The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 1579

Chapter 1579 Are You Proposing To Me Shan Shan?

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Nalan Chunbo started to press kisses to Wen Shans neck when she did not answer his question. Wen Shan melted as Nalan Chunbo kissed her and was not able to resist his kisses at all.

"What do you say?" Nalan Chunbo asked as he continued to kiss Wen Shan.

"Its its too fast," Wen Shan mumbled, and wished that she had bitten her tongue as soon as she realized what she had just said.

"I took you to see my mother the day we confirmed our relationship, and we met my father on the same day. You have seen my aunt who raised me too." Nalan Chunbo listed out his relatives that Wen Shan had met to point out that she had seen everyone who was important to him.

"You have also met my sister," Nalan Chunbo added finally.

Wen Shan didnt know what to say. It was true that she had seen the people that Nalan Chunbo had just mentioned, and that summed up everyone in his family.

Nalan Chunbo did not have many relatives. Besides his mother and uncle who had passed away, his estranged father, his aunt who raised him and his cousin, it was fair to say that he didnt have anyone else.

He was actually a pitiful child in that regard.

"Fine." Wen Shan thought about it and couldnt help but to agree to his suggestion.

"My parents are your parents from now on," she wrapped her arms around Nalan Chunbos neck and said softly.

Nalan Chunbo lifted his head abruptly and looked at Wen Shan in disbelief, and after a while he finally asked, "are you proposing to me, Shan Shan?"

Wen Shans mind went blank for a second.

What did she just say to him?

My parents are your parents from now on.

It did sound like she was proposing.

She had only said that because he sounded too pitiful, but

"So what if I was proposing? Would you say no to my proposal?" Out of shyness, Wen Shan pretended to be fierce and challenged him.

"As if I would dare to. I wish that I could marry you here and now," Nalan Chunbo hugged Wen Shan tightly and whispered into her ear.

Wen Shans smile widened when she heard Nalan Chunbos reply.

Nalan Chunbo continued to hug and kiss Wen Shan and let her go only after a while. He was lucky that she didnt ask much about If.

"Did you see the person who pushed you?" Not forgetting what was important, Nalan Chunbo asked after the make out session.

Of course she did. That man had shown her his vicious face deliberately after all.

That man had a very common face though, so without any special facial features, Wen Shan was unable to describe how the man really looked. Nevertheless, she was confident that she could recognize the man if she saw him again.

"Ill know him if I see him," said Wen Shan.

Confident that the man would show up again very soon, Nalan Chunbo nodded at Wen Shans reply.

On the same night, the university made an announcement about If serving as the head of the physics department as scheduled, and the announcement affected a few people differently.

While Wen Shan was overjoyed, Nalan Chunbo had mixed feelings upon seeing the announcement and Yin Zhengdao was utterly furious about it.

In the study, Yin Zhengdao swept everything off his table furiously and glared at the announcement viciously. How did that man get to take up the position as scheduled?

That was just impossible! Does the university not care about him committing jobbery?

"Sir sir," Mao Cang stuttered. They were certain that Wen Shan would not be able to stay in the school of physics after the news about her being removed as a candidate to be retained. So what was the universitys stand on this incident now that they had made the announcement about Nalan Chunbo serving as the head of the physics department as scheduled?

Yin Zhengdao whipped out his phone and dialled the number of the university president only to find the number was not in service. He then tried to call the dean, also to no avail.

Were these people avoiding him now?

"He wants to be a saint? I will show him what it takes to be a saint," Yin Zhengdao hissed and looked at Mao Cang, "get Professor Lin and the others. Tell them I have some information that they ought to know."

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