The Brilliant Fighting Master Chapter 1574

Chapter 1574 Achoo

Shuo Xin finally burst into tears.

If she had not talked so big at the beginning, things wouldnt have turned out so badly for her.

Now she was so embarrassed, and she could only blame herself.

"Sir, youre a very strong man. Im afraid it wasnt very proper for you to have meddled in our affairs."

Shuo Jin remanded his daughter to the care of his clansmen. Then he faced Jiang Chen with anger evident in his eyes.

"Your clan shouldnt have appeared in the Realm of Nine Heavens in the first place," Jiang Chen responded.

The Ancients in the Realm of Nine Heavens hadnt had the nerve to act recklessly since the last purge. However, they had never really given up. They still wanted to reign over the Realm of Nine Heavens.

Accordingly, they appeared to follow the rules set up by the human race and sneaked their stronger members into this world at the same time.

The members of the Lightning Thunders should have stayed in the Realm of True Force.

However, they were willing to come to the Realm of Nine Heavens because they wanted to outshine all the other forces.

The thing was that what theyd done didnt seem wrong at all. It was their freedom to do whatever they wished.

"Thats different. You shouldnt have meddled in the conflict between the Sacred Institute and us. We of the Lightning Thunder Race have many strong members who can be compared to Martial-level practitioners also. If what you did is okay, I can bring them here as well." Shuo Jins voice became colder and colder as he spoke.

"Are you threatening me?" Jiang Chen asked, feeling amused.

He couldnt believe a man who wasnt even a Martial Emperor had the nerve to speak to him in such a manner.

"Wed better not bring in the masters of the Lightning Thunder Race."

Cheng Renlong spoke to the members of the Sacred Institute.

He didnt want to make things too newsworthy, in case Jiang Chen and the Gaos were informed, because then his secret would be revealed.

The members of the Sacred Institute exchanged looks. They had their own concerns. They all looked toward Nan Gong.

Nan Gong was in charge of the Sacred Institute and the Hero Palace at the moment. He had the absolute right to make all decisions.

Nan Gong smiled without speaking.

But the members of the Sacred Institute understood his attitude.

"It looks, sir, as if you wont change your mind."

Seeing that Jiang Chen wasnt yielding an inch, Shuo Jin spoke in a loud voice, "Attention please, everybody. It was the Sacred Institute that broke the rules we had previously agreed on. Its not that we Ancients were bullying humans."

The Ancients had learned such a good lesson from Jiang Chen previously that they were very serious about finding a good reason to wage a war. They didnt dare act recklessly.

"Lightning Thunder warriors! Show them the divine power of thunder!"

Shuo Jin ordered his men. Ten-odd Lightning Thunder warriors who were standing behind him all lit up as if theyd been charged with electricity.

Their electric arcs became entangled, getting bigger and thicker without stopping.

Seeing a war on the verge of breaking out, the onlookers all retreated to a safe area.

Those from the Sacred Institute held their breaths. The Sacred Institute didnt have the strength to fight the Lightning Thunder Race.

"My Lightning Thunder friends, dont act on impulse. Do me this honor, please."

Cheng Renlong plucked up his courage to come forward. He looked extraordinary. His strong energy helped to alleviate the tension of the situation.

"Young man, peace is the most precious commodity. Dont act on impulse. Talk with the Lightning Thunder Race calmly."

Cheng Renlong then spoke to Jiang Chen.

People became more assured as soon as they saw him get involved.

"What shall we talk about? Friendship?" Jiang Chen asked with a cold smile.


His attitude surprised Cheng Renlong.


Cheng Hong became pissed off when she saw her father being disrespected. Coming forward in anger, she asked, "Do you really think you can do whatever you want just because you are kind of strong? Can you defeat the entire Lightning Thunder Race alone?"

Shuo Xin was a Star Venerable in the preliminary stage, namely, a one-star strong practitioner.

Jiang Chen had defeated her easily, so he might be a seven-star or eight-star strong practitioner.

But this didnt change the current situation.

Shuo Jin could be compared to a Star Venerable at the peak.

And it was not because her father was a three-star strong practitioner that Cheng Hong had the nerve to speak up. It was because her father had once instructed Jiang Chen!

"Cant I?"

Throwing the Lightning Thunder Race a glance, Jiang Chen felt amused


Cheng Hong got more and more irritated. She was about to say something insulting.

However, Cheng Renlong stopped his daughter. The fact he could con so many people meant that he had a pair of sharp eyes.

He knew that Jiang Chen was not a person who they could figure out easily.

He deliberately looked helpless. Facing the people, he said he had tried his best.

The despised Lightning Thunder Race had flown into a rage. No one could stop them.

"You will suffer."

These were Cheng Hongs final words to Jiang Chen. Then she left with Cheng Renlong.

"Catch him."

Shuo Jin went ballistic as soon as hed heard what Jiang Chen had said.

He gave the order as soon as the Chengs had stepped aside. He dashed over with the elite warriors of the Lightning Thunder Race.

People were extremely nervous. Those from the Sacred Institute were anxious too. Jiang Chen had helped them defeat Shuo Xin.


At this critical moment, Jiang Chen surprisingly sneezed.

A storm came whipping up after the sneeze. It blew toward the Lightning Thunder group.

The power of the wind was beyond the imagination of everyone present

"The Void Divine Wind?"

Shuo Jin turned pale. He decided to escape, but it was already too late.

He and his subordinates flew off the ground. They were pushed far away by an enormous power.

In this way, with screams that kept rising and falling, people saw the strongest Lightning Thunder warriors sent flying by a sneeze. They didnt even stop when they were beyond the Sacred City. Instead, they continued flying completely out of sight.

"Its been a long time since I had such a great sneeze."

Jiang Chen stretched himself and turned his back on the Lightning Thunder Race. Everyone was struck dumb.

"He sent them flying only by aonly by a sneeze?"

However, others couldnt be as calm as he was. Cheng Hong opened her eyes wide. Her eyeballs looked like they were about to drop out of her head.

"By the way, did you ever instruct Jiang Chen?"

Jiang Chen suddenly asked, looking toward the Chengs.

The fact that he brought this up suddenly at this moment made people frown.

Cheng Renlong felt more and more nervous. Although hed tried his best to cover it, he was obviously breathing faster.

Jiang Chen, who had asked the question, was smiling. However, Cheng Renlong wasnt smiling back. He felt quite stressed.

Jiang Chen was giving him an opportunity to confess.

Hed used Jiang Chens name to con people. It was detestable, but if he could admit he had done wrong in time, Jiang Chen might forgive him.

At the moment it would depend on him, whether he would seize this chance.

"Yes, I know him. Do you know my disciple too?"

Cheng Renlong couldnt admit that he had lied. He insisted on taking the chance.

"He is Jiang Chens friend? No wonder hes so great."

Other people couldnt help but have these thoughts.

Cheng Hong was thinking the same thing. She felt quite unhappy. She complained, "You are shouting at my father in such a loud voice. How rude you are! Dont you know even Jiang Chen respects my father a lot?"

"Okay. It looks as if I should respect him a lot too," Jiang Chen said with a cold smile.

At this moment, more disturbances came from outside the Sacred City.

The Lightning Thunders who had been blown away had returned. After all, Jiang Chen hadnt tried to kill them.

However, it was surprising that theyd had the nerve to come back. People were surprised.

"You are doomed! As strong as the Lightning Thunder Race is, do you really think we need to drive the Sacred Institute away through fights? We just didnt want Jiang Chen to have any excuse to deal with us. But since you broke the rules first, dont say we are merciless!"

"Elder, please show up!"

Shuo Jin shouted at the sky.




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