The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 1573

Chapter 1573 The Brutal Reality

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Wen Shan spoke so passionately that she almost knocked over the cup in front of her.

Nalan Chunbo quickly reached out to grab it and patted Wen Shans hand to calm her down.

"So what if I report him?" The seniors tone became harsh as she continued, "hes going to resign from his job as a professor anyway, so what price is he going to pay even if I did report him? Listen to me, Wen Shan. It is pointless."

Wen Shan felt frustrated and sat back heavily in her chair.

"That is how things are. He is the professor and we are the students. Not to mention that copyright is never valued in our country. Have you ever seen anyone who got punished for copying? No one would even remember that this happened as time passes, but the fact that you once reported your teacher for copying your thesis will always be on your record. Which company would want to hire you if that is the case?" The senior scoffed, and Wen Shan felt dejected.

Because she was just stating the truth.

A suffocating truth.

"You are too young to realize how important your record is to you. I realized how important the thesis is to you when I heard from Professor Zhou that you planned to teach in the university, but Wen Shan, it hasnt been easy for me and your other seniors to come to where we are now, so there really is no point in looking for them. We all have the same opinion, and our hands are tied," said the senior resignedly.

"But" Wen Shan opened her mouth to try to convince her senior again but Nalan Chunbo reached out to hold her hand and calm her.

"Miss Gao, I understand that you wouldnt want to get involved in this considering its been a while since you graduated, and especially when you know that nothing much is going to change," said Nalan Chunbo, his voice as elegant as always. His voice was so soothing that it could calm an anxious person.

The senior had noticed the man beside Wen Shan but was too shy to say hi without Wen Shan introducing him first. She only looked at Nalan Chunbo when he started a conversation.

"This is my boyfriend, Nalan Chunbo." Wen Shan introduced Nalan Chunbo.

The senior nodded slightly at Nalan Chunbo. She had heard of this name before although she couldnt recall where.

"Mr. Nalan has probably not been in this country for long, so you might not know how the culture is here," the senior stirred her coffee and said, "my case wasnt considered bad. There was another senior of yours who assisted him for only half a year but ended up spending tens of thousands on his meals. She finished her internship without any complaints even though she was in debt."

Wen Shan knew about how the students always had to pay for the professors meals, and had actually experienced it herself. The professor was known for hogging the whole of the claim limit for himself, and she wasnt allowed to claim even after she had spent a few hundred on his meal. All the students could do was bear with it if they were too afraid to stand up for themselves.

"Why didnt anyone complain about him for accepting bribes if that was the case?"

"Complain how? With the receipts from buying his meals? He could very well say that the students did it willingly. He could put the blame on the students and say that they were trying to bribe him, and that he didnt know that those meals were so expensive. Someone had complained about him before for taking bribes, and that person got expelled before even graduating from his masters programme for the reason of bribing his professor," the senior sneered, but her expression was hopeless.

Wen Shan began to feel so aggrieved that it was almost suffocating.

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