The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 1580

Chapter 1580 For Wen Shan

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Nalan Chunbo put on his clothes and left the apartment after Wen Shan fell asleep to meet the dean at a hotel not too far away from the apartment.

Nalan Chunbo entered the hotel and passed the dean the folder he was holding before sitting down in front of him.

"Is everything here?" The dean looked down at the folder and asked without opening it.

"I have been following Wen Shan to visit her seniors. Putting the copying aside, there was plenty of evidence about him putting his students at the expense of his personal gain without allowing them to claim. You would not be able to imagine how much he had gained in less than ten years," Nalan Chunbo nodded and said scornfully.

The deans expression darkened and he took out the documents from the folder.

"One of them had been ordering meals for Yin Zhengdao for as long as half a year, spending a total of twelve grand. I looked into it and found out that the girl wasnt from a wealthy family, and the money was actually savings to treat her fathers illness. Yin Zhengdao threatened this student, and her father passed away in the end because they couldnt afford the medical expenses."

"That is as good as murder!" The dean yelled angrily.

"There is another folder at the bottom. In that folder is evidence about him taking advantage of his master and doctorate degree students, some involving big companies pulling strings."

The deans face has turned ghastly now, and his hands began to shake.

"I thought copying his students theses would have been the most that he could do. Never would have I expected this scumbag to have done so many things that are utterly devoid of conscience." The documents slipped out of the deans hands and fell onto the table.

Nalan Chunbo picked up his cup while looking at the dean who was fuming, and put it down after taking a sip.

"There are a lot of things that I dont agree with in the university, and I believe that Yin Zhengdao cant be the only lecturer like this. If I were to take over the Physics Department, I hope that whatever I do will not be interfered with," said Nalan Chunbo firmly. He sounded impatient, and the dean knew why.

"I only heard about the punishment for Wen Shan today. I will talk to the university. No matter how important the universitys reputation is, I would not allow that scumbag to keep this up," said the dean who got even angrier as he spoke. What Yin Zhengdao had done got him totally twisted, and he would not allow a scumbag like this to continue to exist in the university.

"Wen Shan is home alone so I will get going now," said Nalan Chunbo as he got up from his seat after putting down the cup.

"I was thinking of solving this before you took over. Who knew that you would be the one doing it after all." The dean nodded at Nalan Chunbo resignedly and got up from his seat too, holding the documents.

He had been cautious and conscientious throughout his service in the university. It was all his fault that his overcautiousness had fostered a scumbag like Yin Zhengdao.

Upset at what the university had done today, Nalan Chunbo kept quiet.

He wouldnt have cared so much if it werent that Wen Shan was determined to stay and teach in this university. And if it werent for Wen Shan, he would have submitted all the evidence he gathered to court, and watch Yin Zhengdao and the university perish together.

But since Wen Shan intended to be retained, all he could do was get rid of scumbags like Yin Zhengdao so that Wen Shan could be a teacher like she wanted and teach in this university safely.

Nalan Chunbo got back to the apartment and noticed that the lights in the unit were on. Knowing that he had switched off the lights before he left, Nalan Chunbos mind went blank for a second and rushed to the unit.

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