The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 1577

Chapter 1577 Why Did She Tell Everyone That She Was Determined To Marry A Dean?

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Wen Shan rushed home absentmindedly. She walked so quickly that she tripped and fell down from the bus while getting down.

There were passengers who were getting in and out the bus. One of them was getting closer to Wen Shan but ended up stepping back into the bus and glared at Wen Shan when someone else helped her up.

That passenger did not even try to hide from Wen Shan.

Wen Shan looked at the passenger getting back into the bus as an old lady helped her up. Besides twisting her ankle, Wen Shan wasnt quite injured thanks to the thick clothing that she was wearing in the cold weather.

"Be careful, young lady. A lot of passengers get in and out of the bus here," said the old lady kindly.

"Thank you, madam," said Wen Shan as she brushed some dirt off her and limped towards her apartment. She kept a lookout on her way back to the apartment, and let her guard down only after entering the apartment compound. An access card was required to enter the compound, so she could rest assured that no outsiders were there to harm her.

Nalan Chunbo was on the phone when Wen Shan arrived at his unit. He quickly ended the call when he saw Wen Shan limping into the apartment and rushed over to help her in.

"What happened?" asked Nalan Chunbo.

Nalan Chunbo made Wen Shan sit down and took off her shoes after putting her legs on his lap to make sure that she wasnt hurt.

"I was pushed down the bus while getting down. I had a feeling that Yin Zhengdao sent him, and he might have followed me down the bus and beat me up if there werent other passengers around," said Wen Shan softly. She had never expected Yin Zhengdao to do something so despicable.

"Didnt I tell you to let me pick you up when you are done?" Nalan Chunbo massaged Wen Shans ankle. Having to deal with the last few things of the issue, Nalan Chunbo couldnt follow Wen Shan to school today. His face turned ghastly when he heard what Wen Shan said and decided to make the punishments even more severe for Yin Zhengdao.

"I thought I might just come back by bus," Wen Shan said and let out a shriek when Nalan Chunbo pressed her twisted ankle too hard, "I was going to look for the dean, but I overheard something that I shouldnt know."

Something that she shouldnt know?

Nalan Chunbo made sure that Wen Shan was alright after checking her ankle. He felt his heart skip a beat when he heard what Wen Shan said and began to worry if the dean had let something slip.

After all, he hadnt come up with a plan to reveal his other identities yet.

Then again, Wen Shan wouldnt be this calm considering her temper if the dean really did let something slip.

"The dean said that If came up with a few revolutionary ideas because of me?" Wen Shan grabbed Nalan Chunbos arm tightly and asked.

Nalan Chunbos mind went blank for a second and he immediately realized that the dean had only mentioned If and not his real name. It explained why Wen Shan thought that If had been doing things for her, although she was not wrong at all. He had come up with the revolutionary ideas because of her.

"And? What are you trying to say?" Nalan Chunbo lowered his head to look at Wen Shans agitated face.

His voice was monotonous as he asked, but he sounded emotional at the same time.

Wen Shan fell silent and began to wonder if she had said something wrong.

"I I am not trying to say anything. I just thought it was quite coincidental," Wen Shan smiled and said awkwardly.

"Such a coincidence that he had been helping you out, and such a coincidence that you had been wanting to marry a dean," Nalan Chunbo said and moved Wen Shans legs from his lap to the sofa, then got up and walked away.

Wen Shan was stunned at Nalan Chunbos reaction. Why did she tell everyone that she was determined to marry a dean?

It was all because of her sister-in-law. She wouldnt have mentioned things about marrying a dean if it werent her sister-in-law who provoked her using her own brother!

And why did If do things for her for no reason?

What was she going to do now?

Urgent, please advise!

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