The Brilliant Fighting Master Chapter 1575

Chapter 1575 Pah

A cloud in the sky disappeared as Shuo Jin finished speaking.

Then a giant figure took its place. It was the Elder that Shuo Jin had mentioned.

With gray hair and a face almost devoid of wrinkles, he didnt look very old. He looked as if he was in the best of health. If he had been dressed in a different way, some people wouldve even believed that he was in the prime of life.

"You cant even deal with a declining Sacred Institute without me?"

The Elder arrived, complaining.

"Elder, we have a good reason to call on you. Its because of that man," Shuo Jin hurried to explain himself.

"Shut up. Reasons are just losers excuses. I dont want to hear any."

Then this Lightning Thunder Elder stopped over the Sacred City.

Flying was forbidden in the Sacred City, but he apparently didnt take the rule seriously at all.

"It was a fair fight between the Lightning Thunder Race and the Sacred Institute. Why did you meddle?"

What the Elder said was similar to what Shuo Jin had said, but he was more aggressive.

"First of all, Im a member of the Sacred Institute. Second, its you who played tricks first," said Jiang Chen.

"If youre strong, youre strong. Similarly, if youre weak, youre weak. What tricks did we play? Are we of the Lightning Thunder Race not allowed to come to this declining land?" yelled the Elder.

He despised the Realm of Nine Heavens to such an enormous extent, but all of this hatred remained unspoken.

"You think youre strong?" asked Jiang Chen.

"According to the state system practiced by you humans, Im a Martial Emperor at the peak. Is that strong enough for you?" The Elder looked very proud, as if he was announcing something really great.

And it was true that his words created a large disturbance.

Here was a Martial-level strongman in the Realm of Nine Heavens. It seemed like a legend to the people here.

"We are doomed. We are doomed."

Many people from the Sacred Institute became so scared that they turned pale. Even Nan Gong put on a somewhat serious face.

Jiang Chen had done some amazing work just now, but no one knew whether he was already a Martial-level practitioner.

Even if he was at the Martial level, since his rival was a Martial Emperor at the peak, plus an Ancient, the gap between the two still would still be very great.

"He can only blame himself," Cheng Hong gloated.

However, she also discovered that Jiang Chen was smiling with a familiar smile when hed learned the rivals state.

The smile was just like the one hed shown when hed heard about the story of her father and Jiang Chen that shed told him.

He looked like he was laughing at others for their stupidity because he had some secret that others couldnt fathom.

"Is a Martial Emperor at the peak so great?"

Jiang Chen asked the question again.

This question had now totally exhausted the Lightning Thunder Elders patience.

"Okay, Im going to let you know what the Thunders anger is like."

Then the Elder raised his arms high. While he was alternating one arm and then the other, great energy gushed out of him, and the electricity under his skin grew super-wild.


Thunder roared. The color of the sky changed. Winds started blowing, pushing the clouds this way and that.

The Sacred City became shrouded by shadows. A giant dark cloud appeared overhead.

Numerous thick lightning bolts were lurking and flashing madly in the cloud.

The people of the Sacred City all felt as if doomsday was coming.

Many people felt terrified because the Elder didnt look like he was only going to deal with Jiang Chen.

Once the thunder and lightning fell, the entire Sacred City would suffer, and numerous people would either die or be heavily injured.

"Great enough for you now?"

Electric arcs appeared on the Elders face too, and they were flashing in his eyes.

With that electricity on his face and the thunderclouds, he really looked like a Heavenly God who could decide all creatures fates of life or death.

"This is the Thunders anger. Is that all it is?"

Jiang Chen responded in a way to make sure he would piss his rival off even more.

The people were on tenterhooks. They were afraid theyd be implicated in the Elders revenge.

Fortunately, Jiang Chen began to act as soon as hed finished speaking. He snapped his fingers.

PAH. It sounded clear, but not very loud. However, countless people heard it.

Then people realized the reason why they could hear it was that the thundercloud in the air had exploded from the inside after Jiang Chen had snapped his fingers. It exploded into pieces, and its thunder energy was dispersed completely.

The next clear sound they heard was actually from the thundercloud.


Then many people saw a scene that theyd never forget for their entire lives. The majestic Lightning Thunder Elder spat up blood and was heavily injured.

Not even able to go on flying, he fell from the air.

"No one is allowed to fly in the Sacred City," Jiang Chen said in a deep voice.


Those who wanted to speak found themselves too excited to say anything. They were tongue-tied. No one could express themselves clearly.

However, all of them were asking themselves the same question silently.

That question was, "who on earth was this young man?"

"Why did he have such dreadful strength that could even surprise ghosts and gods?"


Shuo Jin, whod been extremely arrogant, was startled. He decided to run away with his subordinates, completely disregarding the Elders safety.

Jiang Chen certainly wouldnt let them get away with that. He clutched at the air to gather the Lightning Thunder Race together, including the Elder.

"Youre too strong. You shouldnt be in the Realm of Nine Heavens. Youve violated the rules!"

The Elder spoke loudly. He still couldnt accept what was happening.

"What if Im from the Realm of Nine Heavens?" Jiang Chen answered him with a question.

The Elder was petrified. This sudden information struck him dumb. "Who? Who the h*ll are you?"

Everyone there wanted to ask the same question.

Cheng Renlong walked up at a fast pace before Jiang Chen could respond. He knelt down on the ground and started kowtowing to Jiang Chen.

People were struck dumb once again. No one knew what had happened.


The arrogant Cheng Hong was struck dumb too. How could her father, her idol, kneel down before that man? She could hardly believe it.

"You already know who I am?" Jiang Chen asked with curiosity.

"Yes. Yes. Im sorry. Please forgive me. No. No. Kill me, but please let my family go."

Recalling all of the details from the beginning until that moment, Cheng Renlong had guessed who this person was. He was scared to death.

How a person thinks of himself or herself differs a lot from what others think of them.

Because people know themselves truly because of their thoughts and emotions.

However, others know you only through what you do and what you say.

No matter how people think of themselves, it is what they do and what they say that will affect others opinions of them.

Jiang Chen thought he was a person who discriminated between love and hate clearly and would fight back when he was unfairly treated.

But his enemies didnt think so.

For example, his enemies from the Ancient Race despised him. Almost all Ancients regarded Jiang Chen as a devil who had killed a lot of people, as the nemesis of the Ancient Race.

Cheng Renlong had never met Jiang Chen in person, but since he needed to use him to lie to people, he had investigated everything about Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen had almost overturned the arrogant Blood Shadow Dynasty alone in the Three Middle Realms. Numerous people had died or been injured because of him.

In the Seventh Realm, namely, the Realm of Heavenly Martial Arts, wherever he went, blood flowed like a river.

Many people saw Jiang Chen as an evil person who would kill people without even blinking an eye.

Cheng Renlong conned others in his name, and this had now come to an end since Jiang Chen was face to face with him here, but he didnt wet his pants from fear yet. He was super-uneasy.

"I gave you a chance before," said Jiang Chen.

Now, Cheng Renlong really wet his pants.

He felt extremely repentant.

"But youve got another chance because of what you said just now when you were begging for my mercy," added Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen was satisfied with his attitude. He had chosen to sacrifice his own life for the safety of his family.

Besides, hed never intended to kill Cheng Renlongs entire family just because of a con.





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