The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 1574

Chapter 1574 Do You Want To Give Up?

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Even the senior felt upset every time she talked about it. She felt wronged, but she had learned how to bear with it after all these years.

"Maintain a good relationship with the university. Professor Zhou and the dean know what kind of person Yin Zhengdao is, and the most important thing now is to make sure that you are retained in the university. Dont go against him for now, it is for your own good," said the senior sincerely. They were from the same school after all, and they were both kind people.

Wen Shan thanked the senior and left the building with Nalan Chunbo, heart heavy.

It would be difficult to declare Yin Zhengdao guilty of copying when an offence like this was considered trivial in this country. Wen Shan was extremely disgusted by it.

Then again, people like Yin Zhengdao would only have the guts to commit trivial offences. He wouldnt dare do things like sexual assault, but Wen Shan wished that he did so it would be easier for her to bring him to justice.

"Lets look for a few other seniors," Nalan Chunbo suggested.

"Its pointless. You heard what she said, they would rather mind their own business and not get involved in this," Wen Shan sighed and looked at Nalan Chunbo dejectedly.

"At least we tried." Knowing that his girl was very upset, Nalan Chunbo reached out and pulled her into his arms comfortingly.

Meanwhile, somewhere in B City, Mao Cang who had his broken arm in a cast was standing in front of Yin Zhengdao with crutches and telling him some information that he managed to get.

"A young man who tried to go against me. I would love to see who they could get to help them out," said Yin Zhengdao complacently in his rocking chair, holding a snuff bottle.

"You are right, professor. No one would want to get involved in this, and even Wen Tao hasnt been doing anything about it," said Mao Cang bootlickingly, "why dont we talk to Wen Shans parents? They must know what to do."

"It can wait. Let them go find more help and have a taste of failure," Yin Zhengdao became even happier as he said, "they were threatening me. What gave them the audacity to think that they could actually threaten me?"

Mao Cang laughed delightedly.

"Tell the press now that Wen Shan had been misappropriating the money from submitting my claims," said Yin Zhengdao. He hoped that that little girl wouldnt blame him when she was the one who couldnt tell chalk from cheese.

The accounts department of the university would never clarify anything simply because a little girl was in trouble, and he knew that very well.

"Professor, what if the university"

"Dont worry. The university always prioritizes its reputation and will only try to cover up scandals like this as soon as possible," said Yin Zhengdao confidently, "Dont forget what that little girl has gotten you into. You are going to lose not only your chance to be promoted to an assistant professor, but also your job itself."

Mao Cangs expression instantly darkened. It was all because of Wen Shan that he got into a situation like this.

"I understand, professor. I will get right on it," Mao Cang said and limped away.

Yin Zhengdao was in such a good mood that he started humming tunes. Nalan Chunbo wanted to go against him? In his dreams!

Wen Shan went to a second senior only to get told the same thing. They both advised that she stop clinging to the incident just in case that Yin Zhengdao got desperate and did something even more unethical. Even the university wouldnt be able to deal with it accordingly if things really did deteriorate.

Nalan Chunbo and Wen Shan got back into the car. Wen Shan looked at Nalan Chunbo resignedly.

"Looks like it wont be an easy path. Do you want to give up?" Nalan Chunbo asked and reached out to stroke Wen Shans hair.

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