The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 1581

Chapter 1581 Someone Is Trying To Kill Mo Fei?

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Nalan Chunbo ran back to the unit and rushed to the bedroom the moment he arrived. He heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Wen Shan who had woken up and was sitting on the bed.

Wen Shan was holding her phone and trying to call Nalan Chunbo. It was a relief that Nalan Chunbo was home because her phone had crashed because of the influx of messages.

"Where did you go?" Wen Shan got up from bed and fell into Nalan Chunbos arms as she asked.

"There was something to be dealt with. Why are you awake?" Nalan Chunbo hugged Wen Shan and carried her back to bed.

Wen Shan didnt let go of Nalan Chunbo even when she was on the bed. They had been around each other almost every day recently, and they would stick to each other whenever they were together.

Wen Shan liked it this way, so Nalan Chunbo let her be. Besides, Nalan Chunbo actually liked how it felt to be close to Wen Shan.

"If is officially taking over the Physics Department. He will show up at our cathedral 10:30am the day after! He is finally showing up!" Wen Shan looked at Nalan Chunbo and said excitedly.

Nalan Chunbo had mixed feelings about it and it showed on his face as he asked Wen Shan emotionlessly, "Would you be angry at me if I lied to you, Shan Shan?" Nalan Chunbo couldnt help but ask her.

Wen Shan looked at the man who was resting his head and arms on her and realized that he had asked her the same question more than once.

"What did you lie to me about?" Wen Shan held Nalan Chunbos face in her hands and asked, "Confess now and you might be forgiven. Tell me now."

Nalan Chunbo looked at Wen Shan with his unreadable eyes and held her hands that were touching his face.

"It wasnt my intention to lie to you, strictly speaking. It was you who misunderstood," Nalan Chunbo said hesitantly.

"Hey, dont you put the blame on me. Tell me now, what did you lie to me about?" Wen Shan became unhappy and asked again.

"Lets go to bed, we have work to do tomorrow," Nalan Chunbo kissed Wen Shans fingers and said.

Not satisfied with that response, Wen Shan frowned deeply when Nalan Chunbo got up from bed to change and refused to tell her about the lie.

Meanwhile, in a basement with fine decoration and glass lamps illuminating the room under one of the hospitals in X Country, Mo Fei was lying on a double bed, looking pale and weak.

There were various instruments placed on a table next to the bed with data running on them as few doctors carried out the medical rescue systemically.

The door to the room was suddenly pushed open, and Qian Yikun entered the room. He first looked at the woman lying on the bed and then at Gu Juexi who was standing beside a table not far away from the bed.

"The successor of X Country was assassinated. The country is on a lockdown now and it is almost impossible to take her out from the country," said Qian Yikun, "especially since most of the evidence shows that Mo Fei was the assassin."

"There had not been any funds banked into Mo Feis account for the past month. She is not the kind who would do work for free," said Gu Juexi emotionlessly as he looked at the bed, "it looked like someone was trying to kill two birds with one stone."

"Are you saying that someone is trying to kill Mo Fei?" Qian Yikun looked at the woman on the bed and asked. She was not out of danger yet, and she was just lucky that this hospital happened to be one of Gu Juexis secret territories and no one would be able to find her here.

"Why are you here? Is it to arrest her since she cant run anyway?" Gu Juexi asked sarcastically.

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