The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 1575

Chapter 1575 The Unthinkable Has Happened

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Did she want to give up?

The whole world had been telling her to stop fighting because there is no way that she could win this fight.

But she wouldnt be Wen Shan if she decided to give up now.

"No. I will fight until the end even if there is no one who can help," said Wen Shan determinedly. Besides, it wasnt just about her; If and If Only Time Froze When We First Met were involved too, and also Papa Nalan Chunbo who had been following her everywhere just to try to get some help. How could she give up when even her Papa Nalan hadnt given up?

Nalan Chunbo took a deep breath and pulled Wen Shan into his arms. Because of the center console between their seats, Nalan Chunbo leaned towards Wen Shan to make sure that she didnt hurt her back.

"I feel sorry for you, my silly girl," said Nalan Chunbo softly.

Wen Shan wrapped her arms around Nalan Chunbo. Although she was feeling down, Wen Shan was grateful that Nalan Chunbo had been by her side.

It has to be dealt with swiftly, because Nalan Chunbo had started to feel sorry for her.

What Wen Shan had never expected was that Yin Zhengdao was way more despicable than she had imagined. Her phone was bombarded with all sorts of insulting and even harassing messages. She had been using this number for more than ten years, and it was obvious that her number had been posted somewhere maliciously.

Wen Shan continued to receive nasty and sexually explicit messages, and even her mailbox was quickly filled with those kinds of mails. She was criticized on various websites, and her daily life had been greatly disturbed. It was lucky that no one had been attacking her family thus far.

Nalan Chunbo switched off Wen Shans phone immediately. Not having been treated this way before, it would be a lie if Wen Shan claimed to not be bothered at all.

No one would be okay after a malicious attack like this. No one! Though two different reactions could be expected after such a malicious attack to be stricken or not.

And Wen Shan belonged to the latter.

Nalan Chunbo looked at Wen Shan pacing around and understood how frustrated she must be feeling now. Frustration was a better emotion than sadness though, so Nalan Chunbo let Wen Shan continue to pace around.

"I will kill him if he touches my family!" Wen Shan snarled furiously.

"Dont worry, he is not that stupid enough to do that. Touching your parents would mean picking a fight with your brother, and he wouldnt want that to happen," said Nalan Chunbo. As he comforted Wen Shan, he received the call that he had been waiting for.

Nalan Chunbo answered the call. Although not being able to hear what was said on the other end of the line, Wen Shan could tell that Nalan Chunbo had gotten information that he wanted.

"Continue to look for your seniors. Visit them whether they are willing to help or not," Nalan Chunbo ended the call and said to Wen Shan.

"What about you?" asked Wen Shan quickly.

"I will go with you, of course. Just bear with it for the time being, I promise that he will pay for what you are going through now," Nalan Chunbo murmured reassuringly as he reached out to stroke Wen Shans hair.

"What did you do?" Wen Shan stared at Nalan Chunbo.

"You will find out. Go take a shower while I prepare dinner, and we will visit your seniors together tomorrow," said Nalan Chunbo, walking Wen Shan to the bathroom.

Although curious, Wen Shan trusted that her Papa Nalan was invincible and didnt ask any further.

Wen Shan continued to visit her seniors who she managed to contact and received the same piece of advice from all of them. She noticed that Nalan Chunbo would keep silent most of the time when they visited the seniors, but he always paid attention to what they said.

Wen Shan carried on calling and visiting her seniors for one week but to no avail. She often got pointed at and commented on for misappropriating the money from Professor Yins claim and copying his thesis whenever she was in the university. She did well in bearing with it until the unthinkable happened.

The university has decided to remove her as a candidate to be retained to teach at the university.

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