The Crown's Obsession Chapter 231 4

Chapter 231: Findings- Part 4

When the King's carriage stopped not too far away from the heart of the village, East Carswell, Calhoun got down, making his way towards the house that Theodore had given address to. He didn't need a piece of parchment to remember the address as he had a good memory.

The night was late, and Calhoun had chosen to act upon it right away rather than delay the matter, which could only create a further problem in the future. The black coat which he wore reached below his knees, and he wore a hat that cast a shadow on his face. Reaching the house, the door clicked to open for him, and Calhoun stepped inside the place. He saw the maid who worked for the castle humming something under her breath as she combed her hair in front of the mirror.

Calhoun walked quietly and took a seat on the chair, waiting for the girl to be done as it was rude to interrupt a lady when she was combing her hair.

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