The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife Chapter 1279

Chapter 1279 Sky Falling Earth Cracking I

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The ground suddenly started to tremble.

It was as if the surface of the ground was moving and the mountains were shaking. The sky was falling and the earth was cracking.

Together with the shrill sharp screaming, it was so ear-piercing

The old woman stumbled and the little boy in her hands rolled out of her arms.

She had just climbed back up when she saw that an old tree by the roadside was falling, inclining toward the little boy

At that moment, the old womans eye rims were red as she shouted loudly, "My grandson!"

The little boys eyes were a little blurred. He did not know how to escape as he looked at the tree that was falling toward him in a daze

The old woman almost lost her consciousness. Her whole body was trembling.

However, the little boy had rolled quite a distance away, and with their strength as two old people, it was entirely impossible for them to be able to rush over in time.

She could only watch the old tree falling toward the little boy.

Just at this moment

A gale swept past them from the side.

When the old woman and old man raised their heads to see, they saw a yellow light like a flash of lightning, rushing toward the little boy at high speed.

It used its warm embrace to protect the little boy.


The old tree was falling toward the wolfhound, but before it had managed to smash down, it was split into two by the wolfhounds spiritual power. The tree fell to the ground in two halves.


The old woman was stunned. She stared at the wolfhound who had rushed to protect the little boy in its embrace in a daze. A surge of shame rose from her heart, rendering her speechless for a long time

"You" the old man looked at the wolfhound at a loss. After a while, he finally opened his mouth to ask, "Are you Ah Huang?"

The wolfhound did not speak. It put down the little boy from its embrace. From the beginning to the end, it did not once turn to look at the old man. It turned around and planned to return to the imperial city.

"Big Doggy."

The little boy held onto the wolfhounds paw with tears gathering in his eyes. "Dont leave."

The wolfhound looked at the little boy.

Perhaps it was because the boy looked innocent and somewhat ignorant, it recalled the happy days during its childhood, so its gaze had also softened quite a bit. It used its paw to pat the little boys head but still left determinedly.

After all, the moment it had left this family back then, it no longer belonged to this place.

Not to mention now, it already had a new master.

"Ah Huang" the old man looked at the leaving wolfhound whilst shaking. He stumbled as his eyes were glistening with tears. "Where are you going, Ah Huang? Back then, when you left the house, where did you go? I could not find you all this while"

Back then, after he had kicked out Ah Huang, he regretted his decision and wanted to bring it back. However, he had searched in many places and asked many people, but he was still unable to find it

He had originally thought that their fate had thus ended. He never thought that he could see it again in this lifetime.

The wolfhound stopped in its tracks for a moment before continuing to walk toward the exit of the small town.

At this moment, the ground was still shaking.

Even the sky had traces of crumbling and cracking.

A troop of Tianyue Kingdoms soldiers walked over and stood before the wolfhound, respectfully saying, "Lord Hound, we have finally found you. Now that Fang Zhu Mainland is undergoing changes, we would like to invite Lord Hound to go to the manor of the town head to take shelter."

There was hearsay, a weird monster that swallowed the heavens and destroyed the earths had come to the Fang Zhu Mainland. Just now, the ground beneath the peoples feet had disappeared. Even the people had disappeared along with it

The town heads manor should be considered a safer place.

Lord Hound was the only Tier-7 spirit beast now. They had to ensure its safety.

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