Tea Of Summer Chapter 53 2-1

53 Chapter 53 Tea Of Summer Part 2.1

"Were you nervous just now?" After an unusually cordial dinner, it seemed only natural for Xia Liang to ride in Song Qiyan's car, with her suitcase, back to Shanghai. Xia Liang sat in the passenger seat. After she buckled her seatbelt, she couldn't stop herself from asking the man next to her.

The man on the driver's seat pursed his lips. The contours of the side of his face looked strong and clear. He didn't respond.

Xia Liang stuck out the tip of her tongue and suppressed the urge to smile.

She clearly knew, after being together for so long, that the question made him uneasy. Unsurprisingly, she secretly watched his face from the side and saw his ears in the sunset turn faintly pink.

Ah, so he was very nervous too. She felt much better knowing that she wasn't the only one.

Because Song Qiyan was driving, Xia Liang didn't want to bother him, as he was quite uncompromising when it came to safety. She dug around the inside of his car and found the phone charger. Xia Liang took out the cell phone from her bag, the same model as his, which she hadn't used for several days and plugged in the charger.

The screen lit up as it slowly came alive.

Xia Liang was startled by the sheer amount of Weibo qq notifications that appeared onscreen.

Was a new production published?

Puzzled, she opened the phone and began to surf through different social media apps. She was shocked by the number of red notifications. She nervously opened Weibo. Numerous @'s of her, a not so famous little cv, utterly confused.

She randomly opened a Weibo post and found that it was because her studio's official Weibo had recently published the audio drama .

She breathed out a sigh of relief. No wonder.

Bei Yan Da Da, the legend of the internet voice over circle, had returned to internet voice overs again after 6 years and his new project, a love story, had just been published. It was understandable that it was so shocking to his fans. His fame had rubbed off on her.

Thinking about it, she deflated her mouth. She muttered, "Bei Yan Da Da, you fans would beat me to death." I grabbed their big god away. It was scary when she thought about it.

Song Qiyan coughed lightly. They happened to be waiting for the street light at an intersection. He slanted his head to look at her. His deep dark eyes reflected the street lights along the road. It was like a great number of small lanterns dangled in his eyes. He spoke solemnly, "They won't."

She crooked her head, curious how he could be so confident.

But Bei Yan's fans were famously rational and reasonable in this circle.

She was apprehensive as she opened the comment section. She thought that most of them were reacting in shock about his sudden return and were guessing about why he returned. But she was surprised to find that it wasn't so.

@Mo Shang Hua Kai: Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah, our god has a girlfriend already! ! ! ! ! Wish you happiness Yay Yay Yay TAT

@Bei Yan God's Little Cotton Jacket: @Zi Xia, Aaaah Girl, be nice to our god Aaaaah

@Light Water: Damn, the god I have followed since I joined this circle is married, married, married ? ? !!!!!!! Or just secretly admiring her? ? ? ? Damn Damn Damn @Zi Xia, Come out, let's talk and I guarantee I won't beat you to death ! ! !

@cshaluhf: Wish you happiness : )

@My God Married: Damn Damn Damn, so Bei Yan Da Da's returned for a girl, right? The girl chased by Bei Yan Da Da, how many generations of luck did you have to accrue?!!! Wish you happiness...

@17895879: Wish you happiness...

@Qian Sui: Ha, finally it was public now. Hey, Bei Yan you're stealing my thunder a bit too much. @Zi [email protected] Yan Wish you happiness.

@An Zhi Ding Lang: Wish you happiness.


There was a pool of "Wish you happiness." "Together Forever" etc in the comments...

What happened...

Wasn't it just the release of a new show?
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