The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife Chapter 1280

Chapter 1280 Sky Falling Earth Cracking Ii

"Alright" the wolfhound seemed to be out of it. Even its voice sounded a little weak. Perhaps it had thought of something as its footsteps halted and with his back toward the old man who was chasing after him, he said, "I am not Ah Huang. My name is Little Doggy."

It had thoroughly let go of its past.

From today onward, it only had one master!

The old man stopped. Not knowing when his old tears had already covered his whole old face.

This time, he did not continue to pursue the wolfhound but quietly watched the soldiers lead it away as he raised his hand to wipe the corner of his eyes.

"It seems like Ah Huang is living quite well."

If so, he could also rest assured

The old woman looked around for a moment. "Old Man, just now, Ah Huang did it open its mouth to speak? And those soldiers seemed to be very respectful toward it"

They were all Tianyue Kingdoms people. Not long ago, the old woman had heard that a Tier-7 wolfhound had entered the imperial city of Tianyue Kingdom and that the wolfhound could speak the human language. It had also received the respect of many people.

If that wolfhound was Ah Huang, then it was enough to prove how Ah Huang could have lived for so many years.

A spirit beast was different from an ordinary dog.

As a spirit beast it naturally could extend its lifespan.

"Ah Huang is living a good life now, there is no need for us to disturb it."

The old man let out a bitter laugh. Back then, they had decided to abandon it. Now, what right did they have to seek connections with it?

He had lived this life carrying the guilt of letting it down. Now that he knew it was living a good life, he also felt a little better


The little boy felt the ground shaking and he was so scared that he hugged the old womans thigh. Fear was as visible as the day in his eyes.

However, this was merely the beginning

It was obviously just mid-day, but the sky had gradually turned dark.

It was as if the world was coming to an end.

The whole Fang Zhu Mainland was in a similar state. The sky was falling and the earth was cracking. Darkness enshrouded the whole place.


At the forbidden hill.

Under the attack of the strong and fierce savage beast, Nan Xian took a few steps back. However, not a speck of dust could be seen on his robe and he looked as clean as he was in the beginning.


Just as the savage beast was about to leap forward, the ground beneath it suddenly trembled. All strength left its body as it fell to the ground with a thud.

Seeing how lost the other people were, a hint of panic flashed in the savage beasts cruel eyes.

Within the panic, there was also despair.

Since it was forcefully locked away in Fang Zhu Mainland, its strength had already integrated with Fang Zhu Mainland.

If Fang Zhu Mainland existed, then it would exist. If Fang Zhu Mainland vanished, then its strength would also be gone.

However, why did it feel that Fang Zhu Mainland was slowly disappearing?

The Ninth Emperor!

It was that death-deserving bastard again. This was definitely her work!

Back then, all it did was destroy a city. That bastard had bound it here. Now, she was actually planning to annihilate it!

The savage beast was so angry that its huge body was shaking. Yet, its gaze could no longer get fierce

It was like a languished little kitten on the ground, shaking and trembling.

"Nan Xian"

Mu Qingyin slowly walked to Nan Xians side. His gaze was cold. "What is happening?"

Nan Xian raised his eyes as a faint smile appeared on his handsome face that looked like an immortal.

So faint, so warm, like a gentle breeze.

"It should be Qinger"


"Yes. Just get ready for a bit. We can finally return to Tian Shen Manor."


The whole ground was swallowed by Nan Xians words as all of them fell into a flash of darkness instantly.

It was so dark like there was no end to it.




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