The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife Chapter 1281

Chapter 1281 Tan Shuangshuang Came Knocking I

Tian Shen Manor.

At the Mu residences backyard.

A young maiden was lounging on the soft couch as she rested her head in her hand. Her hair flowed like a waterfall, her clothes were red like fire. She was so beautiful that her looks could bring the whole city to its knees. She was unrivaled and magnificent.

"Xiao Qing."

Old Master Mu stood by the side a little flustered. He was silent for a long while before finally opening his mouth to ask, "I heard you had enrooted the entire manor masters residence?"

He did not know what had happened.

All he knew was that two days ago, Feng Ruqing had said that she was going to bring Nan Xian back. In the end not knowing how she had actually leveled out the entire chief manor.

Even the back mountain of the chief manor was blasted away.

"Yes." Feng Ruqing was sitting in a lazy position, as if she had no backbone, leaning against the soft couch. "It was destroyed by me."

The corners of the Old Master Mus lips twitched.

He suddenly could not understand what kind of hatred did she and Gu Shi actually have that she would level out the whole chief manor.

It left Gu Shi with no place to live and he was shamelessly staying at Mu Residence.

"Did Gu Shi offend you?"

After thinking for half a day, Old Master Mu could only think of this possibility.

This little girl was one who would exact her revenge if one had enmity with her. It would definitely be that Gu Shi had offended her and in a fit of anger, she had destroyed the chief manor.

"Oh," Feng Ruqing said in disagreement. "Originally I had only planned to destroy Gu Shis back mountain, but I did not think that I would overuse my strength and accidentally destroy the whole chief manor"

Acc Accidentally?

Exactly how accidentally did she manage to destroy the whole chief manor?

"Then what about Nan Xian?"

Old Master Mu hesitated for a while before finally asking the question he desired the answer most to.

Feng Ruqing raised her brow. "He will find his way back."

The back mountain was destroyed.

Fang Zhu Mainland no longer existed.

Once Fang Zhu Mainland vanished, Nan Xian and the rest would return to Cang Yue Mainland.


Once Fang Zhu Mainland was destroyed, they could only appear at a corner of Cang Yue Mainland. As to the exact location, she did not know. However, as long as Nan Xian and the rest were back on Cang Yue Mainland, they would naturally return on their own.

That was why she was waiting for him at the Mu family.

When Old Master Mu heard Feng Ruqings explanation, he sighed in relief. His old face was all smiling. "Maiden Feng, when Nan Xian returns, we need to discuss your wedding."

"Alright." Feng Ruqing lazily stretched her waist. "However, I am a little tired now, and a little hungry. Help me to get the kitchen to prepare some food for me. I will take a rest after eating."

Perhaps these days were too exhausting, making her tired and hungry.

Now that she was relaxed, she could barely bear with it.

Old Master Mu looked at Feng Ruqing at a loss. "You have just eaten a whole table of good food four hours ago."

Silence ensued.

"And after you finished eating, you fell asleep. You had just awoken."


You are telling me you are drowsy and hungry again?

This little girl she was not that good at eating in the past.

Silence once again ensued.

Feng Ruqing was quiet for quite a while. It seemed like lately she had indeed been very easily worn out and very easily got hungry.

"Perhaps I have used up too much of my energy in my previous battle?"

Old Master Mu was even more confused. Were you not only ordering around your pot, oh and that other guy in the green robe called Wu Yu who had been taken in by you?

How many times did you personally take action?

You are telling me that you are too tired because of the battle? You are just too tired ordering your people around.

"Xiao Qing, you cant have fallen sick, have you?" Old Master Mu asked frowningly.

Feng Ruqing shook her head lightly. "No. If I had fallen sick, I would know. I am fine. Wait till I finish my food and sleep for a little while more. Ill be fine"




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