The Alchemist Of Harry Potter Chapter 528

Chapter 528: The Story Of Guidro Lockhart

Since receiving a letter from Dumbledore at the end of June, Lockhart has been hesitating whether he should accept Dumbledores appointment and go to Hogwarts as a professor of defense against the Dark Arts?

To be honest, the professor at Hogwarts is indeed a respectable profession, and the salary and treatment are also very good, but the professor of Defense against the Dark Arts is an exception.

When Lockhart went to school at Hogwarts, he knew that every year some bad things happened to the Defense Against the Dark Arts professors, and he had to quit his job. Many professors of Defense Against the Dark Arts even had troubles. , Was sent to the St. Mungo Hospital for Magical Injuries.

According to the case Lockhart knew, he taught them that the last Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts had been in the hospital for seven years because of a spell, and he still hasn't fully recovered.

This is not the worst. The last Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts, Rowena Smith, went missing directly, and is still missing and his life is still unknown.

The former Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts, Mr. Quillo Quirinas, died directly in the dungeon at Hogwarts. These cases directly illustrate the terrible curse.

Lockhart is totally uninterested in such a high-risk profession. He still cherishes his own life. There is really no need to make jokes about his life.

Moreover, Lockhart has never been short of money after his own big sales. What's more, as a writer, Lockhart is in the ascendancy of his career. The autobiography "The Magical Me" is about to be published, and there is nothing at all. Reason to take this risk, now he is only interested in how to make himself famous. Just one month after Guidro Lockhart wrote a letter rejecting Dumbledores offer, he actually received another letter from Dumbledores upcoming visit.

To be honest, Lockhart didn't want to meet Dumbledore very much. He knew exactly what the other party was coming from, but after hesitating repeatedly, he still did not directly refuse to meet Dumbledore.

In fact, Lockhart wanted to know how Dumbledore would persuade himself, and it was not a good idea to refuse directly. After all, it still needs to give Dumbled more face.

At the end of July, Dumbledore knocked on Guidro Lockhart's door on time against the hot sun.

"It's been a long time, Dumbledore."

After Guidro Lockhart invited Dumbledore into the room, he said straightforwardly, "I'm just a writer, and the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor is not for me."

"Don't be humble, Guidro, I believe you have enough abilities for this job." Dumbledore smiled and said, "After all, you already have so many amazing deeds, I remember you seem to be defending against the Dark Arts. An honorary member of the Alliance, it is appropriate to be a professor of defense against the dark arts."

Guidro Lockhart's eyes widened, although Dumbledore's flattery made him comfortable, but...

"I know what you are worried about. Actually, you don't need to worry about the curse that much. Bud also served as a professor of defense against the dark arts last time, and he still resigned safely." Dumbledore seemed to see through Lockhart's concerns. , Continued: "You only need to resign more than half a month earlier like Bud, and you won't be in trouble."

Lockhart looked suspiciously at Dumbledore, Bud was a professor of defense against the dark arts, and he naturally knew about it, but could he really do it?

No way, the position of the Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts is really notorious, and no one has been able to serve for more than two years.

"With your connections, you should be able to find a lot of people who are willing to come to any Defense Against the Dark Arts professor?" Lockhart asked, raising his eyebrows.

"Unfortunately, I can't find a more suitable candidate for the time being. The professors of this course are consuming too quickly." Dumbledore looked embarrassed, "If I give me more time, I will definitely be able to find other suitable professors. , But now..."

"Sorry Dumbledore, I'm afraid I won't be able to do this job, you know, my new book "The Magical Me" has been published, I need to think about what I should write next." Lockhart interrupted directly. , "Creation is more suitable for me, it is a safe job."

"You can write your own story about the Defence Against the Dark Arts professor who served at Hogwarts." Dumbledore said without hesitation: "Mr. Albert has a good relationship with several Defence Against the Dark Arts professors. Maybe you have a common topic. ."

"You mean Albert Anderson, who won the international wizard chess champion not long ago." Lockhart was a little surprised, he naturally heard the name of the youngest international wizard chess champion.

"And Harry," Dumbledore added.

"Harry Potter?"

"Harry was enrolled last semester, and this year is the second grade."

To be honest, Lockhart has no interest in Albert Anderson, because he is not a genius, chatting with a genius will undoubtedly show his feet, and the genius "teacher" is Bud Brod.

Lockhart is a little interested in Harry Potter, the savior. If he can be a teacher of "Famous Harry", he will undoubtedly make him more popular than doing other things.

Especially those things can be written in his own book, he believes that the next book will definitely sell well.

In the end, the desire for fame defeated Lockharts little caution, and he accepted the job because Dumbledore allowed Lockhart to resign early and allowed...Anyway, the principal gave Lockhart a lot of money. free.

Lockhart also intends to take this opportunity to make the books he writes become textbooks that students need to buy. There is no doubt that he can sell his books again and accumulate and improve his reputation among students.

"Okay!" Lockhart agreed. "But I have a request, if something happens, I hope I can resign early. I never think I'm better than dozens of former Defense Against the Dark Arts professors. UUwww Since they cant get rid of the curse, I think Id better prevent it."

"Okay, I'm glad you accepted the job." Dumbledore smiled and shook hands with Lockhart. "I don't think you will regret it."

"I hope so!"


Soon, God gave Lockhart an unexpected surprise. At the signing ceremony of "The Magical Me" at the Lihen Bookstore, he met the legendary savior: Harry Potter.

The savior was indeed as famous as the legend, and immediately attracted the attention of countless people.

Lockhart seized the opportunity, took a lot of photos with Harry, and announced that he would become the Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts. At the same time, he gave his entire set of writings to the other party as a meeting ceremony. While Harry's fame made the headlines, he also won some Harry's favor, laying the foundation for the next "Harry's teacher".

Of course, if Lockhart knew what he was doing, Harry hated him instead, and he didn't know what he would think.

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