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  • The Big Bosses Are Not What I Expected After I Transmigrated Into A Book

  • Genres : Fantasy -  Comedy -  Transmigration -  handsome male lead -  Calm Protagonist -  Modern Day -  Familial Love -  Music -  Possessive Characters -  Complex Family Relationships -  Yaoi -  Shounen Ai -  Older Love Interests -  Heartwarming -  Doting Older Siblings -  Wealthy Characters -  caring protagonist -  Love Interest Falls in Love First
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The Big Bosses Are Not What I Expected After I Transmigrated Into A Book summary:

Qiao Yang transmigrated into a novel full of the rich and the powerful’s scheming.In the novel, he fought with his brothers over the family’s inheritance. He engaged in internecine strife and the brothers turned against each other. Also in the novel, he fought openly and secretly with the male protagonist, Gu Ye, in the business world. The two just couldn’t coexist together.Only to quickly be defeated and lose everything. In the end, his reputation was ruined, and even abandoned by his family, he came to a miserable end.Qiao Yang checked his bank account balance and counted the long series of zeros behind it: ten … hundred … thousand … hundred thousand … million…ten million.Damn! There’s no point in me continuing to work hard anymore!First he gave up his middle position to his brothers, and then withdrew the bidding project with the male protagonist Gu Ye. From then on, he stayed away from the business world and lived the life of a noble son.Every day is to play music, go to nightclubs, relax and enjoy the time. It’s just that people who were at odds with him, the look in his eyes is getting more and more kind.- Description from Novelupdates

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The Big Bosses Are Not What I Expected After I Transmigrated Into A Book Chapters

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Chapter 84:a month ago
Chapter 82:a month ago
Chapter 71:a month ago
Chapter 45:a month ago
Chapter 38:a month ago
Chapter 37:a month ago
Chapter 36:a month ago
Chapter 35:a month ago
Chapter 22:a month ago
Chapter 21:a month ago
Chapter 20:a month ago
Chapter 19:a month ago
Chapter 18:a month ago
Chapter 17:a month ago
Chapter 16:a month ago
Chapter 15:a month ago
Chapter 14:a month ago
Chapter 13:a month ago
Chapter 12:a month ago
Chapter 11:a month ago
Chapter 10:a month ago
Chapter 9:a month ago
Chapter 8:a month ago
Chapter 7:a month ago
Chapter 6:a month ago
Chapter 5:a month ago
Chapter 4:a month ago
Chapter 3:a month ago
Chapter 2:a month ago
Chapter 1:a month ago
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