The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 1578

Chapter 1578 Shall We Go To Your House The Day After?

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Wen Shan followed Nalan Chunbo carefully.

"I didnt mean anything by it I am just curious to know what he wants," she reached out to tug Nalan Chunbos sleeve and said softly.

What he wants?

You are what he wants.

Nalan Chunbo again regretted shooting himself in the foot. How was he going to explain it to Wen Shan now?

Nalan Chunbo leaned against the head of the bed and pulled Wen Shan into his arms, then took a deep breath and asked, "What do you think he wants?"

Wen Shan blinked at Nalan Chunbo to make sure that he wasnt mad then asked carefully, "whatever he wants, it cant be me?"

Nalan Chunbo was speechless.

It touched a nerve every time he thought of his other two identities, especially when he couldnt tell Wen Shan about them just yet.

"I swear that I like Papa Nalan and Papa Nalan only. I dont care about being Mrs. Dean. I only want Papa Nalan, I mean it," Wen Shan said desperately.

She clarified herself so eagerly that she looked like she might cry if anyone doubted what she said.

Nalan Chunbo liked the confession very much, but he might have liked it better if Wen Shan didnt mention not wanting to become Mrs. Dean.

Being barefooted, Wen Shan stepped on Nalan Chunbos bedroom slippers that she had made him buy.

"I overheard the dean saying that If had found a way to bring Yin Zhengdao to justice."

It was true. Nalan Chunbo had prepared almost everything necessary, and he didnt tell Wen Shan because he wanted to give her a surprise.

Though it looked like he was the one who got surprised.

"But Papa Nalan is always the best to me," said Wen Shan seriously. To emphasize her point, Wen Shan nodded deeply.

Wen Shans nod pleased Nalan Chunbo. As Nalan Chunbo lowered his head to kiss Wen Shan, she remembered something and suddenly jumped off his feet.

"I must tell If Only Time Froze When We First Met, he must be worried about me," said Wen Shan as she ran off to grab her phone.

Nalan Chunbo raised his hand to stop Wen Shan then put it down quietly. What could he say now? What else could he say?

Wen Shan sent a few messages to If Only Time Froze When We First Met. Since it was not possible for Nalan Chunbo to reply, Wen Shan didnt get any replies from him.

Nalan Chunbo began to think that it was time for one of the identities to be eliminated, and he would do that by not replying Wen Shan entirely.

"Shall we go to your house the day after?" Nalan Chunbo sat down on the sofa and pulled Wen Shan into his arms without disturbing her texting.


Go to her house?

To meet her parents?

Wen Shan almost dropped her phone when she heard what Nalan Chunbo said.

"Wwhy would you want to go to my house?" Wen Shan stammered. She understood why Nalan Chunbo would want to go to her house and couldnt help but stutter.

Nalan Chunbo raised his brows at the little girl who was asking the obvious.

Wen Shan blushed and lowered her head.

Too many things had been going on recently. Knowing that they were both bothered by what was going on, Nalan Chunbo didnt want to keep Wen Shan up at night and always made sure that they slept early.

Nalan Chunbo had suddenly mentioned something so serious, and it had made Wen Shans heart skip a beat.

The first thing that came to her mind was not whether her parents would like Nalan Chunbo, but whether Nalan Chunbo would like her parents, and whether her parents would tell him about the embarrassing things that she did as a child.

"Dont you want me to go?" Nalan Chunbo buried his face in Wen Shans neck and asked pitifully, inhaling the fragrant scent of her body wash.

Wen Shan yielded to Nalan Chunbo the moment he asked so pitifully. How could she say no to him when he asked her like that?

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