.

In fact, Feng Ruqing was threatening Chen Qingyan. She wanted to know how long Chen Qingyan could hold herself back. When she could no longer hold back, the mastermind behind all these would come to the light.

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