The Alchemist Of Harry Potter Chapter 526

Chapter 526: Agreement

"That guy... definitely premeditated."

Looking at the glass of Butterbeer that was placed in front of her, Katrina was stunned for a moment, and that thought soon came to her mind.

Otherwise, who would be okay with such a bunch of things on him?

Lie to ghosts... No, ghosts are not that easy to be deceived.

Although I don't want to admit it, Albert's craftsmanship is really good, and the seafood tastes really good.

How come I haven't found these sea crabs to cook like this before?

When Katrina bit a large piece of fish and swallowed her belly, the nasty sound interrupted her thoughts, and then she saw a camera stretched towards her.

"Come on, take some pictures for us!" Albert asked, "You can use a camera, right?"

"It won't work!"

Katrina said grimly, "That is a Muggle item, do you think I might use it?"

"Oh, that's a pity."

Albert didn't care about the girl's tone, and motioned to Isobel to pose and prepare to take some photos of her at the beach, but it was a pity that he was not wearing a swimsuit.

"It's a good shot."

Albert looked at the girl eating skewers in the photo, and said with a smile, "It would be better if I changed into a beautiful white dress."

"Does Albert like girls in white dresses?" After eliminating the grilled fish skewers, Isobel brought his head over, looked at himself in the photo, and asked curiously.

"I just think that the white girl in the long skirt will be more pure with the beautiful beach." Albert explained with a smile: "Usually, I rarely see you like this. After all, most of the time you compare ..."

"What is the comparison?" The girl raised her eyebrows and asked.


Albert considered the words carefully, "Well, that's probably what it meant."

For some reason, Katrina felt very heartbroken.

It was a wrong decision to follow by myself.

Even if I just had a seaside barbecue, I cant reverse this idea.

The two stayed at the beach until the afternoon. At last, Katrina couldn't bear being smashed into dog food, so she went back with the seafood she caught.

"I feel Katrina seems a bit... You didn't tell her, am I coming today?" Albert didn't say what was in his heart.

He didn't dare to be in front of Isobel and ask Katrina if he likes herself or something.


The two lie on the beach, looking at the blue sky and white clouds. The surrounding cliffs are high. It is difficult for the noon sun to shine directly here, and there is a large shadow on the ground.

"She probably likes you too!"

Isabel doesnt taboo this question. He noticed his boyfriends surprised eyes and said with a smile, "After all, youre so good. Isnt it normal for a girl to like you?"

"I'm still very happy to hear you praise me." Albert turned over, looked at the girl beside him and said with a smile, "I thought you had let her give up."

"She is stubborn." Isabel sighed.

"According to you, should I be very excited?"

"What are you excited about?"

"Hold left and right!" Albert sat up and reached out to fish the girl into his arms.

"Do you want to hit Katrina's attention?" Isobel stared at Albert with straight eyes.

"Actually, you shouldn't mention this." Albert said suddenly.

"Sorry, I just didn't think about how to deal with this." Isabel put his head on Albert's shoulder, "Katrina is my sister, I hope she will be happy in the future, but you know, too, Katrina is still immature, immature in all aspects."

"Let's go with the flow, time can change all of this." Albert looked at the sea in front of him calmly, "Maybe, soon, she will find someone she likes."

"Hufflepuff has a good boy who is exactly the same age." Isabel said suddenly, "My friends mentioned it during the last chat."

"Those of your friends want the old cows to eat tender grass?" Albert suffocated his own laughter, "Well, is it Diggory?"

"Do you also dislike me being older than you?"

"Only one year older."

"Humph." Isobel hummed dissatisfiedly, then returned to the topic just now, "How do you know?"

"It's not hard to guess." Albert said noncommittal. "However, that guy seems to have someone he likes."

"How do you know?"

"I have a good relationship with Diggory." Albert said in his heart that if Diggory was abducted, what should Qiu Zhang do? Is it right with Harry?

Anyway, Qiu Zhang is also a pretty girl.

"What do you think?"

"Are you worried that I was abducted by your sister."

"We can't graduate together."

"Or, you repeat the grade." Albert joked.


"Well, when I turn sixteen, we will get married right away, how about it?" Albert said with a smile, "Muggles will be an adult when they are sixteen, and you can get married. You just graduated from school."

"Who did you see and got married right after graduation?" Isabel said gruffly.

"Yes, the parents of the famous Porter got married right after graduation." Albert said, "Hagrid told me that he was invited to the wedding."

"You must be lying."

"The Quidditch medal has James Potter's name, so you know the time after a little calculation."

"I'm talking about marriage." Isabel did not immediately agree.

"Well, let's get engaged first." Albert said with a smile, "Our engagement ring, Mr. Bud Brod has already prepared for us."

"You are joking?"

"No kidding, a ring made by a fairy."

Albert explained, "Last time, I saw it when I went to Mr. Bard. He said that when I became an adult, I would even give me other things. Let me go directly to you to propose, Mr. Mogg. Will be our witnesses."

"Well, I'm a bit anxious."

"I'm not worried about you running away, after all, you graduated two years ago and saw the colorful world outside, what should you do if you just dumped me?" Albert's words attracted Isobel's eyes.

"By the way, are you interested in beauty medicine?" Albert changed the subject.

"Are you trying to say I'm not pretty enough?" Isabel pouted and asked dissatisfiedly. Beauty medicine can change a person's appearance and make a person more beautiful.

"Someone invited me to study together."

Albert did not say Catherines name, "I think the girls will be very interested in this. If it succeeds, it will be a golden egg. Then I can lie down and eat and wait to die."

"You don't look like a person who can eat and wait to die."

"No, no, in fact, my biggest dream is to hug the left and the right and wait to die." Albert said seriously, he really didn't talk nonsense.

"Although beauty potions can make people beautiful, they are only temporary." Isabel was too lazy to care about Albert, recalled, "There have been similar cases in history, and the female demon Malodora Grimm Through the use of cosmetic medicine, he successfully married himself to a king."

"I'm not referring to that kind of beauty potion." Albert shook his head: "It is the kind of magic potion that can slow down the appearance and body aging. Unfortunately, when I went to France last time, UU read www.uukanshu.com did not I can go to Boothbarton School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to see the so-called Fountain of Youth."

In this world, if you study carefully, it is really possible.

After all, magic is so magical, even the magic stone, which can make people immortal, can be made. It is not impossible to have a potion that can make people's appearance without aging.

"At that time, I can help you study together." Isabel agreed, her face is not old, if she can, of course she also wants it, it should be said that no girl can refuse such temptation.

"It was the Miss Catherine who invited you to study beauty medicine, right?"

"Why do you think so?"

"Intuition." Isobel asked, narrowing his eyes, "Do you still keep in touch?"

"Last time, she invited me to study together. That was a girl who loves beauty." Albert thought for a while and said, "She knows that I am also very good at potions, so she invited me to help."

"When we got married, remember to invite that Miss Catherine to participate." Isabel said suddenly.

"I will remember to send the invitation letter then." Albert took out his notes and wrote down the incident.

"Let's go, let's go back!"

When the two returned to McDougs villa, they did not see Katrina.

At this moment, Katrina is staying in her room, lest she feel heartbroken when she sees them.

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