Tea Of Summer Chapter 47

47 Chapter 47 Spring Sunshine 4.2

Finally when Xia Liang appeared on the beach, she had changed her white, chiffon robe into one of Song Qiyan's loose oversized T-shirt which reached down to her knees.

Lin Qian couldn't help but raise an eyebrow when she noticed Xia Liang's new outfit.

However, someone had obviously miscalculated.

Originally, he thought the T-shirt was at least opaque. He didn't realize that it was even more attractive, with only her white calves exposed underneath a loose T-shirt. Song Qiyan had already facepalmed numerous times. He made a note to himself that they should never go to the beach from now on...certainly, unless it was just the two of them.

"Qiyan, let's take a walk over there, ok?"

Xia Liang played with the tides for a while then she happily ran back to Song Qiyan. She pulled on his black T-shirt.

Song Qiyan moved the back of his hand to touch her face which had become warm from the sun. He nodded. Lin Qian and Wei Jian were already used to being left together by them. They both maintained poker faces and waved hands to them which indicated that they wouldn't interrupt their time together.

Thus at the private beach in Florida, among the rocks alongside the shore line, Xia Liang skipped around happily ahead of Song Qiyan. She skipped down the beach, occasionally flashing a smile and talking to the man who was quietly following behind.

"Qiyan, sea horse!" As if she had discovered a new continent, she looked at the little sea horse trapped in a tidal pool. She excitedly looked up and called the man who was taking his time to walk over.

Song Qiyan looked at her with a tender expression and patted the black hat on her head. "Uhm."

Xia Liang looked at the little sea horse for a while until colorful shells around the coral reef attracted her interest. She put her hand in the water to pick up many shells of different shapes. She lifted one shell up and looked at it.

"Xia Xia," Song Qiyan called her suddenly.

Xia Liang looked up instinctively. Her hand was raised before her eyes holding a delicate red shell. She looked up at him with clear eyes, then she heard the sound of a click.

Xia Liang was startled, then she curled her lips upwards She didn't expect that he would play with a camera like normal boys. Both of them hadn't been enthusiastic about posing for pictures.

But for people in love, who could say what is normal and what is not.

Song Qiyan outstretched his hand to Xia Liang with a satisfied smile for getting away with the shot. He held her hand and pulled her up. He showed her the picture he just took, then he set her picture as the wallpaper of his cell.

Xia Liang tickled his neck with her wet hand. She pouted after he caught her two hands. "I haven't taken any picture of you! Not fair. Hmph!" She was playing childish.

Song Qiyan pinched her nose. Then he put his cell into her hand as if it was the right thing to do.

Xia Liang didn't carry her own cell phone as she didn't have any pockets. She laughed joyously after she got ahold of Song Qiyan's phone. Then she deviously looked at Song Qiyan. "Hey hey, Ah Yan~"

Song Qiyan raised his eyebrows. Every time she mischievously called him "Ah Yan", she was surely planning something.

Xia Liang opened the camera and focused on Song Qiyan. She smiled cutely. "Come on, you took my picture and I have to take one to get even~Smile!"

Obviously, the man in the camera was still expressionless. He just stood there indulgently to let his girlfriend take the shot.

After she took many pictures, Xia Liang was satisfied and opened the photo album. She took a breath instantly, then she began to feel indignant.

The black hat cast a shadow on his face. Against the background of blue sky, ocean, and the warm sun, his facial features stood out more than usual. With his simple black T-shirt and beach shorts, he stood there with both hands casually in his pockets. Nonetheless, the shot gave people the feeling of a sharp, tall and handsome man. He still had a poker face devoid of a smile, with a trace of unease, but regardless he was so handsome it pierced Xia Liang's heart.

Xia Liang picked out several pictures and sent them to her own cell phone. She deflated her mouth and looked up, standing on her toes so that she could pinch Song Qiyan's face. "How can you have such a handsome face, that even when stone-faced, your pictures still come out so well? ! You're already so handsome, I don't even need to photoshop it. I can't stand it!"

Song Qiyan blinked his eyes. He flattened his mouth after making sure that this was praise. He bent his head to kiss Xia Liang's forehead.

Xia Liang covered her forehead and jumped backward. She stared at him, "You even want to seduce me."

Song Qiyan wasn't sure how to respond. He once again flattened his mouth and stood there watching her. His black eyes were silent and gentle, with an innocent expression.

Xia Liang moved back to his side and hugged his waist, "Umm, let's take a picture together!" Then acting as if she feared rejection, "I will forgive you if we take a picture together!"

Song Qiyan: "..." He flipped her forehead lightly and innocently. He did not reject it.

When did he ever reject her?

Xia Liang opened the selfie mode and played around happily for a while. Then she turned to him in dissatisfaction, "You did not simile!"

Song Qiyan looked at her innocently. His finger covered her hand while she was holding the camera. Then he tried to show his healthy teeth.

The reflection of the sea and the color of the sky were integrated into one scene. The sun laid a thick halo on the side of their faces. The couple looked at each other, as if they were one.


The time of youth passed by fast. Even after many years later, they were already together perfectly. When they saw the old pictures, they would still smile to that sweet old time.
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