The Alchemist Of Harry Potter Chapter 527

Chapter 527: Aware

In the end, Albert failed to stay overnight at Isabel's house as he wished. From the beginning, he did not expect to stay overnight.

Now, not yet time.

Isabels mother, Mrs. McDoug, is very similar to Alberts mother, Daisy, and they are both working women.

If you want to say the only difference, I am afraid that Mrs. McDoug is not good at housework. The seafood dinner that day was done by sisters McDoug.

They sat at the dining table and chatted and talked about life trivial matters.

A normal meal, I can see that Mrs. McDoug is very satisfied with Albert, especially when Albert said that his parents are also very satisfied with Isobel.

As for Albert's status as a Muggle wizard, Mrs. McDoug didn't particularly care. Dinner was spent in such a calm and small chat, and both sides left a good impression on each other.

Finally, Mrs. McDoug connected the fireplaces on both sides through contacts, allowing Albert to use the Floo network to return home before ten o'clock.

This dinner was different from Albert's expectations, but everything went well.

"The magic of wizards is incredible."

Looking at the figure walking out of the fireplace, Herb reached out to support Albert who had almost fallen.

"How about over there." Daisy asked.

"Everything went well." Albert patted the dust on his body, reached out his hand to pick up Tom who had come in curiously, and sat down on the sofa.

"Why are you all talking some inexplicable things." Niya looked at the three people in front of her back and forth, and she felt that they had something to hide.

"She is willing to help research beauty medicine." Albert changed the subject: "Maybe, there will be a successful day."

"Isn't it said that the beauty potions of wizards will change the appearance of people?" Daisy quickly picked up the topic. She did not forget the French wizard she met during her last vacation to the snow-capped mountains.

"Potion is a kind of magical thing. Since it can make people immortal, it may make people look immortal." Albert casually explained: "The success rate should be quite high, and it is very profitable."

Niya is not interested in the so-called beauty potions, her eyes are fixed on Albert, as if she wants to see something else from him.

After that, most of the time, they fell in love with similar things, especially when they learned that the Philosophers Stone was about to be destroyed, neither Daisy and Herb could understand, but they could only express their regrets.

While chatting on Albert's side, the three of McDougs mother and daughter also packed up and played with the tableware, and sat at the dining table to chat about today.

"Your boyfriend looks very unusual," said Mrs. McDoug. "He doesn't look like a Muggle wizard."

Perceiving her daughters gaze, Mrs. McDoug quickly added, "Im not saying hes not good, I just think its very unusual. No Muggle wizard can achieve his level, especially... Denial, Albert is indeed brilliant, but it is not easy to establish friendly correspondence with other famous wizards."

"Does Mom care about this?" Isabel asked softly, looking at the reflection in his teacup.

"No, just a little curious."

Mrs. MacDoug shook her head, "Even a genius wizard can be welcomed among a bunch of famous wizards, it is not an easy task."

The circle of wizards is actually very narrow. Some of them are even so talented that you may not be able to enter if no one introduces them.

And, her daughter, the boyfriend, is obviously very famous in many circles.

Potions, spells, transformations, magic texts, alchemy... Even if he became the youngest international wizard chess champion not long ago, even Dumbledore couldn't do that when he was young.

Mrs. McDoug felt a little strange, but she didn't mean to go into it. Everyone has their own secrets, and for Isobel, this is actually a good thing.

The three of them talked very late, and the topics all revolved around Albert. Isobel also talked about the matter with Albert. Katrina's expression was particularly complicated after listening.

Sure enough, they are all liars.

It's a lie to start dating only last semester.

Even Mrs. McDouger was surprised that his daughter actually started dating so early.

"Does Katrina like Albert too?" Mrs. McDoug asked after Katrina returned to the room.

"It seems a little bit." Isabel thought for a while and said, "After all, Albert has always been very popular, the best boyfriend of girls in school."

"I know you are very assertive, but I don't want you two to have a bad relationship because of this matter." Mrs. McDoug frowned slightly, although the possibility of that kind of thing should not be high, It should be said just in case.

After all, Isabel will graduate early, and Albert and Katrina will graduate together in two years. God knows what will happen in two years.

After all, Katrina is also a pretty girl.

"She didn't have a chance." Isobel shook his head. "From the beginning, there was no chance."

"Albert hopes that he will be engaged to me when he becomes an adult." Speaking of this, the girl's cheeks flushed slightly, "Uncle Mogg will be our witness."

"He was more proactive than your father." Mrs. McDoug recalled with her chin resting on her hands. "Your father only found the courage to propose to me when he was in seventh grade."

Mrs. McDoug did not object either. She felt that it would be useless if she objected. Her eldest daughter is a genius, far better than his father, and because of the family relationship, she was very precocious and gave a lot to this family. Mrs. McDoug wished her daughter to be happy.

That Albert is obviously more genius, UU reading www. uukanshu.com is also very precocious. It is said that the situation of the two is very similar, so they will come together and have a topic of their own exchange.

"Actually, you have something to fill me up, right!" Mrs. McDoug said suddenly, "Your father was also taken care of by Mogg at the time, and he had a very good relationship with many famous wizards."

"When chatting with Albert, I even saw the shadow of your father from him, but Albert was more talented." Mrs. McDoug said grimly, "I am not a fool, your father He didn't inherit much from his family at the beginning, but he can own a beautiful manor here and even stay at home to do magic research."

Isobel opened his mouth and said nothing.

"And your uncle Moge."

Mrs. McDough snorted, "He basically did not inherit any property from the McDough family, but in a short time he became a wealthy and famous wizard, and there were house elves to help take care of it. manor."

When Mrs. McDoug married Isabels father, the McDoug family had long since fallen, but left little fortune.

After her husband died, the family has been taken care of by her husbands friends. Isabel is even loved by Mogg, and the other party is actually preparing to be the witness of the two, there is a kind of weirdness that cannot be said.

As long as you sort out the social circle of a few people, it is not difficult to find the problem. Maybe, it is a circle that only genius wizards are eligible to join!

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