The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife Chapter 1419

Chapter 1419 The Wedding Ceremony Was Finally Completed I

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Just as Hu Qing turned away for a moment, Nan Xian was already in front of him, blocking him from leaving.

Hu Qings face became so fierce as he raised his fist to punch Nan Xian.

Nan Xian moved a little to the other side and dodged Hu Qings punch.

He failed to retract the power in his fist, thus, collapsing the ancient tree outside the palace with a single punch.

A powerful and suffocating pressure came from the front. It was so powerful that it could make everyones breath be caught in their throats.

Feng Ruqing frowned.

Nan Xian left for a while after Fang Zhu Mainland was destroyed. He did not go looking for her, and now His strength had increased quite a bit compared to before.

She might have to work harder to catch up with Nan Xians level of strength

Suyi calmly walked toward Feng Ruqing and smiled faintly. "Qinger, Ive said that Nan Xian can protect you."

Her son was her pride.

How could she be at ease if her son could not even protect his woman, like Mu Ling back then

Little Guoguo had come back to its senses. It shook its head and instantly rushed toward Hu Qing.

Hu Qing could not even deal with Nan Xian in front of him, let alone Little Guoguo. Therefore, when Little Guoguo slammed him down, he could not dodge it and was hit with a thud. His vision became blurry, and his mind went blank.


Little Guoguo roared angrily as if it wanted to vent out all the frustration and shame it had suffered.


The whole palace became dead silent.

Aside from the buzzing sound of the small pot, there was nothing else that could be heard.

Everyone in Liu Yun Kingdom was subconsciously relieved, looking at Nan Xian in admiration and respect.

On the other hand, those in the reclusive world were nervous, wishing to find a place to hide and never want to appear again

Feng Ruqing bent down and tried to pick Little Qing Han up.

Little Qing Han quickly moved to the side, avoiding Feng Ruqings embrace.

"Mother is pregnant with a baby. Qing Han can no longer let Mother hug me like before. Just now, Qing Han did not hold back before jumping on Mother. Qing Han will pay more attention in the future."

The little sister in her mothers belly had not been born yet, so she must be more careful. If she hurt her little sister It would be bad

Feng Ruqing touched Little Qing Hans head. This little girls concern made her feel touched

This little girl was an old spirit that had lived for a thousand years, but her mind was immature, and she was simply like an innocent child that always softened her heart.


Because the palace was too packed, Nan Xian and Hu Qing had gone outside at some point.

Hu Qing was filled with anxiety, and his eyes sank as he looked at Nan Xian, who was rushing toward him.

This time, he did not dodge Nan Xians attack, nor did he fight against him. His chest was facing the long sword in the mans hand that was heading toward him

The long sword in Nan Xians hand pierced through Hu Qings heart.

Hu Qing smiled proudly as if he was the final victor


Hu Qing collapsed in front of everyone. His body heavily hit the ground and fell into a pool of blood.

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