Tea Of Summer Chapter 55 2-3

55 Chapter 55 Tea Of Summer Part 2.3 Final

"I overheard your conversation with that guy in the recording studio------Zhao Ge called him 37? Umm, I heard you talk about your flight date to Seattle. I hurriedly changed my airline ticket to the same day and hoped that I'd meet you on the airplane." He laughed and began to lament his own foolishness. "At the time, I just thought that being on the same day would be enough, but I forgot that even if it was on the same day, there are many different airlines. By the time you arrived at the airport, I was already boarding the plane. So I still didn't get the chance to talk to you."

Xia Liang remembered glancing at a man's back in the airport that day. So she wasn't mistaken, it was indeed Song Qiyan.

"Then later, I wanted to have more opportunities to meet you. I attended the Chinese student party in the beginning of every semester. Fortunately, you were there and I successfully talked to you. But it seemed that I scared you a little bit?"

Xia Liang thought about how embarrassed she was that day. Mortified by the memory, she scratched his palm. "I was flattered! Wipe it out, wipe that day from your memory!"

Song Qiyan raised his left hand to touch her warm cheek. "I noticed that you liked good food. So I searched on the internet for information about famous Chinese restaurants and bakeries in Seattle. I used this as an excuse to date you. Unfortunately, I was too busy last year with all the labs and essays. I had very little time to go out with you. Wei Jian had more time working with me, so he knew my feelings for you. At the time, I didn't know how close I was to you in your eyes. Every time he couldn't resist making fun of us. I was a little...scared. I feared that you would back away because of that and keep your distance from me.

Xia Liang blinked. She remembered going to famous restaurants, both large and small, all across Seattle despite all the work he had. A sudden warmth seeped into her heart.

Song Qiyan held her hand to his lips and kissed lightly. He moved her hand next to his cheek.

"Then in October, my grandma went to the hospital due to a long term heart problem. I hurried back to China and didn't have time to say goodbye to you. Grandma took care of me since I was a child. I didn't like to talk and didn't get along with other children of my age. She accompanied me everywhere, taught me discipline, and corrected my behavior. Then she passed away. I...Umm, I wasn't in a good mood then. My family arranged the funeral while I had to catch up on my studies here at the same time. I was really busy. I was always thinking of you when found some spare time and made it more bearable. But, I was also afraid that you might have forgotten after being gone so long."

Xia Liang felt sorry for him and kissed his hand as he had to her.

This devoted and quiet man...He was always silent and hid all his thoughts inside his mind. He had never mentioned the effort he'd put in to chase after her for over a year. If it wasn't for the fact that the information had gone public, he would probably continue to hide it inside his mind.

"I came back in November. It happened to be Thanksgiving. So I thought to take you to my aunty's home for dinner. I was anxious that it was too abrupt. But I couldn't wait to see you and didn't want to wait till after the holiday." He laughed lightly, "Fortunately, you didn't refuse and got along so well with Annie, Angie, and my aunt. Later, at the beginning of December, I started to think about what would be a good Christmas gift for you. I felt that I had waited a long time and maybe I could try to get...closer to you. I had looked at all your Weibo posts in recent years. There wasn't much. But I could see that you liked Qian Sui's song...I don't think that I mentioned to you before that Qian Sui and I are good friends both in the virtual and real worlds. He knew that I had secretly admired a girl for over a year and she is his loyal fan. I asked him for an autographed album so I could give it to you on Christmas. Umm, later..." His deep eyes tenderly looked at her every expression. "Then, you agreed to come out with me. I was so happy. My brain went blank." What he didn't tell her was that Qian Sui had a good time laughing at him when he asked for the album and afterwards, he was reluctant to have Qian Sui's album as the only Christmas gift, he specifically asked his aunt to help him find something, hence the red woolen scarf.

Xia Liang's eyes felt warm and couldn't resist burying her head into Song Qiyan's arms.

This man always went the extra mile without her knowing. He was unusually frank today and at that moment her world was composed entirely of him. The accumulation of all his effort had solidified their relationship. She couldn't help but feel that they would walk together for a long, long distance...

Song Qiyan held her waist and rest his head on hers, caressing her hair that gave off a light aroma. The night outside the car had deepened. Traffic had grown. A multitude of streaking lights painted the cityscape. Inside the car, a man's voice warmly broke the long silence.

"Xia Xia, this is me. I'm not the high above big god Bei Yan in the voice over circle. I'm not the Song shixiong in school. I'm just a man whose eyes are always following you. I'm like all other men, a regular guy who likes you. Are you...willing to continue to go forward with me?"

Willing to go forward with me?

Xia Liang sat dumbfounded. What kind of question was that? After he confessed everything, did he feel that he'd lost what made him special? That he was just a regular guy who didn't deserve her love?

Xia Liang bit his shoulder lightly but she didn't tease the serious man again. "Ah Yan, let's always be together. Alright?"

Song Qiyan was silent for a while. Xia Liang couldn't see his expression but heard a light sigh after a while. With mixed emotions, Song Qiyan backed away a bit and touched her forehead. He spoke in all seriousness, "Ok."

He was plain and cold. He didn't care much about people except for his family. He didn't have many friends except a few close friends. She was the only girl he had loved in his twenty some years of life, the only girl he loved dearly. He thought that they would be together for a very, very long time. That they would be together in life, through both the happy times and sad times.

It was just like that white tea when they first met that summer. The delicate aroma of that white tea was long lasting and always fresh.

[ END ]
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