The Anarchic Consort Chapter 804

804 The First Step To Counter Attack

"We are not interested in any of the mentioned secrets. All we have to do at this vital moment is to do our utmost to defend Exorcist City!"

Ni Feng put on a gentle smile. "Uncle Xiao is right."

All she had to do was to defend the Exorcist City

Exorcists, both hailed from the city and escaped from the royal tomb, had never seen this coming. Even if they knew her secrets, they would not have the chance to speak out, as they would be regarded as hostile ghosts!

That woman is really smart.

She's always been this smart.

She seems to always have the upper hand.

But, what's the use of that?

Ultimately, I will be the only one who rules the city!

I reckon that the woman must have already died in the royal tomb, and that leaves me with one last person to deal with.

"Wushuang." Ni Feng turned around and let out a muffled cough. "I am afraid that Baili Jia Jue will blitz the city with his four grand mythical beasts. You are the only one who can stop him now. Meanwhile, the magical beings will stay in the city to protect me. Back then, he extracted my Dharma Bone. I don't know what he will do to me this time. However, remember to stop him without hurting him, alright?"

After a brief pause, Jing Wushuang replied with a soft tone, "Sure."

Then, he walked into the unfathomable darkness.

At his heels, the ghost baby grabbed the corner of his shirt with its tiny fingers as it stared at his cuff that was drenched with blood. "Master, your body..."

"Ghost baby, do you know that Buddhism is not always favored?" Jing Wushuang lowered his gaze to look at the tiny person with his misted eyes. "Many people walked past me before they turned into Buddhas because I was the only Bodhi tree in Xumi Mountain. However, there was only one person who stopped and talked to me, watered me, and chanted sutras to me. They always say that I turned into a human for I have comprehended the Dharma fate. In fact, that isn't true. I turned into a human because of her. I don't know exactly when I began to grow curious about this person's appearance. I arrived at the Xumi Mountain way before her and I understand what the Buddhas want. They don't want to see anything or anyone that is beyond their control. However, she shouldn't be shackled by anything because she is an anomaly within the three realms. She should be reborn within the Flame of Hell, live her life brilliantly and fall in love at her own volition."

With dark circles under his eyes, the ghost baby said, "I know what Master is going to do. As long as the magical mirror is present, the one who will rid Master of loneliness will return. However, you are only left with one final piece of Dharma Bone. If you lose it, you'll be truly dead. Bodhi tree has no root and you can't be revived."

"I still have another piece of Dharma Bone." Jing Wushuang smiled and ruffled the little person's hair. "I kept it in a very safe place. It will attract the Light of Buddha. The rebirth of Phoenix has to happen at a brilliant place."

The ghost baby furrowed its eyebrows. "Is Master expecting a different outcome? Otherwise, why did you keep two Dharma Bones?"

"This is a foolproof method." Jing Wushuang lowered his volume before he let out a few violent coughs. "I can't overlook any sign of her possible return. However, the most important thing now is to stop the Baili Jia Jue. The man is impulsive and reckless when he is determined to finish his task..."

At the moment, at the front gate of the Exorcist City, approximately a dozen exorcists were encircling the two senior exorcists, who seemed humiliated.

"Are you crazy? Are you actually trying to tie us up?" Finding the situation absurd, the two seniors glared at the surrounding people.

The surrounding exorcists exchanged looks. Without speaking a word, they began to attack the two seniors.

They were already exhausted after having walked from the royal tomb to the city gate. The two men had never thought of that, what caused their greatest despair was not the monsters outside the gate but the people within the city.

"Gather the elders of all the influential families! Did you hear that? Fine, even if you can't bring the elders here, make sure to let them know that Lady Ni is not the reincarnation of Phoenix Girl but merely a corpse. She..."

Before he could finish his words, one of the exorcists sealed the senior's mouth with a yellow rune. "You're trying to slander Lady No in order to wreak havoc on the city. Save it, you hostile ghosts!"

Hostile ghosts? How can we be the hostile ghosts?

The two senior exorcists struggled against the restraint. Before they could speak, they were already dragged away.

Helian Wei Wei witnessed the scene silently form somewhere near. She kept her fan and commanded, "You may now come out."

Zhuge Yun and the other exorcists glowered furiously. "How can they do that? They are treating the people, who put in a strenuous effort to return, as hostile ghosts!"

"Do you know who are the best confidants? The dead ones." Helian Wei Wei spoke at a slow pace. "Now we're the only ones who know about Ni Feng's secret. Of course she'll try to keep us quiet. The only way for her to do so is to convince the people in Exorcist City that no one will ever get out of the royal tomb alive. Meanwhile, those who successfully leave the royal tomb are possessed by hostile ghosts and are not living humans. In this case, no one will believe my words regardless. Then, no one will find out that she isn't the real Phoenix Girl."

The exorcists were upset by Helian Wei Wei's statement. "So now we have turned into the villains! That's ridiculous!"

Will we end up like the two seniors from just now and leave the scene humiliated?

Thinking about this, Old Li glanced at Helian Wei Wei. They had all changed their clothes and identities before they entered the city inconspicuously. Following Helian Wei Wei's command, they did not plan to urgently expose Ni Feng's secret.

They did not understand her intention initially. But, now they had all grasped the situation. They had underestimated the entire saga...

Helian Wei Wei did not say anything. Instead, she stared at the bustling street as though she had predicted the outcome far earlier. "If I am not mistaken, the defense of the entire Exorcist City is controlled by Ni Feng. All the exorcist families are unreservedly obedient to her. No one notices that all the spiritual aura of the Exorcist City is now gathered at one single spot and none of them realizes that they are slowly losing their spiritual aura. The more reputable the exorcists make better nutrients for her."

In order to show the exorcists, Helian Wei Wei made a gesture as she spoke. The wind was noticeably steered toward the opposite direction, while the cloud floated toward the west one layer after another.

Zhuge Yun was stunned by the scene. "Brother Wei, you you"

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